We loved to travel, and our merriment to travel had been hindered in the current pandemic and endemic situation. But now each country’s government had slowly but surely is opening up most of the economic sector. Once the cases had been reduced and subside, the government will start up to open the border, which will open up tourism that can sows the seeds of inbound and outbound travel again. When these had opened, we will commence our reason to travel again, whether domestic or overseas travel. Some would like to travel to see their family members, for vacation and they are some who like to travel to some eerier, cursed and spooky place. They are many places that are haunted, which also become a tourist attraction.

We start with our internal tourism. When it comes to the names Kelly’s Castle, located in Batu Gajah, Ipoh Perak, it is a place where haunted and tourist attractions amalgamate.  A mansion built by the Scottish planter named William Kelli Smith and whether it was for his spouse or his children is subject to differing accounts. Still, an unquestionable fact about the mansion is that it attracts many tourists domestically and from overseas. They are also night tours on the first and fourth Friday and Saturday each month which will last between 30 and 40 minutes, and the fee for joining this tour is RM80 per person.

From mansion in our country, they are another spooky place in the form of accommodation, which is non-other than the famous First World Hotel in Genting Highlands. When comes to the world most haunted hotel, the First World Hotel will not be left out and will be in top 10 or the first place in some website as the eeriest hotel in the world. The creepy source comes from the gambler who had committed suicide in the hotel as the hotel is just nearby with the casino. Many eyewitnesses had experienced the sight of an apparition in their hotel room, jumping out of the window, feeling unwanted and unseen presence beside them, and several other haunted stories.

From the mansion and accommodation, they are another haunted place overseas. It is in India, and it is a fort called Bhargarh Fort located in Rajashtan, India. It is also had been declared as the most haunted place in India. The historical fact behind the fort’s construction is still shrouded in mystery as there are no precise facts on it. The Government of Rajashtan had erected a signboard “No one is allowed after 6.00 pm.” Another interesting fact is that foreign tourists need to attain a special permit to gain entry, making it the only tourist attraction in India that does not freely allow foreign tourists.

Another similarly abandoned town with many empty buildings that are haunted is the Jazirat Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates. According to the site history, it was ruled by Zaab Tribe in the primitive era. It was left abandoned in 1968 when UAE discovery of a new oil reserve had embarked them on rapid urbanisation of the city. Three brave journalists from Khaleej Time dared to spend a night in the place to have the supernatural experience.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, they are a castle called the haunted place, and like the Bhargah Fort, which is called the most haunted place in India, the Edinburgh Castle is claimed to be the most haunted place in Scotland. They are numerous story of a haunted prisoner in the dungeon, headless drummer which claimed to be spotted in 1650, murders, a military fight had made this castle fascinating and at some time a haunted place.


For the neighbour, England also had an amalgamation of iconic and haunted places, which is non-other than the Tower of London. It is also the most haunted place in England, where gory murders, torture, and execution happened here. The famous person to be executed in these places is Anne Bolelyn, beheaded by her husband Henry VIII. His apparition had been spotted wandering around these places in the gruesome manner where she was spotted carrying her decapitated severed head. These were also haunted by numerous spirits, souls, and apparitions as most of the gruesomely maltreated.

In the United States of America, they are a plantation home declared as a haunted place. The place is Myrtles Plantation. It had been called one of the most haunted homes in the United States of America. It is located in St Francisville, Louisiana. It gets its status as a haunted home as the house’s foundation is built over an Indian burial ground, an excellent base for a cursed and haunted place. The history behind the plantation had written that they are ten murders had happened which the only one recorded furthermore the area had been said to be haunted by 12 ghosts.  

From Kelly Castle in our country to the plantation home in the United States of America, many haunted places in different forms and areas. They are the haunted castle, abandoned mansion, tower and plantation house. Each haunted place had it is own gruesome and fascination that became the foundation for his declaration as a haunted place. Some areas had been paranormal tours that tourists can join to experience the paranormal activity in the form of apparition spotting, a ghostly aura that can’t be seen. This place attracts tourists and the paranormal group who will use some high-tech equipment to detect abnormal activities in the area.

Although the haunted place can attract some gory feeling, it has also become a tourist attraction. Some travellers love to have the paranormal experience and embark on a journey to visit these haunted places. The haunted place is undoubtedly a factor for tourism.



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