The Honda HR-V touchscreen infotainment system on the V specs

The car especially the sedan, hatchback, SUV, and currently the hybrid powertrain car is the popular choices among our people. Although some will prefer the motorcycle due to least of the maintenance cost and easier to maneuver especially in the traffic jam or riding in the small lane, the car is the most popular choices with the performance, comfort, and ability to put more occupant compare to the motorcycle. With more safety features had been installed in the car, the car can be considered safer than the motorcycle where any minor accident for motorcyclist can give some major injuries especially for those who do not wear the helmets. However, this is not what this article on the comparison between the car and motorcycle but however they are some small details of convenience and comfort that can be installed in most of the car that will benefit more for the car lovers.

With the everyday usage of the smartphone and the apps associated with it, we need the smartphone more if compared in the past when the mobile phone is only used for receiving a call, making a call, sending and receiving the message, listening to audio, making a reminder, and playing games. Now the mobile phone had been upgraded to a smartphone and it now can navigate to our preferred destination by using the Waze, making money transaction on the go with the banking app, watching video on YouTube, uploading and sending status on the social media and many more. However, the downside of this, the battery of the smartphone is not being able to take up all this in more than 24 hours hence USB cable is needed. Unfortunately, not most of the car have this USB charging function or it had been placed in some uncomfortable place like in Honda HR-V or in the glove box. With this, if the car manufacturer had installed in the USB cable in the armrest box in the center, then it will be a thing of convenient for the car lovers as it will easier for them to charge the phone battery and at some time they can hide the phone in the armrest box itself.

A USB ports in the arm rest box the best place

With the growing importance of the smartphone, Apple and Google had decided a system where the user still can access to the basic function of the smartphone without taking their eye from the road while driving hence both had introduced the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto respectively. This is one of the best ways where with just using USB cable, the user can access their suitable system according to the phone. However, another disappointing thing is that not all the car manufacturer had installed both of this system in their car infotainment system hence some car lovers do not have the ability to use these features. If all the car manufacturer, especially in our country, had installed this system in their car infotainment system, then it will easier for the car lovers to access their phone without taking the eye off the road with is quite dangerous and life-threatening.

Up the Android Auto and down is the Apple CarPlay

Speaking of the infotainment system, most or all the car manufacturer had installed the touchscreen system in the car which makes the car infotainment screen bigger and the car lovers can access more features compares to the car infotainment system or the car audio in the past. However, another small detail can be added. For the user to access some system in the car infotainment, he needs to input via touchscreen which means he or she needs to take their eye form their road in a second. What is mesmerizing some car audio manufacturer like Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, Sony, and others are selling their aftermarket car audio with more function and with another underrated tool the audio remote control. Will it be better if all the car manufacturer can provide a remote control for the user to control their car infotainment without the need to touch the screen often as it will far easier for them? Since the car audio manufactures able to do it, I do think that the car manufacturers too able to do it.

A KENWOOD aftermarket player with a remote control

In the latest Honda CR-V, Honda had installed a soft pad on the side of the driver where it provides a great convenience for the driver while driving or while taking some extremely challenging corner. These features had been said one of the innovative yet a simple design in the latest Honda CR-V which had gained some positive review by the car critics. We will hope that most of the car manufacturer able to install this innovative yet simple design in their car to provide some comfort and convenience for all the user where now only Honda CR-V user is able to get it. These designs will be able to make the user feel less tired and feeling more comfortable while driving especially on the long journey drive.

With the glaring hot sun, most of us will on the car air conditioner after when we had started the car due to the extreme heat. However, it is still something that is baffling as the air conditioner had been an important tool in the car were in some car only the front passenger and the drivers able to get most of the cooling and the rear passenger will get a cooling in while as not most of the car has the rear air conditioner ventilator. This is another small features if installed in all the car and not in some car only will be able to provide a comfort and convenience for all the occupant of the car. It is something baffling that not all the car has these features as only some car model will have it. Maybe the car manufacturer can put the dual zone as optional, but the ventilator can be a standard feature in most of the car.

The details of the comfort and convenience in the above may not be necessary but if the all the car have installed then the car lovers will be able to enjoy a better experience and best of all never had any shortcoming while they’re driving the car.

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