New Volkswagen Beetle
When Brazilian footballer Pele whom had won 3 World Cup and had been the key player of Brazil football revival after the devastation of the 1950 traumatic loss in the final made a famous profound statement that football is a beautiful game it had become synonymous with everyone who associated with the game of football. Football is a game where 20 outfield players will fight with one ball and try to score the goal as much as possible to win the games. The manner in how the goal is scored is what makes people describe it as a beautiful game. Football had been described as a beautiful game where the way the goal scored made it beautiful. The car too can be as described as beautiful machines and it also not hyperbole to say that the carmakers, and the car is an art. What is art? Art is an application and expression of human skill and imagination via painting and the product will be lived in the patron memory for a long time. Like in football some of the most beautiful had been framed and repeated in the form of media and they are some goals which had been declared as the most beautiful goal in the century or even decade. They are also an annual award for the most marvelous goal that had been scored by the players. Similarly, the car manufacturer and the founder had created a marvel of engineering in the form of the car. Volkswagen Beetle for example is an exotic classic car that had been relaunched by Volkswagen motors for the new generation. But the exterior of the car which is the icon for the car is kept intact. The slogan for the relaunch of the Volkswagen beetle had been named “The Icon Is Back”. Car lovers in our country can be divided into two groups where one is favoring Japanese car and another one favoring continental car. Although they are some who prefer the Malaysian car but when comes to choices most car lovers will choose either continental car or Japanese car as their favorite cars. The philosophy behind this two-choice not only divided by geographical but also but their principle in making the car. The Japanese prefer a simple and make is affordable while the continental car is more complex in design and the price is not on the lower side. But when comes to associate a car with art both Japanese and continental not viewing them as a machine but as a form of art. The design of the car is such a marvelous beauty of engineering which made them a preferred choice for the automobile. The front grill of the BMW, the elegant yet simplistic interior of Mercedes Benz, the balanced approach for Audi cars, and the simplistic yet beautiful design of the Volkswagen cars is what make the automobile lovers have a dream to own this car. They had made it their dream car and one of the achievement goals in life to own these cars when they had achieved what their dream of in their life. The Japanese car meanwhile had its way of making the car where it is simpler and giving it an Asian touch with exception of Mazda where the design follows the European car. From Honda and Toyota silky-smooth ride and reliability and for the Mazda Japan car with continental interior Japanese car to is automobile lover’s dream car Both car manufacturers had worked tremendously hard to make a car that not only beautiful in the exterior but also the interior. Every single detail no matter of small had been given great consideration while applying it to the car’s inner and outer design. What more fascinating is they are tremendous competition between each other in their continent and the world but both had been able to create a masterpiece for each of the models. The car creation maybe at first is one of the ways to travel from point A to point B in human-made machine but in the years passed by due to the popularity and the demand of the automobile lovers the car had been built not as a machine but as an art and it is not hyperbole to say that a car is a machine of artistry or art in the machine. The car design in the past or on the automobile beginning era is a simple machine that served its purpose. But in the coming years, the design had become more simplistic and more attractive to attract potential buyers and to distinguish their car model from their competitor. For example, Rolls Royce is the car that can be categorized as an ultra-luxury car hence the design of the car is top-notch as every aspect of the car from the interior stitching, the performance, the way its drives, the customization of the car, the perfect combination of the traditional and modern design is a profound statement as they can leverage a person to make it as their dream car. The design of Rolls Royce is the ultimate example of taking the car design as an art as every single mechanism, paint job, stitching, and design is built assiduously by a trained human hand. Rolls Royce is one example, the BMW, Mercedez Benz, Audi, Toyota, Honda too have their way of designing a car which every intricate detail is taken care of to give the user a special experience even though they are the diversity in their idea and the way they are doing it. Each aspect of the car design is correlated and interconnected with each other to create an everlasting beautiful machine that is combined with artistic form to make the model a classical embedding in the car lover’s mind. Although the car lovers of the contemporary era had been shown with the combination of the latest technology in the latest model, they are one undeniable proclamation. Some of the car design in the contemporary era although it is the latest model combined with the classic impeccable foundation is still kept intact as the memory of the car model and uniqueness of the car in term of the model diversity is what makes the car as art in the machine and anything that is associated with it can be defined as arts.

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