The car, motorcycle, trucks, lorry, bus and even an aeroplane are hungry for the fuel as it is necessary to make them reach to the next destination. Due to this, they are many petrol stations in our country like our own Petronas, Shell, Caltex, BHP, Petron, and in northern side, they are the BuraqOil. In the Langkawi Island, they are more BuraqOil petrol outlet than in any other place in Peninsular Malaysia as this petrol station is specially made for the folks in the rural area. The petrol in these outlets is looking he some but the petrol company had invested million and even billion in the R & D for the oil to ensure that the end user gets the best quality oil for their vehicle and also uses it as the selling point. Like in the medical industries, airlines industries, and business they are some term for the petrol too and in these articles, we will explain on the terms.


Before the introduction of RON 95 in our country, they are only 2 petrol that is available in our country one is RON 97 labeled in the green color and diesel. In some petrol station, they are also selling the higher RON petrol like the V -Power Racing in Shell and the Petron Blaze 100 in the Petron outlet. What is the meaning of RON? The full abbreviation for RON is Research Octane Number and it is basically referred to the octane of the petrol. The octane is being a family of hydrocarbon that are typical components of gasoline. They are colourless liquids that boil around 125 °C (260 °F). For the RON ratings, the number shows the higher the RON the more compression the engine can stand before it detonates or ignites. The standard RON for the current car is RON 92 and usually, petrol that has the rating of RON 97 and above is used for the high-performance car that has a higher compression ratio although it is not harmful to use in a not high-performance car too. The current highest RON for the petrol in our country is 100 that is supplied by Petron in their Petron Blaze 100 fuel. For now, the RON 100 is the maximum rating for the sedan and although they are a possibility for the RON higher than 100 it only for the racing fuel and also for avgas.

EURO Rating

We had seen in the petrol that they are terms like EURO 4M, EURO 5M, and EURO 3M. What is these rating for? This rating is basically a European emission standard that defines the acceptable limits for the exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU and EEA member states.  Since it defines the emission standard the higher the Euro standard number the lower the emission will be. Now, the highest EURO rating is EURO 6M which had reduced the emission percentage to 0.06 %.

Techron .

When we go to Caltex petrol station to pump we will hear or saw the word of Techron which claimed to be superior in cleaning the engine. Techron was created by Chevron Corporation whom also owns Caltex petrol station and it is a patented fuel additive that consisting of gasoline mixed with 400 ppm of polyether amine. The Techron technology had helped Chevron to receive the “Top Tier Detergent Gasoline” the world first petrol to receive these awards. The Techron patented formula petrol also had been agreed to give an increase in engine performance by BMW, Honda, Toyota, General Motors, Audi and much more.


Similarly, if we went to Shell petrol station, we can see the label of V-Power 97 and in some Shell petrol station V-Power Racing. Unlike Techron formula that is labelled for all the petrol, the V-Power label is only for the petrol that had higher RON rating. Simply, it is the term used by Shell for their enhanced high specification fuel and this is one of the reasons why we are unable to see the V-Power in the RON 95 petrol in Shell.


This is a new formula for the Shell petrol. The DynaFlex petrol is like Caltex Techron where it can increase the performance of the engine and at some time cleans the deposits intakes in the engine. It is simply a formula by Shell to compete with Caltex Techron. Unlike V-Power where it is used only for the high RON rating petrol, the DynaFlex is used for the all the petrol in the Shell. Due to this, the V-Power petrol will be called as V-Power with DynaFlex.

We had seen some of the petrol terms that will be used by the petrol station. This term can represent the quality of the ingredient in the petrol, a patented formula, an enhanced highly tuned petrol for the high performance and for the use of competition. The reason that some of the petrol companies used this term is to differentiate the petrol used by them and at some time to make it as a selling point.

In the future, we may see the RON that has a higher rating than 100 in the normal petrol station or we also can have another formula created by the petrol companies to make sure their petrol is one of the best petrol for the car lovers. In simple term, it is still a business competition between this petrol company in our country and in the world. If the electric car had become a norm in the future than the use of the petrol will be extinct altogether and we may have a new term for the electric car and its component.

The time that we spend in the petrol station is more than the time we spend in the car service centre as some of the petrol station have a resting place for the traveler or kiosk that sells food hence we will encounter this petrol term often. For now, this is the term that is used and in the future with the new formula they maybe a new term for the petrol.

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