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Belief and hope are intertwined in making human life happier or miserable. Hope and belief is the foundation on which a person’s success or failure is determined. A good hope and belief will let anyone able to overcome, conquer or vanquish any negative emotion that had been ingrained in his inner self. In contrast, anyone who does not have a good belief and hope will be desecrated by his own negative emotion and lead his life to a path of disaster. In every motivational book, belief and hope will be essential for success and failure.

Nevertheless, some individuals concoct an excessive credulous belief and will act according to it. Some who are appalled by this belief will call it delusional or fictional, for those who act to their excessive credulous belief will have a valid rationale behind it. Colloquially, these credulous belief is called superstitious. This superstition had been engrained in human belief, and it also included while they are driving and here is some of the superstitious belief for their loved vehicle and while driving.

One of the orthodox beliefs prevalent in every culture and tradition is numerology related to the significance of numbers. The numbers not only become a rudiment of mathematics, but they also become the essential usage in everyday life and business, calculating profits and losses and furthermore. One superstition belief associated with numbers is the aversion to the number 13 or number 4. This number had been deemed to bring a bad omen or bad luck. Therefore, those who shared some belief in the numbers 13 or 4 will not purchase the vehicle on these dates.

If the previous is about the numbers, the next superstitious belief comes from the bird and its defecation. The superstitious are believed to emanate from Russia and somehow had permeated as a common superstitious belief globally. If the birds were excrement in your vehicle, it could bring good luck. While those who do not share the same belief will be horrified by the mess, the poops had created in their vehicle as it will take a lot of chemicals and soap to clean the cars. Those in favour of these beliefs will believe and try their luck on many lotteries.

They are another animal-related superstition belief that had been commonly believed universally. The animal that is close to humans and can create a lovely bond is non-other than dogs and cats. Together, they had created a loveable bond that can cure a human depression, making them feel motivated to conquer their everyday lives and many more. However, they are superstitious beliefs about the cats. It is conjectured that if the black cats had crossed the road while you were driving, it could bring a piece of bad luck to the vehicle owners. This superstition can be said to emanate from the ancient time when they had loathed and abhor the black cats as they will believe it is a reincarnation of an evil witch.

If the vehicle had been caught in an accident, it would be massive work for those involved, the owners to the car mechanics and the hassle of claiming the insurance. The vehicle caught in an accident can be scratched, crippled, deformed, broken, and a lot more. The car owners will have nightmare time, especially if their vehicle needs to be at the workshop for many days or months, depending on the accident’s severity. In contrast, like bird defecation, superstition lovers also believe that an accident or scratched vehicle can bring them a good omen. The good omen commonly related to hitting the jackpot or belief in of huge amount of money will come sooner or later.  

If the owned vehicle caught in an accident is believed to be a good omen, they are contracting view in purchasing the car. The superstition believer will not buy a car, especially a used vehicle, if the car has been caught in the accident. Some eagle-eyed individuals can detect if the user vehicle had been caught in the accident or not based on the contrasting paint colour in the car. Usually, the car that had been repainted because of the accident will have a different colour in the part where the vehicle had been caught in an accident. The believer’s will said that the vehicle caught in an accident would bring a stroke of bad luck as they surmised that the previous owners had cursed the vehicle.

They are certain times when we need to pass by a road that many created some loathing feeling for the car lovers if they are an abundance of road irregularities like the trunk road or not properly built road. In some situations, we may need to pass by a cemetery that would create bad feelings and dislike for the drivers or passengers. According to superstition believers, while driving in the cemeteries, it is presumed for the drivers to hold their breath. The reason behind this is that they surmised that the spirit in the cemeteries could follow the drivers and haunt them if the driver did not hold its breath. The paranormal and entity believers had inspired this type of superstitious belief.

All the aforementioned superstitions have been commonly conjectured by many individuals worldwide. These beliefs had ingrained in their subconscious mind and will take a hard time to disapprove, especially if they had received a stroke of good luck or encountered a piece of bad luck when they adhered to or broke the superstition belief. These beliefs can look irrational, especially related to animals and birds, but surprisingly, some still vigorously hold these beliefs and defend them. The superstitious belief astonishingly had been survived since ancient times, especially the abhorrent for black cats. These superstition beliefs will stay in the individual subconscious mind for those who believe, and those who do not share some belief will ignore it by their own rational reason.

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