Among the countries in South Asia, India is the most diverse until it can called as “Many Countries in One Nations” as they are nearly 20 different language spoken in India such as Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Orrisa, Gujarat, Punjabi, Kashmiri, English, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Urdu, Sanskrit and many more. It also a country where Hinduism is the official religion and also the country that produce nearly 700 movies each year via Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. A country that had gained independence from British in 1947 through the non-violence or satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi. India took a major part in founding Bangladesh as an independent nation and it also the country that had been the founder of Buddhism, Kungfu, literature, number 0, world first sex book Kamasutra, excellent building architecture, Taj Mahal, and many more.

In this rich and diverse country, they are also an automobile company that is the 5th largest in the world and the biggest in South East Asia and South Asia and they are Tata Motors. It is the automobile company under the Tata Group of Companies. Tata Group is founded by Jamsedji Tata in 1868 and it had been existed in 148 years until now. Like India itself, it also had a diverse business portfolio such as airlines, consumer goods, chemical, defensive and aerospace, healthcare, financial, telecommunication, steel making, real estate and automobiles.

Tata Motors started in 1945 and its commercial vehicle was launched in 1954 with collaboration with Daimler AG which had ended in 1969. The company tagline is More Dreams Per Car Inspired by People and in 1991 Tata Motors had makes history with the launch of the passenger vehicle called Tata Sierra. With this they had become the first country in South Asia that is capable to make their own vehicle and the Tata Sierra is also Indian first multi utility vehicle. It had the technology that is the first for the Indian car such as the adjustable seat, power steering, power window and tachometers and it had become well received in India at that time and also can be said as one of the iconic car after Ambassador.

Tata Sierra

Tata Motors carry the momentum of Sierra success and launch the Tata Estate a station wagon body car in 1992, Tata Sumo the second multi vehicle car of the company in 1994 and Tata Safari the Indian first sport multi utility vehicle in 1998. In some year Tata Motors had launched their first fully indigenously made Indian car the Tata Indica. The Tata Indica initially was criticized by the critics but with an aggressive marketing the car had become one of their best seller due to the car powerful engine and excellent fuel economy. The Tata Indica had also been exported to South Africa and this had led to an enormous growth of the Tata Motors.

tata estate
Tata Estate
tata safari
Tata Safari
Tata Sumo
tata indica
Tata Indica

And in 2008, another history had been made by them as they had launched the world cheapest car Tata Nano. This car was the brainchild of the Ratan Tata whom want Indian to have access to the car like the German and America. Ratan Tata had been inspired by the Deccan Airlines India first low cost airlines and wish to implemented it in the automobile and launched the Tata Nano. The price of the car at that time was just INR 100,000 equivalent to USD 1,500.

Tata Nano can be sold in a cheapest price as the car does not have the power steering (only available in the higher variant), no air conditioner in the car, optional radio or CD player, a small tyre with the size of 135/70-R12, and no airbag. The car has only 37hp and 51nm of torque. But the design has a safety flow as during 2014 testing by the NCAP it did not receive any star and did not meet the basic requirement in order for the car to be sold in Europe. Unlike the other car, this car had a warm response from average Indian citize due to safety issue and although the price is cheap it is still considered more expensive than a motorcycle.

tata nano.JPG
Tata Nano

Although they is several issue with this car, it had received several awards as in 2010 it had received the Business Standard Motoring India Car of the year , First Place in 2010 Edison Awards, 2010 Blomberg UTV Autocar of the year and 2014 received the India Most Trusted Hatchback Car by the Brand Trust Report 2014. In the episode of Mega Factories from Discovery Channel an episode had been dedicated to the production of this car. The Tata Nano although had some flaw is had become of the most popular and affordable car in the world even though the price had been increased in present due to rapid price rise of steel that had been used in making of this car.

In 2004 they had acquired Daewoo a car manufacture from South Korea and also famously acquired Jaguar Land Rover from Ford in 2008. With this acquisition Tata Motors had been able to expand their name and production to worldwide where previously it was in India only. For Jaguar Land Rover this is similar acquisition by the BMW for Rolls Royce and Volkswagen for Bentley as three of them is an England made car owned by a foreigners’ automobiles company.

With Tata Motors is in the 226th place in the Fortune Global 500 and it one of the largest automobile manufacturer in India, it expected to expand more with the acquisition of Daewoo and Jaguar Land Rover and with diversity and powerful conglomerate brand and with the innovation that had led to world first cheapest car , with their Tata leadership style  the company may add more acquisition in the future to expand further their portfolio of the company in automobiles. Tata Group had contributed massively to the Indian economy along with the Reliance Group of Companies and this can be led to more car to be made by the company that will be able to cater for worldwide and not only for Indian markets.

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