Before we want to buy our dream car and any car for the personal daily usage like a business trip, vacation or normal drive we can either proceed to the showroom or any second-hand car dealer to buy a car. Some car lovers will prefer to walk around several showrooms or second-hand car dealer before they choose their car based on the price and the specification whether he or she wants to choose his dream car or any car. To make the choice easier for the car lovers, some dealer will invite the car lovers to make a test drive for their specific model. The test drive car will be painted as a test drive in the showroom.

An example of the test drive car. The car had been painted or labeled as test drive

The car lovers can make a test drive via filling the online web form in the car brand website and choosing his preferred showroom location. Most of the car lovers will prefer the nearest location. Then a sales representative from the showroom will contact the user to arrange an appointment for the test drive. In some instance, if showroom has a service center too, the user can arrange the test drive on that time itself or they also can arrange to test drive via walk in if the showroom does not have a service center. For today we will see the pros and cons of the test drive before purchasing a car.

When the car lovers had made an appointment for a test driver, he or she will have a first-hand experience on how the car performance will be, the gadget, the comfort and leg room for the passenger in the front and back, interior, exterior and much more. This will make the car lovers easier to decide on whether to purchase the car or not.

Sometimes the car dealer may offer a test drive with a mouth-watering lucky draw prize money or some other attractive offers hence they will attract some of the car lovers to make a test drive and at some time increase the number of people visiting their showroom and in a perfect matched offer the car lovers many been attracted to the car and purchase it and at the sometime getting the price money or the attractive offers. If the car lovers do not purchase the car, he or she may have something to gain if they had received the lucky draw or other attractive offers.

An example of price money to be won for test drive a car.

Although the test driver had some advantages it also has some disadvantages. First, usually, the test drive is short drive hence the car lovers may not be able to fully test the car to the maximum. When test driving and driving after purchasing is a different thing altogether. When the car lovers had purchased the car, he or she may use it for a long journey unlike during test drive hence the performance can be different while test driving the car.

Usually, the test drive will be a car that a non-defect car. However, when the car lovers had purchased the car, they may be some defect in the car like power window, NVH issue, performance issue or much more. This can give a false impression for the user hence damaging the showroom reputation and at some time the car model too. They are several instances where the car lovers had test drive only to be disappointed with the car model after they had purchased and the car lovers will dislike every second of it.

Many car lovers will try to gain as much information as possible for the car model before they  test driving the car hence if they had encountered a salesperson with some insufficient knowledge or if they had known that the salesperson giving a false information this will gave a bad impression for the car lovers on the showroom person and it may put a stop for the car lovers to purchase the car or want to purchase the car on that particular showroom hence it will be failure for the showroom to convert it to a sales.

Another issue with the test drive, sometimes the test drive is not available for a specific car model or they are less test drive car for the model. This will also can put a stop for the car lovers to purchase the car.

The test drive although had some cons it is still the best way for the car lovers to gain the first experience and impression on the car model that they want to purchase hence the test drive is one of the important aspect for the car lovers to purchase the car. Unfortunately, not many car lovers prefer to the test drive the car as they will straight away purchase the car after getting necessary information from the car review website, from the salesperson or from the website or social media. It is far better to test drive the car before purchasing a car and although they are some cons like the test drive model is different than the purchased car model, it is still the best way to make the car lovers get the feeling for the car first.

The test drive will surely be one of the first things that the salesperson will request the car lovers to do when they want to inquire about the car model as it is still one of the best ways to getting a knowledge for the car by the car lovers own experience hence the test drive too is one the underrated important aspect when purchasing the car.


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