In the back of the car, they were a boot that used to keep the drivers and passenger things like the golf bag, clothes for a vacation, spare tire, in the hybrid half of the boot space will be taken by hybrid battery and much more. But below the car boot on the left, right or in the either side is one of the important parts of the car and that is the exhaust pipe. What is the exhaust pipe function and why is it so important? The exhaust pipe will act like a piping used to guide the reactive exhaust gases away from the controlled combustion inside the engine. The main part of the exhaust pipe is the cylinder head and exhaust manifold, a turbocharger in the turbo powered engine to increase the car performance, a catalytic converter to reduce the pollution and finally a muffler or silencer to decrease the noise of the car.

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The car engineer loved to innovate the car accordingly and the exhaust pipe is on their list. In the years of innovation and finding the best way to the get the best of our car via the exhaust pipe, they are several types of exhaust that can be seen in the car.

Single Exit Pipe.

This is the most common exhaust pipe that can be found in most of the car. This exhaust pipe has one exhaust pipe to release the exhaust gases away from the engine. The tailpipe is commonly located behind the rear wheel on the passenger’s side of a car, truck or SUV. Single side exhaust is a cost-effective system that comes factory-installed on most cars and trucks and this is one the reason on why is the most common exhaust pipes in the car.

Dual Rear Exit Pipe.

The design and the location are like the Single Exit Pipe but with one difference and that is the quantity of the exhaust pipe as they are 2 exhaust pipes. Both pipes are located near each other on the same side of the vehicle behind the rear passenger’s side. Depending on the diameter of the exit pipes the sound of system’s performance may vary. When the diameter is smaller, the deeper sound will be produced. This type of exhaust can be found in the performance oriented car.

Opposite Dual Exhaust Pipe.

The quantity of the pipe is some with the dual real exit pipe but the location is the difference here. The Dual Rear Exit Pipe will be installed on the same side with a dual pipe but this type of exhaust pipe will be fixed in the rear right and rear left side according to the name of the exhaust pipe. Contrary to some other types of exhaust systems, the pipes are not bent around the vehicle’s wheels. Comparing with the single exit pipe system, this type of exhaust is more efficient. Moreover, a driver will experience deeper sound, giving an impression of the high-power engine under the hood. Again, this type of exhaust pipe can be seen in the performance-oriented car too.

Dual Side Exhaust.

They are a difference between this exhaust pipe position and the previous 3 exhaust pipe position where the previous it will be installed in the rear of the car but this type of exhaust will be on the side of the car. To improve the filtering process, the length of the pipes is increased and they are bent around the wheels. Besides the length and location of the pipes, there is no major difference towards the other exhaust systems.

High-Performance Exhaust Pipe.

This type of exhaust usually is available as the aftermarket exhaust pipe that can be found in the exhaust shop in our country. High-performance exhausts comparing to standard exhaust systems are more expensive though they have more advantages. They can improve the performance of the engine, as well as increase its efficiency. Moreover, this type of exhaust systems is a stylish option which offers radically different sounds. Installation of the high-performance exhaust is one of the ways to customize the vehicle.

Speaking of the exhaust pipe, for the one who wants or like to modify their car the aftermarket exhaust pipe will is one of the items that will be in the modification options. Some car lover does not like the manufacturer exhaust pipes and wishes to install a high-performance aftermarket exhaust pipe.

They are some pros and cons on this modification. On the positive it can increase the car performance as the aftermarket exhaust pipe does not have some restriction as the car manufacturer exhaust pipe and at some time it can make the car looks sportier. For the car like the Honda Civic, Perodua Myvi, Proton Saga, Proton Perdana and much more the installation of the aftermarket exhaust pipe can increase the car performance and it can make the car looks sportier.

The negative side of these, however, is that it can make the car too noisy compared to the previous car manufacturer exhaust pipes and it can make some annoyance for the other road user. Since the aftermarket exhaust pipe can increase the performance without restriction, it can also increase the fuel consumption of the car. Another thing can give a negative thing regards thing with regards to the aftermarket exhaust pipe installation, it can decrease the car value and at some time insurance company may reject the insurance claim if the part is not from the car manufacturer and to install the high-performance aftermarket exhaust pipe is costly.

The exhaust can be a thing of the past or extinct in the future if the electric is widely used.  For example, in the Tesla Motors car, it does not have exhaust piping due to the electrical part that was used in the car and it eliminates to need of combustion in the engine hence the exhaust piping system is not required in this car.

The car exhaust piping system is something that is needed to remove the gasses away. It also can give the car a sportier look and at some time making the job of removing the gasses away. Due to these function, the car exhaust piping system is one of the most important components in the car too.


  1. I think keeping our car’s exhaust system in a tip-top shape should be our top priority. Because it improves fuel efficiency, adds safety and prevents the environment from being polluted. The exhaust system of a car mainly takes the gases created at the time of combustion of fuel and air , away from the combustion chamber and if I am not wrong, then it is impossible without a combustion pipe. Because through this pipe the gas flows from one chamber to another. So, undoubtedly exhaust pipe is an indispensable part of the exhaust system and it should be inspected regularly by taking the help of a specialist, so that we can fix the issues by identifying the faults at the right time.

  2. Tip top shape of the exhaust pipe is independent and car engine easily pull out the smoke and gas and cylinder of the car working increased and fuel consumption is minimum.

  3. The car exhaust piping system is something that is needed to remove the gases away. To improve fuel efficiency and keep the environment pollution free it is the best way to have a good responding exhaust pipe in your car. A well maintained and good working order exhaust pipe can make the car looks sportier and also increase the fuel consumption of the car. It is one of the most important component in your car to to increase fuel efficiency and makes the engine to perform well.

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