Our love for the car is something that can’t be stopped even with our expensive car price especially for the foreign car due to the high tax imposed by our government. Due to this, they are many automotive websites in our country starting from,, and much more will make a review video for the upcoming model in order to provide some useful information for the potential buyer of that model. They are some video too where they are a comparison will be made between the car model and in this articles, here are some of the best car review videos that are made in our country. I will not rank these video as this video provide most unique, humorous, and best of all it is Malaysian made.

BMW 740LE(G12) Plug In Hybrid

From: Paul Tan

A detailed long video review from the man itself Paul Tan. A great review with a comparison made between these model and the S Class and Paul Tan provides his own opinion on the difference between these 2 models especially in the back seat where most of the owner will be. The video provides full perfect details on the car and on how to use the hybrid plug socket in the car park and in the home.

Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 Review

From: AutoBuzz

When Ford Mustang was launched in Malaysia by Sime Darby Motors in 2016, they were an excitement from our car lovers as finally as one of the most famous and most loved sports cars in the world had made its official debut in Malaysia. The video review was made by GC Mah the co – founder of AutoBuzz and he provided an in-depth review of the exterior, interior and the driving experience of these sports car. Again, a great review and must watch for the potential buyer of Ford Mustang in our country.

First Impression: 2013 Honda Accord 2.4

From: AutoFreaks

Chris Ng from AutoFreaks had made a video review for the Honda Accord 2013 model where the Honda LaneWatch had made its debut on Malaysian soil. The video provides an in-depth review on the car interior and exterior and also the logic behind the LaneWatch system and it was beautifully reviewed by Chris. A video that needs to be watched by Honda Accord lovers especially the 2013 model.

BMW 318i 2017

From: Keegan Dorai

For those who want to buy the BMW 318i, they are less video review was made in our country but Keegan Durai had solved this when he had uploaded the BMW 318i review and as for now, this is the only review for the BMW 318i in our country. For those who want to own this car, this is the video review that needs to be watched.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series 1 – Roda Pusing Review

From: Roda Pusing

The ultra-luxury car Rolls Royce review from Roda Pusing. It was reviewed casually by them and like the BMW 318i, this is the one and only review of the Rolls Royce car in our country. A review that so simple and casual and at some time provides a good information on this car.

Driven 2015: BMW i8, Mercedez Benz AMG GT S and Jaguar F- Pace

From: Paul Tan

A battle of the million-dollar car in the season finale of the Driven series in 2015. A comparison of each monster car in term of price and the performance of the car.

Driven 2016: Ford Mondeo vs Peugeot 508 GT vs Toyota Camry Hybrid

From: Paul Tan

For some who have confusion on choosing the turbo engine, diesel engine and also the hybrid engine these videos provide the answer for this comparison.

2016 Volkswagen Passat B8 2.0 TSI Highline.

From: Auto Buzz

When Passat B8 was launched it was introduced in 3 variant one is 1.8TSI Trendline, 1.8TSI Comfortline, and 2.0TSI Highline compared to B7 where it has only 1 variant. In this video, GC Mah reviewed the Highline the highest variant and make the claim that this is GTI in the name of Passat and finally he had made a GTI sign on the back of these Passat but it was a great to review and also provide a first-hand review on the driving experience of these Passat.

Volkswagen Passat 1.8 Trendline 2017 – Roda Pusing Ringkas

From: Roda Pusing

They are a review on the Passat Comfortline and Passat Highline but Roda Pusing had decided to produce the video review on Trendline Passat the entry level. Although this video is the shortest in the list, it does provide a simple and brief review on the entry level Passat. A definite review to watch for the potential buyer of the entry level Passat.

Driven Season 1: Mazda 6 2.5 vs Toyota Camry 2.5 and Honda Accord 2.4

From: Paul Tan

The introduction of Sam Loo the Toyota lovers. A great review with some humor in it for the high variant model of the Japanese car in our country. A review that had everything humor, pros, and cons of the car, bashing of Toyota, alternative for the German luxury car, fuel consumption of each car and much more.

All these videos are to provide an entertainment and at the same provide some useful information for the car lovers on the car model. The review can affect the user choice on the car model especially if it was full of bad review especially on the driving experience but in the video production for the car review in our country it can be said that our guys able to produce some best video and at some time provide a useful information and entertainment in it too. Kudos to our guys in these departments.

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