The car seat had been improved massively to provides us more comfort and safety. Some of best car manufacturer like Volvo, Mercedez Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Honda, Toyota and other had invested many R & D to ensure we get the best seat that provides conform and also prevent us from getting whiplash injury. The car seat also geared towards safety to make the occupant safer whether the driver and the passengers. They are another seat had been evolved in terms of comfort and safety and that is none other than the infant car seat or child safety. Let us look at how the child safety thing started and evolved according to time.

In the earlier year, car safety was not the utmost priority for the many car manufacturers and that also includes the car baby seat. The first baby seat or so-called was invested in 1930 by the Bunny Bear Company which can be called as first car baby cradle as they had designed in this way. It was attached to the back seat and the reason behind the invention is to prevent the baby from moving in the car and at some provides convenience for the parent who does not need to focus on the road and also the baby at the same time. It does not have any safety features at all.

Bunny Bear Company baby seat

10 years later, the baby seat was elevated so that the baby can also enjoy the sightseeing off the road. It an astonishing thing that the baby seat safety was not analyzed or given the topmost priority until in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Two of the biggest automobile manufacturer during that period General Motors and Ford Motor Company had decided to create a better baby seat which also provides safety for the infant. Both had taken advantage of Leonard Rivkin an American inventor who had created a seat that featured a metal frame surrounded by a buckle taking full advantage from the car seat belts. Another inventor named Briton Jean Ames’ designed a rear-facing seat with a Y-shaped strap — which is like today’s models.

Taking advantage of this design, Ford Motor Company had created a baby seat called “Tot Guard” in 1968 which is a plastic chair that had padded area in front of the babyface that will cushion for impact absorption. However, the foundation of the current baby seat had been designed by General Motors which was called “Love Seats” which has a separate design for the infant and children. This Love Seats takes full advantage of the seat belts to keep the seat in the place and will ensure the infant safety.

Ford Tot Guard baby seat
General Motors Love Seats

However, both Ford and General Motors baby infants still have a lot of safety issues. In between another inverter named Bobby Mac had created an invertible baby seat which has become quite popular for the parents. His seat can be converted to a dread facing or forward facing depends on the preference of the parents. The baby seat had been improved quite significantly but they are no regulation from the authorities yet with to the baby seats.

That all changed in 1971 as the first regulation had been implemented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which required that all seats be held by safety belts and include a harness to hold the child into the seat however they are another issue as the effectiveness of the baby seat had not been tested as they are no crash testing yet. Only in 1985, the crash testing had been implemented to test the effectiveness of the car seat which includes the baby-seat too.

From these tests, the car seat had been improved to become more protective for all the occupants in the car and this test also includes the baby seats. Another important regulation had been passed as the children of a certain age need to have car seats while riding in the car. This regulation means that for the children at a certain age need a baby seat in the car.

After the important crash testing and the regulation of a certain age had been successfully implemented, 10 years later comes the LATCH system for the baby seats in the car. The LATCH in full abbreviation means (Lowers, Anchors & Tethers for Children). Why the LATCH had been created? This system had been created to ensure that each car had an anchor point in which it will be easier for the parent to fix the baby seats in the car. This anchoring system will provide good stability to the baby seat in the car while the parent is driving. The effectiveness of this system paved a way for another regulation which is for the car manufacturer after Sep 1, 2002, it must have this LATCH system. In the car, the LATCH system is prefixed which the mark of ISOFIX.

With the LATCH system, the improvement did not stop. Like all the parts for the car which had continuous improvement, the baby seat to has a great improvement as it was safer now, more rigid, and more stable with the LATCH system. Each country around the world also has a stricter regulation for the car seat and failure for the car user to adhere can cause the heft fine or punishment.

The baby seat had seen a lot of improvement which come in the design and the stricter regulation. The baby seat also had become an important feature for the car safety and like all the necessary components in the car, the baby seat had been given a considerable amount of R & D to ensure the baby is protected in the car like the driver and other occupants. Again, the baby seat had evolved from the thing of providing convenience for the parent to a thing that needs to be looked upon for the safety of the baby as while driving the baby is most fragile one mentally and physical hence the safety of the little one need to be considered too.

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