One component that needs to be changed when the component’s performance had waned considerably is the windshield wiper. The wiper had been a vital part since its foundation in the early 19th century while driving as the wiper will be the only part to clean up the windscreen or the window from water or any debris. They are car manufacturers like Tesla and Aston Martin who want to produce a car without a wiper and use alternative methods like the ultrasonic or laser system. Before the technologies from Tesla and Aston Martin became widely used, they were 2 type wiper blades in contemporary time.

One is the conventional vulcanized rubber, and another one is the silicon blade. Some wiper manufacturers will promote their wiper by claiming they are using silicone; however, the silicone is in the body of the wiper and not in the blade. The automobile lovers must check scrupulously before buying a wiper to prevent them from falling in the misleading advertisements. When it comes to the wiper, the renowned brand is Bosch, Piaa, Michelin, etc.

Before we analyze the merits and demerits of the silicone wiper, a further look is needed on the conventional type wiper blade, the vulcanized rubber. The vulcanized rubber is essentially a rubber that has been processed via the extrusion method. The extrusion method had been used to produce the vulcanized rubber for the blade. It had been proven to be more efficient and tremendously productive in producing the wiper blade in mass production. Silicone is a polymer made from the chemical siloxane, and it is colorless and has a rubber-like substance. The rubber-like substances characteristic is why silicone wiper had been present as one of the options for the wiper blade.

One component that can create a pondering and perplexity from automobile lovers is choosing the conventional vulcanized rubber or the silicone rubber. In terms of availability, the vulcanized rubber is the most compared to the silicone wiper blade. Even though the silicone wiper blade is not available extensively, they still have some merit and demerits of using silicone wiper blade compared to the conventional.

A conventional wiper can last for more than 6 months before the rubber performance waned. However, the silicone wiper was able to last for more than 12 to 18 months before the performance had deteriorated. The material used in the silicone wiper blade is the reason that it can last longer than the conventional wiper blade if the silicone wiper blade had been diminished; only the wiper blade needed to be changed instead of the full wiper body.

The silicone wiper also has another edge compared to the conventional. The silicone wiper blade had been known to be more silent in the term of performance. Again the silicone wiper blade is softer if compared to the vulcanized rubber. The nature of the silicone blade led to the silent performance where after a few wipes, the silicone wiper will leave a silicone layer in the windshield, which makes the silent wipes.

Due to the high durability and the noiseless performance, the silicone is flawless at high speed. The high durability and noiseless performance gave automobile lovers pure confidence and a near tranquility-like drive.

Every component and material used to make a car part has its own merits and demerits. Afromentionedly, the silicone wiper had the edge over conventional rubbers. The silicone wipers also have their disadvantages.

The first drawback is that a pure silicone wiper is far more expensive than vulcanized rubber. The high-quality material used in the silicone makes it costly than the conventional one. Even though the silicone wiper may last longer than conventional, the near exorbitant price of the silicone wiper can prevent any potential buyer from purchasing the wiper. For the Honda HRV, the wiper size is 26 and 16. The price of the conventional wiper will be around RM70 to RM90, where a pure silicone wiper will cost around RM240 and above. As mentioned, the difference in the price is huge, making some automobile lovers prefer conventional wipers.

Simultaneously with the high price of the silicone wiper comes another issue as the silicone wiper is limited in the choices than the conventional rubber. When given a choice, a multitude of automobile lovers will prefer conventional rubber to silicone rubber. Some wiper manufacturers can claim silicone, but it is a silicone body with a conventional blade. A pure silicone wiper is costly and has an exorbitant price. The limited choices and the exorbitant had become the stumbling block for many automobile lovers choosing the silicone wipers.

Some automobile lovers who had purchased the silicone wiper had given positive feedback on their experience. Some had claimed that they have been using the silicone wiper for several years, which can’t happen in the conventional wiper as the rubber will be hardened after several wipes, making the wiper’s performance waned and deteriorate considerably. The silicone wiper may have supremacy over the conventional wipers, but apart from PIAA, not many reputed windshield producers promote the silicone wipers.

The silicone wiper was superior to conventional rubber blades; however, it was not the most sought wiper blade for automobile lovers. The costly and near-premium price for the silicone wipers and limited choices are some of the colossal drawbacks when choosing silicone wipers as the preferred choices for the wipers. Even though there is some positive feedback from automobile lovers who choose silicone wipers but it is limited. For now, the conventional wiper blade is the high in-demand choice for the automobile lover when it comes to replacing the wipers blade as the wipers’ cost overcomes the wipers’ longevity. ¬†Furthermore, the conventional rubber blade is extensively available, unlike the limited choices of silicone wipers.

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