Look at the car pictured above. It is the car design in the past or early in the century. It had some distinctive design that is far cry than the current modern-day design. The concept design for a future car that shown by some car manufacturer like BMW, Mercedes Benz and the Audi excellent interior safety that can be equaled to the US President car. If compared to the car design in the past and in the present, the car in the past is lacking in safety and does not have much comfort compared to the present car. The car design had some changes and so to the car windscreen one of the underrated safety features in the car.

The car front mirror or in North America it will be called the windshield and some other country especially the country that spoke Commonwealth English it is called a windscreen. In our country, we like to call it as a windscreen or car mirror.  The car windscreen is designed to protect passenger and the driver front and rear from the wind and flying debris such as dust, insects, rocks at first but later it had been designed to be more aerodynamic and at some time protecting the car lovers from the UV light.

However, like most of the car parts, they are some flaw in the car mirror on the beginning where the mirror is not strong and what created for the safety had been deemed as unsafe as the flying debris from the earlier mirror can cause some injury for the passenger especially in their sensitives parts like the eyes. With this safety created parts that had been declared as not safe due to the vulnerability of the mirror, a solution is needed.

The person who comes with the best solution at that time is the famous and one of the most influential people in the automobile industry Henry Ford. Henry Ford found this solution form the latest French technologies on glass lamination. In these French technologies on glass laminating the windscreen had a 2 layer of glass hence with these 2 layers, the inner layer of the glass can hold together when the glass had been shattered hence preventing any debris from the glass shattering that can harm the passengers. Due to the effectiveness of the glass, Henry Ford had decided to fix this in all his car model.

The French style laminating will ensure that the car windscreen is able to hold together and prevent excessive shattering

And with the creation of the window cleaning device that is now known as windscreen viper, the car mirror is not only used for protecting the passenger from any debris but also to wipe out the mirror to give the car lovers a clear view especially during the rainy season. With the ever-increasing need to protect the VIP, celebrities and on special request the car windscreen mirror also can be made to withstand bullets that are called as a bulletproof mirror. The reason on why this bulletproof window is not fixed in most of the car it because it was quite expensive and the mirror is quite heavy if compared to the normal window hence this is one of the reasons the bulletproof fixed in VIP cars and the customer who had requested for it.

Since most of car parts and safety had some innovation on it how about the car windscreen will be in the future? The future of car design is expected to be futuristic that will make the current car design looks outdated and the windscreen is expected to have some changes in it too. Before we can look at the future windscreen, we may need to have a look at the Apple iPhone X. In the Apple latest iPhone, Apple had promoted the facial recognition to unlock the phone and another thing that Apple had promoted during the launch of the smartphone is the augmented reality. Apple had upgraded their phone hardware and software to ensure that the augmented reality will be displayed smoothly on their phone.

The future of the car windscreen too will be expected to have augmented reality as mirror manufacturers like AutoGlass is working on it and car manufacture like Mercedes Benz is working on making this a reality. If this had happened the windscreen will not only be a part to protect the driver but also act as communication and visual tools for the car lovers while there on the go. The AutoGlass and the car manufacturer is working on the making the car windscreen as a personal computer for the driver that can display all the vital information. Certainly, it will be a big leap forward in the car windscreen.

A demo by Autoglass on the augmented reality windscreen

The company like AutoGlass is working on making the car windscreen as visual and communication tools via the augmented reality and another company Corning the United States glassmaker is working on making the car windscreen with the Gorilla Glass. It is the same glass that is used in the smartphone and sooner or later it also can make its way to the car windscreen as the car manufacturer like Ford had introduced the Corning Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield in their 2017 Ford GT. The Gorilla Glass had an advantage of being strong, lighter and have the advantage in optical if compared to traditional glass. With the safety in mind, the future of the windscreen in each car will be the combination of the Gorilla Glass and with augmented realities.

The Gorilla glass in the smartphone may come to the car windscreen too.

Like all the car parts where they are some changes in the present and in the future due to the continuous innovation of making it better by the organization that is involved in it the car windscreen to will have a big change too in the way its made and the usage of it. Maybe the car windscreen will be no more as BMW had introduced their concept i8 mirrorless model where the mirror had been replaced with 2 cameras that will replace the car windscreen. This may also be the possibility and if this had happened then car windscreen will be a thing in the history book. The windscreen sure will have some major changes in the future car like other car parts.

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