BMW is one of the car models that had made a late entry in the SUV models when they had launched their X5 series in 1999 and the first car that had successfully combined the idea of high performance and luxury in the SUV is Porsche with their Cayenne model. The Japanese car had the Honda CR-V in their ranks which is one of the most successful SUV car models in the world. Sooner, Jaguar had introduced their SUV in the F-Pace model which had gained some positive review in the automobile industries. Similarly, Ferrari and Lamborghini had decided to make a foray into the SUV world where Ferrari is expected to launch their new SUV model in 2019 and Lamborghini with their SUV called as Urus. Bentley also had made an SUV in which named as Bentagya. Now another car manufacturer had made their SUV and that is none other the ultra-luxury Rolls Royce which is called as Rolls Royce Cullinan.

X5 BMW first-ever SUV

The design of these Rolls Royce SUV is looked like an elevated Phantom, but it still looks majestic and luxurious a tag that is associated with the Rolls. When Bentley had introduced their SUV, it triggered BMW that own Rolls to introduce the SUV for the Rolls Royce which they had done and again it looks like an awesome engineering similar to other Rolls Royce model like Phantom and Wraith. The design is one of the reasons on why the SUV had been named as Cullinan where it means the largest gem-quality rough diamond that even been found befitting Rolls Royce where their car is always associated with the high-quality exterior with a stunning and classical luxurious interior.

The Rolls Royce SUV highlight is the boot where it is a split type of opening with the upper part is for storing the item in the boot and the down gives a Rolls Royce user a great view experience from their car. On the boot, with a touch of a button a folded char will come out and the car lovers can use it to enjoy the view with a glass of champagne or any preferred choice of drink

The split opening boot of the Cullinan

The Rolls Royce exterior apart from the boot is like the Phantom with the just elevated body and with a high driving position like the usual SUV. Like the other Rolls Royce model, the special interior item like the gallery and Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary knob had been fixed in this SUV too. The only difference in these SUV they are a button called as an Off-Road button to enable the car lovers to the driver in the unfriendly challenging terrain fitting to the SUV. Apart from that, they are not much difference between the Phantom and the Cullinan.

The rear space of Cullinan although it is awesome if compared to the Phantom it is a huge disappointment. The rear legroom of the Phantom is one of the spacious among all the car where the user even can stretch his leg out that how big the rear legroom is but, in the Cullinan, even though the rear legroom is spacious but it is not as big as the Phantom. Like the Phantom, most of the Rolls Royce standard features are installed in it the seat air conditioner controller is still there, the place to store the preferred drink like whiskey or champagne is still there, the rear monitor and the controller in the middle of the back seat.

The drivetrain of Cullinan is the twin-turbocharged that can produce 563hp and 850nm and with the satellite-controlled transmission provided by ZF transmission where it will shift the gear according to the road condition by using the satellite navigational system. An awesome transmission system that only exclusive for the Rolls Royce for now. The magic carpet ride that always is associated with the Rolls Royce is expected to be featured in the Cullinan too.

Although the Rolls Royce had made its foray in the SUV department for the first time ever but unfortunately apart from the Off-Road button they are no exclusive feature specially made for these Rolls Royce SUV apart from the user customization. The Rolls Royce owner had the option to customize the vehicle accordingly to their personal taste and, in this Cullinan, to it will be some case too.

However, their competitor Bentley had introduced the first-ever biometric feature in the car for their SUV hence again it will be another disappointment as they are no such features in the Rolls Royce Cullinan. The car however still has a majestic look and a good interior that is associated with Rolls Royce hence it is expected to be a hot seller once it had been introduced in our country sooner or later. For now, most of the country in the United States and Europe had seen the launch on this SUV but for now, it is still had not been launched in our country yet.

The Rolls Royce had been near forgotten car brand until it had been acquired by BMW who had made it as the best ultra-luxury car in the world. The model of Phantom, Wraith and now Cullinan saw the comeback of Rolls Royce with even better reputation and popularity if compared in the past as now most of the world recognize the Rolls Royce and many of the car lovers love to own it. The Rolls Royce is the epitome of the car lover’s status to show that they had made in their life to own this car. With the introduction of the first ever SUV, the Rolls Royce will be in the position of the best ultra-luxury car for a long time to come and for now they are now the undisputable king of the ultra-luxury department with the least competition with other car manufacturers. BMW had just made a fantastic job in the Rolls Royce and waken the sleeping giant of the automobile industries to an even better height and popularity.




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