Amazing Features of Ford f750 Diesel and Kenworth t800 Trucks

When it comes to your trucking needs only the giants come to the minds, and it is not about the size, but their reputation, reliability, and performance that is mostly considered. Here are some trucks that would strike to your mind immediately when you discuss vehicles about their ability and capacity. Wouldn’t it be good to know why these trucks stand out of the crowd? Let’s get started and get to know about the Ford F-750 and Kenworth T800 in brief.

Ford F-750


Ford f750 diesel truck is in the market for more than a decade, and recent facelift has given it a major makeover to start attracting more customers. Few important things have gone through a significant change. The massive chrome grille, horizontal parallel bars of 4 numbers, and the lateral fore grilles ensure that the truck gets an encompassing look. The LED lights have now got the aerodynamic characteristics. The interiors look simple, and it has to be kept in mind that it is a truck that is meant for hard work. Still, you can see the seats to be luxurious, soft and classy. There are features meant for comfort and safety. It is a medium duty vehicle that comes in various configurations like regular, crew cab and super cab models.

The engine of the F-750 is of 2 types. You can choose between the 6.7-liter power stroke that has the output of 270 hp and 675 lb-ft of torque. The other engine offers 300 hp output and 700 lb-ft of torque. The truck has the heavy hauling capacity. The users can make use of the engine type with the fuel of natural gas or propane to suit their needs. The truck that assures of excellent performance is priced around $70,000.

Kenworth T800


Another vehicle that has undergone a change and is ready for offering high performance is T800 from Kenworth. The truck has a cooling module that has been recently brought in, and the grille has been mounted to 1440 square inch. This means that the grille will not get hit with the snowplow or any other frame mounted equipment on the front. The cooling module adds to the performance by offering horsepower in addition to what the PACCAR engine bestows. The engine delivers 485 horsepower, and the 2010 Cummins engine provides 425 hp. The truck comes with both manual and automatic transmission. It is either Allison automatic transmission or the Eaton manual transmission you get.

You can also choose the Ultrashift Reverse transmissions in the T800. The best thing about ultrashift is that it knows the habits of drivers and allows itself to be used more conveniently, and in fact, it adjusts to fit the driving pattern of the driver. Another fantastic feature is the choice between standard and economy mode. The truck had deluxe seats, and the seats do have a leather cover. There are power window locks, and you can be sure of the power under the hood. You can drive it on any road condition, be it on snow, or gravel or on the sand dunes. It is designed for all terrains and maintenance cost is very less.

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