According to the automobile lover’s preference, they are many types of car design that will be the ultimate or optional choices. In the past, the sedan will be the automatic unrivalled choices for the family car or individual car; however, they are another car body design competing with it, which is the SUV. SUV is the abbreviation of Sport Utility Vehicle, a higher platform and enormous body space for utility. The SUV gradually becomes one of the choices for the masses in the automobile world. Although the taste for the sedan had not waned, more automobile manufacturers had decided to introduce the SUV model in their production in the form of crossover SUV, entry-level SUV, and high-end SUV. It is a profound statement to say now all the car manufacturers have an SUV model, including the Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Since this 2-type car body design is popular, we see the advantages and disadvantages of both car body design.

The sedan, as mentioned, is the standard in the car design, but now the car lover can choose between sedan and SUV. Gone are the days when the SUV is priced higher than sedan where now the SUV price is comparable to the sedan giving the use a tough and easy option to choose the best car design for them

The SUV with the enormous body and high elevated view provides some practicality when it comes to storage. However, the sedan can contribute to these, but the SUV still edged it on these factors.

The sedan is cheaper and easier to manoeuvre than the SUV where then SUV since it is one of the higher platforms, making it less agile than the sedan due to these characteristics. However, that will not be the case in the SUV model as SUV manoeuvrability increased significantly.

Fuel efficiency is on the higher side when it comes to the SUV. The SUV, which had an elevated body and higher driving seat, can be heavier hence making the fuel efficiency of the SUV is on the lower side. However, with the continuous improvement on the SUV, which the carmaker removed and added some unwanted and wanted item, the SUV fuel efficiency is on par with the sedan now.

The SUV can provide a higher angled view while driving due to its elevated body compared to the sedan. Once this can be a source of discomfort for the sedan car lovers, the car manufacturer had designed their SUV seat. While it still provides the high view driving, the seat is on the low, giving a combination of sport driving getting elevated views. The sedan does not offer some high view driving but is still subject to the car lover preference on which type of drive view they prefer, the standard one in the sedan or the high sight in SUV.

The price of the SUV and sedan is in some range. Once the SUV price will be on the higher side but not the price for the SUV and sedan is not far off. These factors make the car lovers making emotional or making a convenient choice on which design they prefer. Some car lovers prefer to stick to sedan or SUV as they specific opinion and getting the best excitement for each car design.

The SUV has one significant advantage. Due to elevated body from the ground, the SUV can drive through any bad road condition like in the high flood, bumpy road, wrong condition road. Due to the SUV design, they can breeze through this road without any hindrance and hassle, where the sedan driving on this type of road may provide a significant difficulty and provide discomfort for the car lovers. In the SUV, the suspension will be on the better side due to elevated body design, and it can make a better road absorption than in the sedan.

The SUV and sedan had both become one the design choices for car lovers. Automobile lovers can be in four groups. One had a love for the sedan and did not intend to drive an SUV, and one side like the SUV then the sedan. Another type will be a car lover who drove an SUV and want to experience the sedan and vice versa, where another car lover who droves sedan will try his luck with the SUV

The SUV and sedan’s unique features due to many pros and cons both car design brings. Besides, most important, they are both in some price range, and although the SUV maintenance is on the higher side, it can still give a great experience the car lovers. The sedan is the traditional design of the car that starts way back in the early centuries; hence, they are loyal sedan lovers.

Similarly, like in sedan, SUV also had some variant as they are also entry-level variant and high-level variant that provides different interior, performance, and advanced safety features. These factors had contributed to the automobile to chose their preferred SUV variant.

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