In June 1896 in Paris, France Baron De Zuylens Peugeot had been stolen by his mechanics but fortunately for him, his car had been located in the nearby town of Asnieres. How relevant this story is? Officially, this is the first car theft ever reported in the automotive world and since then the cat and mouse war between the automobile manufacturer and car theft is like a never-ending war where both side unable to overcome one and another.

The modern day car had been equipped with some of the latest technologies varying from safety to comfort however what is had been an ironic issue is the more technologies built in the car the easier it is for the car thief to stole the car. For example , the introduction of the keyless entry had been a great revolution in the car as the user now can enter in and coming out for the car without taking out his or her car key and it since become a popular choice among the user as most of the modern day car equipped with the keyless entry subject to the car variant .

Some of keyless hack devices

However with the keyless entry came another big issue as it had been discovered that this keyless entry algorithm code can be unlocked by a device that can be purchased from online store and as the result of this , the car that had been equipped with these type of keyless entry can be easily stolen.

Although the keyless entry had been proven to be easily unlocked with a device that can be purchased in an online store, this had proven that the car thief is not deterred by any technologies and will find a way to stole the car for their own personal profit and gain .

Like the ever changing car manufacturer whom finding a new way to make any latest technologies in their car and also to provide the best luxury possible for the car user and at the sometime using this thing as a selling point , the thief too had been evolved and changing their method according to the time.

Traditionally the car thief will use some household tools like the screwdriver , “slim jim” a thin metal strap or rod that slips inside a door’s cavity at the base
of the window to manipulate an internal locking mechanism or linkage, a long rod with a hooked end that slips between door and frame, or through an opened window, that can reach and manipulate the door handle or lock from inside the vehicle cab, more advanced thief will used the a ceramic with a spark plug insulator to making the car window shatter, some specially made try-out key, jigglers, and other necessary lock picking tools,  a slide hammer to break the steering wheel lock and any other lock that fixed by the car users and more.

Without these tools some car thief will use a multimeter type device to disable the alarm via locating the power sources and jumping start the car. Now with the advancement of the car technologies , many car thief had been using technologies such as laptop or tablet,radio antennas, cables, battery packs, and other modified computer components that look homemade , a special device for unlocking the keyless algorithm and a ODB cloning kits. Some car thief can also use knife,firearm , and other weapon to threaten the driver and stealing their car. The car thief had proven to be resilient and can adopt to any technologies changes to steal the car according to the current time.

They are also another factor that can determine how easily to steal the car. According to a statistics published by , Honda Civic is the most stolen car in the country as in 2020 where they are 38,426 reported theft case . In our country, with the statistic published by Vehicle Theft Reduction Council of Malaysia (VTREC) , Proton Wira is the most stolen car.

When comes to the car is the hard to stole or near impossible to stole is the Lexus HS 250H for the traditional fuel car and for the hardest to stole when comes to electrical or autonomous car is Google Self-Driving Car otherwise known as Waymo. However most of the car stolen is the old model which is not equipped with the latest theft protection devices and currently modern day car had been equipped with some of the latest technologies to prevent theft such tracking devices that can be purchased from the car showroom dealers itself , a strong crypto lock for the keyless entry that can withstand any illegal devices and a strong alarm system .

With these stats, comes another question and that is why the thief steal the car. The reason for the car thief to steal the car is to dismantle and selling the spare parts of the car in order to generate some profit for them. The older car is the most stolen as the spare parts still hold some significant value in the automobile markets for the seller and the users. When the car had been stolen, the user can report to police and make use of available tracking devices to locate the car.

The car owners can also can make an insurance claim to their respected insurance provider to claim any losses due to the car theft . The amount will be subject of the nature of coverage, nature of the theft and the amount that had been insured. When a car had been stolen it can gave a  biggest nightmare for the car owners as it mean that had lost their biggest asset that can make them travel to one place to another for business travel, work purpose , vacation and many other reason. The car owners will purchase some additional anti-theft tools or devices such as installing a stronger alarm, tracking devise for the older car and famously the steering lock or brake lock.

The car owners are willing to go to the extra miles to get some additional car theft prevention tools as they do not want lost their precious assets but unfortunately the car thief will also find some way to bypass the anti-theft tool or technologies in order to steal the car. Since the incident in Paris on 1896, the car theft and the automobile manufacturer is finding a way to overcome one another to become a clear winner in this battle which unfortunately until now they are no clear winners when comes to car thief.  

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