When comes to hearing about spooky, eerie or otherworldly stories and thing, it triggered a fascinating emotion. The haunted place and the stories behind the paranormal activities will usually combine an urban legend and true stories. The story of the Karak Highway, which had been adopted in a Malay movie, is a combination of true stories related to the actual accident that happened on that highway during his nascent year and some urban legends. These stories are being told repeatedly, and it aroused the eerie feeling when an automobile lover uses that highway, especially in the nighttime. They are haunted buildings and roads; each is a combination of urban legend and real-life events. In addition, they are also stories about haunted vehicles across the world which blends real life and urban legends.

In Karak highway, aside from the multiple ghost stories, they are also a haunted vehicle in the shape of the yellow-coloured Volkswagen Beetle. The story behind the yellow Volkswagen is that the vehicle owner, a man, had been murdered by his unfaithful spouse. The wife had seized all his properties, and the woman had met her fate in an accident. The man’s soul, full of rage and resentment, is said to take his anger on the highway users; hence, one of the reasons several accidents happened in the Karak had been attributed to these yellow-coloured Volkswagen Beetle.

Another famous haunted vehicle is the late President John F.Kennedy Lincoln Limousine. He had met his demise while on parade with this limousine. One of the unsolved mysteries as who murdered President Kennedy, his vehicle on his final day also had some unexplained abnormal experience behind it. The vehicle is kept in the Henry Ford Museum as one of the iconic cars. However, they are an urban legend behind it as it had been said that they are a man apparition who will stand near the car, and this sighting usually happens in late November. Coincidentally the sighting of the ghost and the date of President John F.Kennedy’s assassination is 22nd November which led to the story that the vehicle is haunted.

If they are an assassination that had trigged a mammoth loss of human life, it is non-other than the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of the Austria-Hungary empire, on 28th June 1914. According to the historian, his murder is the catalyst for World War 1. His final vehicle is the Graf & Stift Limousine. Monovalent forces rumoured to haunt the vehicle over the next 12 years after Franz Ferdinand’s last days. The vehicle had encountered many accidents, which had been said to take out nearly 13 lives. The vehicles are on display in the War History Museum in Vienna and what is more intrigued is the vehicle remains unscathed even after being involved in various accidents.

England had many mystical and unexplained activities where the fusion of traditional and modern architecture had been erected. One of them is the Number 7 Double Decker Bus. Like the Volkswagen Beetle in Karak, these buses also had contributed to various accidents. It had been rumoured that the bus would appear around 115 am, and the bus could appear from nowhere. The driver who had seen this bus will be shocked and lose control of his vehicle, leading to accidents. Also, many sightings reported that the bus would appear without a driver and disappear quickly. Although the authorities remained sceptical about this story, sooner they started to believe it. They improved the road where the Number 7 bus appears by widening the road for a few meters. Since the widening of the street, the Number 7 bus had disappeared and never emerged again.

In India, a country that shares a similar mystical and fusion of traditional and modern design, they are the legend of Bullet Baba. In England, it is a double-decker bus, and here it is a Bullet Enfield motorcycle. The motorcycle is considered to be one of the most sought motorcycles in India. The bike is said to be owned by Om Banna, the son of a local village leader. While riding his motorcycle, Om Banna had met his fate in a tragic accident when his bike fell in the ditch. The legend of Bullet Baba was born when the motorcycle somehow magically vanished from the police station and miraculously appeared in the accident spot. The locals believe that Bullet Baba is haunting the accident spot; however, the locals had credence that his souls are helping those who drive on the road, preventing them from having some fate like him.  Due to these faiths, they is a temple built for Om Banna and his bike. The temple is located in Bandayi village, Rajasthan.

Some haunted vehicle legends had been born from the actual event, like the assassination of John F.Kennedy and Franz Ferdinand. Some of the haunted vehicles had been said to be a work of a monovalent force that grabbed other souls by accident except Bullet Baba, which is said to be a benevolent soul that is helping other drivers from sharing the same fate.  Aforementioned, Karak highway legendary haunting stories had been adopted in the movie. Similarly, Bullet Baba stories too had been adopted in one of Fear Files episodes on Zee TV. Filmmakers choose the real-life haunted place and vehicle due to the fascination and the fear that the viewers can evoke.

As seen, the haunted vehicle can also create a fascinating and evoking some creepiness, especially for the automobile lovers who use the road at night. The haunted vehicle’s stories can penetrate and play around in their minds, making them feel uncomfortable or be more cautious while driving on these roads. The haunted vehicle is urban legends combined with the real-life event that created the haunted stories and evoked some creepiness and fascination for everyone.

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