Karak Highway is one of the most notorious, haunted and most famous highways in our country. This highway is so famous that even a film had been adopted by KRU Production names as Karak: The Haunted Road or in Malay called as Karak: Laluan Berpuaka in 2011 that had been a hit at the box office. In our country, they are several highway such as Duta-Ulu Kelang Highway(DUKE), Maju Expressway(MEX), Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway(AKLEH), East Cost Highways, North South Highway and much more in the present and for the future but none have the urban legend as legendary as Karak. Even though a tolled road had been built still many liked to use the old Karak road.

Karak the Movie poster that was released in 2011

In our country, the road accident had happened even in North-South Highway (PLUS) but none had a notorious reputation like the Karak road and even the trunk road or old road in the Perak, Pahang, and Kelantan does not create this kind of legend like Karak. The first instance if anyone was told about the Karak road the fast reply will be it is a haunted road. Maybe Karak highway is one the most haunted road in the South East Asia and not in Asia as they are more similar stories about the haunted road in India, China, and Japan.

Karak Highway was opened to public in 1977 and it’s  a 60km highway from KL to Karak Town that will lead to Genting Sempah tunnel that considers the border between Selangor and Pahang and for the drivers to  reach to the East Coast of Malaysia such as Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan or maybe some will like to go Sungai Golok in Thailand will use this highway. The Karak Highway old road was used either to avoid the heavy duty traffic jam in the peak season or to avoid paying tolls.

genting sempah tunnel.jpg
Genting Sempah Tunnel

One thing that noticed in Karak they is some kind of competition between all the ghosts in this highways as they are many of them from the yellow color old Volkswagen, school boy who finding his mother, motor rider with no head, Pontianak, elder women who called as Nenek Kebayan and many more to be the best in scaring the people or make the people involved in accident. In the movie Karak, the production team had done a great job on combining this entire ghost into one horror movie.

They are an urban legend that Karak highway was built on the burial of Orang Asli or aborigine people and also they are so many heartbreaking accidents happen on this road. In Karak, once a car had lost control it can either be thrown to the canyon on the road that goes to Karak or hit the hill side in the road that goes to Gombak. Either way, it will be a disastrous accident on this road.

Due to this, the road had such a bad reputation that even a driver will turn back even in daylight due to this. Some of them will like to travel to this road on the night time such as the paranormal seeker, or risk junkies, or some that will like to test the legend of the road.

As I had noticed the reason for the road to gain such a notorious reputation is due to the road design. In the rainy day a landslide can happen on this road as this can lead to a standstill or an accident for the drivers and once an accident happened on this highway the drivers and the car can be thrown to the Canyon on this road.

The road bad reputation also helped by the darkness in the night times that create an eerie feeling especially for some who believed in paranormal entities. This is because they no lighting or any sign fixed on the road during night time. The road is really dark at night time and even the driver want to reverse the car in this road he or she must be very careful as they can’t see anything in the back. And for some, this can give a nervous breakdown especially if the driver drives alone on this road.

Due to any accident that had happened on this road, it can be said due to the ghost but the truth is far more than that. The road design is the thing that really leads to the accident and maybe not because of the ghost competition on the road.

Many time we had been falsely misled to state that the accident in this road happens because of the paranormal activities on the road and not because of the road design and drivers fault

Karak highways are one of the many roads in our country that had an accident happen. Even when I traveled during the Raya time where the car is less than normal they is 3 accidents happen in Karak tolled road. In this instance is the driver’s faults or because of the ghost competition on the road.

For all the notorious stories in Karak, they are some who like to use this road to avoid toll and traffic jam and even an accident had happened the drivers and passenger can be thrown to the canyon. Maybe the road authorities can build any divider or something to avoid the car being thrown to the canyon as they had built on the highway to avoid the car being thrown to the other lane.

Maybe the ghost stories happen in this highway due to reminder for us that innocent lives had died on this road but they is no action taken to improve the road safety. The road, unfortunately, is still used by our drivers

In the future, if the road safety had been increased, the accident or the car been thrown to the canyon will be avoided then maybe in the future the notorious reputation of the highways will be reduced or stopped completely. Until then the haunted stories of the Karak road will still be there and maybe more accident in this road will be diverted to the ghost competition on this road than the road safety.

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