The Honda Accord 2018 model had been launched in the United States. The latest model had some sporty look and a luxurious interior and more of it this car getting some positive reviews from the car reviewed in the United States. Furthermore, this is the first Honda Accord that is fitted with the turbo engine with the 1.5 and 2.0 variants. Apart from the turbo engine, they are also another first time in the Honda Accord model. This is also the first Honda Accord that does not have a gear stick and the gear need to be selected via a button and will this be the indication of the future car and make the gear stick existence altogether?

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid does not have the gear stick

Cars like Jaguar and Range Rovers also does not have gear stick and it is replaced with a rotary knob. Other cars that do not have the gear stick Lincoln Continental, Chrysler Pacifica, Mercedes Benz and Tesla Motors where the gear selector is placed on the right-hand side of the car steering, and much more. The button gear selector can be seen in most of the sports car like Mclaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and much more. Honda Accord 2018 model too can be considered as the first Asian sedan car that does not have gear stick.

The interior of Lincoln Continental

They had been many changes in the modern car if compared to past car like the safety aspects, infotainment aspect, the powertrain used, the rise of the hybrid car, the radial tire, more gear number, automatic transmission, and much more. As the drive by wire or shift by wire where it is now computer controlled transmission, the need for gear stick where it is mechanically connected to the transmission can be replaced with a button type where the benefits are that it can provide more space in the center console.

Mercedes Benz in their C Class, E Class, and S Class had fixed the gear selector right in-car steering and the benefits of it can be seen as they had created more space for their centralized infotainment system called as COMMAND. This also can let the car manufacturer installed more thing in the center console for the comfort of the drivers like maybe the wireless charging in the car, more storage space and much more.

A gear shift in the Mercedez Benz, Telsa Motors also had the similar transmission mechanism

The gear selection had been made easier with the automatic transmission were now the drivers only need to push the lever to D to move the car. With the button selection, it can give the driver more comfort as they need to just press the button D to move the car. This type of the gear selection also can give the driver a feeling of driving a sports car as most of the sports car as mentioned above does not have gear stick but a button.

The benefits of the creating more space in the center console and to give the sedan a sportier look may encourage the car manufacturer to remove the gear stick altogether in the future model. The car stick had been in the car when the popularity of the engine powered car had risen from the 19th centuries. But 2 car manufactures in the past had tried to replace the gear stick and they are the now-defunct Packard car and Chrysler.

Packard had introduced what they called as Ultramatic and Touchbutton Ultramatic in 1956 in their Carribean model but they feature quickly removed due to technical difficulties encountered by the drivers in this system. During these times also, Chrysler had introduced the button gear selector that they called as PowerFlite in their model during these time from the low specification Plymouth Six to V-8 powered Imperial Hemi. Unlike Packard system where it encountered many technical difficulties, Chrysler PowerFlite were more durable and reliable hence it become so popular until it was reverse engineered and copied by the Soviet Union and used in their ZIL -111 limousine.

Chrysler PowerFlite transmission

Even now Chrysler car does not have a gear stick and it is replaced with a rotary knob. With transmission manufacturer finding a way to making a double-digit transmission, the car manufacturer maybe will replace the gear stick with the button selector. In the Honda Accord, 2018 model also saw the introduction of the Honda 10 speed transmission and maybe in the future the button gear selector will make things easier for the car manufacturer to install the double-digit transmission hence eliminating the need for the gear stick.

In some car, the gear stick is as iconic like the gear stick in BMW, Toyota, Audi and much more. If the gear stick had been replaced then the iconic gear stick on this car also will also be the things in the past. As mentioned before the design of the button gear selector will create more space in the center console and this is something that maybe will be considered by the car manufacturer if they had wished to replace the gear sticks.

With the elimination of the manual transmission when switching the gear stick will give the driver some trill and excitement that had been taken away by the automatic transmission hence moving the gear stick to the button selector is easier as the gear selection is similar but the mechanism of it is different.

Whether Honda Accord 2018 model button gear selector is way forward can’t be seen for now. But the easier transition of it, with the superior technologies presently, creating more space in the center console, and provide the sedan car a sporty type of the gear changes it can be a norm in the future. If this had happened then gear stick like the manual transmission, the car cassette player, the analog dashboard, and many more will be the thing in the past and it can be considered as one of the major changes in the car design as the car gear stick had been with the car since the 19th centuries but considering the benefits of it, the gear stick may well be on the verge of extinction and replaced with the button gear selection.

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