When we are starting our car, they are one important part that is so vital during this part and that is the car battery. When the car battery is down or dead, we are unable to start our car. Why is the battery so vital in the car? The car battery supplies the electrical charges to the car engine and when the engine is running, the car battery will supply the necessary power to the car alternator hence if the battery is weak during we drove our car, the car performance will not be smooth or simply it will sloppy. Since it had become a vital part of the car how it all had started?

In the past car, the electrical system is limited unlike the present car and it used some traditional method like the bell for the horn, the head light of the car is gas powered, and the engine was started using a crank. A French inventor physicist Gaston Plante had invented the lead acid battery that is recognized as the oldest type of rechargeable battery. And in 1918, Hudson Motors Car Company had installed the lead acid battery when they had installed the Battery Council International batteries. The Battery Council International is the organization that sets the standard for the batteries and starting from 1920 onwards seeing the benefits of the lead acid batteries provides it had been widely used in all the car. Unlike the current car batteries which in maintenance free, this battery need to be refilled using the electrolyte refill which by the way had been extinct in present.

Gaston Plante lead acid battery

Another modification required as most of the car in this time used the 6V powered batteries but later due to the installment of the bigger engine which led to high compression ratio, the car batteries power had been upgraded to 12 V. In the late 90’s where more electrical system installed in the car and with increase of the car technologies, digital mode availability for the car parts such like the digital dashboard, keyless entry and many more, the current car battery had been increased drastically to 42V and in this case the car battery is bigger now.

Speaking of the car batteries, another innovation had been made to the batteries where maintenance free batteries were introduced and it was called as dry cell. They are many reasons on why the car manufacturer prefers to installing the maintenance free batteries as the wet cell battery had a shorter battery life, need to refill, prone to the electrolyte spills that can damage the car paint, and it was least tolerant to heat, cold and vibration. The dry cell provides many advantages as it not prone to electrolyte since it had been sealed, maintenance free, more durable, more powerful as it is more suitable to the current car electrical system, resilient to any condition but it was more expensive than the wet cell batteries.

They are 2 types of maintenance free battery one is the Gell Cell where the silica based electrolyte is sealed in the batteries and it eliminates the electrolyte spills. The next one called as Absorption Glass Mat or AGM batteries where it can deliver a high rate of power in short burst due to the fast reaction between the sealed electrolyte and the thin fiber glass surface mat. Seeing the benefits of this AGM batteries, BMW had installed this battery in their 2007 BMW 5 Series and now most of the luxury and premium car had this battery installed. The only downfall of this type of batteries is it is more expensive to replace than the normal maintenance free batteries.

AGM Battery from Bosch

And the car batteries again had undergone a major change in term of the battery type installed in the car. With the future car is more towards the hybrid engine and the electric car the car manufacturer like the Toyota, Volvo, Honda and much more had decided to install the Li-Ion and Nickel Metal Hydride battery in their hybrid models. This type of battery can provide a longer span of life and a quick charging via brake regenerative or plug in. This battery can cost a bank breaking amount of money to be replaced but fortunately, most of the hybrid car was under warranties for a minimum of 8 years. With this, this can lead to the death of the lead acid batteries but again fortunately not all the cars manufacturer and car lovers loved the hybrid system hence the hybrid car usually will be only one or two models in the car manufacturer production.

Toyota Camry Hybrid battery located in the car bonnet

Speaking of the dead battery or flat battery or in our local Malaysian language we liked to call it as battery “kong” which means to the dead battery it can a nightmare issue for those who had experienced especially if they don’t have a car battery jumper with them. For those whom still using the manual transmission, they are far better equipped to handle this as their car can be started via a push start and for those who use the automatic transmission, they need to use the car battery jumper to start the car.

But this issue had been resolved as the website like the,, and much more independent car batteries assistant can provide the necessary help. Just proceed online and choose the battery and the next thing they can come to your place to replace the death batteries. Even the car batteries manufacturer like Century also had started this service. It is far more convenient and easier for the car lovers currently to replace the death car batteries.

The car batteries had evolved and innovated to match the present car manufacturer requirement and it was more powerful and unfortunately more power hungry and expensive to be replaced if compared in the past. The need to maintain the battery had been eliminated with the introduction of the maintenance free battery. The car battery although does not involve any safety aspect but it was the main part that was required to start our car in any situation hence it had become one of the vital components in the car for the car manufacturer and for car lovers.



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