There are many disgruntled comments among the Klang Valley car lovers about the current traffic congestion. The traffic congestion presently had been claimed as being worst than before. Accordingly to some car lovers, researchers, and experts, it has been said that the traffic jam is due to the narrowing of the road for the new highway construction, an increase of users on the road, fewer people is working from home, and the need to be present in the office, some slow driving in the speed lane and middle lane, and furthermore. Nonetheless, besides the worsening traffic jam presently, there are some hotspots in Klang Valley for traffic congestion, especially during peak hours, and here are some of the notorious hotspots.

Jalan Penchala, Jalan Othman, Jalan Gasing intersection towards New Pantai Expressway

The intersection of Jalan Othman towards the New Pantai Expressway is notorious for traffic jams. During peak hours, the traffic congestion can start from the Assunta Roundaobouts until the intersection. A combination of inefficient traffic lights and increased cars at the intersection can be a nightmare for car lovers to go along this road during peak hours. A journey of only 5 to 6 minutes can increase to 1 hour or more during this time.

Jalan pudu

Another road that has undergone massive changes is Jalan Pudu. In the past, they are no underground roads or other roads to move toward Jalan Imbi. However, the traffic congestion along Jalan Pudu can be a tormented time for any car lover during peak hours. Again, the increase in the car and a slow traffic light that is not parallel with the rise of the car during the peak hours is the cause. The journey can take up to 1 hour or more during peak hours, whereas it only takes less than 10 minutes during the regular hours.

Flamengo hotel ampang

A narrowing intersection, an increase of the car from Jalan Ampang, MRR2 towards Gombak, car from Ampang Hulu Kelang Elevated Highways(AKLEH), and car from Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama Ampang is the cause of the traffic congestion around these sides. In the worst time, traffic congestion can start before the Petronas near Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama until the traffic light near Flamingo. The traffic jam occurred due to the bottleneck situation in the Flamengo traffic light during peak hours. It is a breeze to go through these roads during the non-peak hours or holiday time; however, it is a hellish journey during the peak hours.

Federal Highways.

The highways connecting Klang and Kuala Lumpur are still one of the busiest highways in our country. They are a massive user of the highways every hour, whether at peak or non-peak. The traffic congestion on these highways, whether towards Kuala Lumpur or toward Klang, can be a colossal traffic jam. The traffic jam can happen at the many intersections across the highway and can be tiresome and tormenting for car lovers, especially those returning from their workplaces. Usually, the spot for the traffic congestion is from the Petaling Jaya to the Mid Valley Megamall, before Jalan Templers to Bandar Sunway intersection, and from Subang to Shah Alam. In the worst time, the traffic jam can start from the MidValley Megamall to Bandar Sunway for the car towards Klang and Bandar Sunway towards Mid Valley Megamall for the car towards Kuala Lumpur.


There are many shopping malls in Cheras, and the second-longest Pasar Malam can stretch up 2km. Apart from these, it also had the longest traffic congestion in Klang Valley. Colloquially the traffic congestion in Cheras is called “Cheras Crawlers.” Parallel, the traffic congestion in these corners can be long until it can consume many hours of the car user in Klang Valley. The increase of the shopping mall and many important shops across these roads has earned traffic jams the famous nickname. It can become tiresome, and I mean a very boring journey for anyone using these roads during peak hours.

Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Kuching .

The tolls at the Jalan Kuching had been long abolished, and the road near the Old Pasar Borong had been widened too. However, the traffic congestion on both roads moving towards Kuala Lumpur and Rawang has not been reduced. The traffic congestion in these areas is still prolonged, although not as long as in Cheras. During the peak time, the traffic can start from Kuala Lumpur to the road moving to Rawang and vice versa. Even though they are DUKE highways that are expected to reduce the traffic congestion around these areas, it is still to no avail as the traffic congestion continues in the areas.

Despite the traffic congestion becoming a big furore on the social media highlighted by the netizen, the aforementioned areas are still the hotspots for the traffic jam in Klang Valley. The increase in traffic congestion will harm car lovers, increasing their stress level and making them abhor or loath to drive in a traffic jam. We hope the relevant authorities can make necessary changes to reduce the traffic congestion in the Klang Valley, or it can negatively affect car lovers’ heaths. The government has made some proposals, such as imposing the congestion charges, and we hope furthermore proposals will come to the limelight to ensure the traffic jam in Klang Valley can be reduced.

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