The Malaysian drivers had some bad reputation in the world right from the car drivers to the bus drivers. Each time a foreign news gave the Malaysian drivers a news about the bad character it really making us embarrassed but in some instance, we may also argue that not all our drivers are a rotten one. In the articles of the good side of the Malaysian drivers, I had listed some of the good sides from our drivers however in today’s articles I will make a list some of the bad sides of drivers. They will a good and bad for each side. The bad side of our drivers is not based on their driving style but based on the bad perception that our drivers have.

The Gender Perception

Men and women have their own opinion when an argument had come on which one of them is better. This argument will happen in the workplace, family, friends, customer services, etc. This argument also led to some bad perception of the women or men drivers too. When a driver was driving slowly or carelessly we tend to straight way says, “that it must be a women driver” and if the drivers driving recklessly and fast we then say “it must be male drivers “. Unfortunately, they are some women driver who likes to drive fast and furiously and they are some male drivers who like to drive slow and steady. So, in this case, the perception is wrong.

The Race Issue.

We will be annoyed when our politician using the race issue in some of the sentences but unfortunately some of the drivers had this racism in within themselves too. We often will hear from our driver where they will like to judge the drivers based on the race. We often will hear some derogatory comment on the driver based on the race whether he is a Malay, Chinese or Indian.  It’s like we had been toned to believe that this is the issue of the drivers depending on the race. But unfortunately they are some rotten and unsympathetic drivers regardless of the race so judging them based on the race it quite wrong and it shows no difference between us and the racial dividing politician too.

Bad Perception Based on the Place.

We had seen the bad perception based on the gender and race but they are another perception that is based on the place. For some driver, driving on the specific place in our country can give them a bad perception like for example “KL driver is worst and Johor Bahru it better “, “most of the Klang and Puchong people driving like mad want “, “Cheras driver never respect the rules “and much more. The perception of the place is based on the unpleasant experience that the driver may encounter when they are driving on this place hence it gave them the perception. In our country, they are some place where it will be an unpleasant experience to drive the car but using the experience and justifying the bad perception based on the place is wrong too.

Perception Based on the Status.

They are some wealthy individual among us whom can afford luxury and ultra-luxury cars like the BMW 7 Series, Mercedez Benz S Class, Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Audi Q7 etc. When we had seen this car driver driving in a reckless way or breaking the rules we will judge them on saying “Datuk so arrogant want “and it may be true as some driver on this car will act arrogantly and rude to the other drivers due to their status. Again not all its bad, as I had seen some of this driver driving obediently on our road.So again the perception is maybe right and to judge based on this perception on everyone is not right either.

Using Traffic Jam as a Reason.

The traffic jam in our country is notoriously bad as even in the weekend we can encounter a bad traffic jam. In some cases, the traffic jam in unavoidable due to accident, road block, marathon , or road construction but in some case the traffic light can be predicted especially if we driving on the peak hours, or in some place like Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Ampang, Setapak and many more. Although the reason is justified in some instance most of some cases, the traffic jam can be predicted and use the reason of traffic jam as a reason for being late or not arriving on time is an old excuse that maybe would not be accepted.

They are some bad side on our drivers in term of perception and especially the bad perception. The gender, race, place and the reason used also contribute to the bad reputation of our drivers. We may have some bad driving style like never put signal when cornering, disobeying the traffic light, unsympathetic to other drivers, making a bad parking, parking in OKU places, road bully, and much more.

This is something can be seen but unfortunately, the bad perception of our drivers is contributing to our bad reputation too. And the worst some drivers will argue that their perception is right on the bulls eyes. The perception although is right in some cases but using the bad perception to judge the overall drivers based on the gender, race, and places is not right as not every of our drivers is bad and they are some good side to them but unfortunately the good side is not publicised enough and only the bad side will be publicized. The bad perception is something that can’t be seen by the other drivers but it is within ourselves and if we can change this and our driving style then our driver can have a good reputation in the world too.

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