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Apart from pumping the fuel for the car which our  ever changing fuel price each month, paying the monthly installment for the car and paying the once a year wallet broker road tax and insurance depends on your car type and engine capacity the next thing that we need to do for our car is maintenance of the little 4-wheel baby. We can choose to service the car in manufacturer service centers or in any outside reliable mechanics for the car. Any choice will hit the pocket if the car is out of warranties and needs major services . Today we will look at how the car maintenance whether in the service centers or in the reliable mechanics outside and the most typical problem that can be encountered while servicing the car regardless of the place of choices

For the newly purchased they are a warranty period for the car depends on the mileage or the years. On this many of the driver will prefer to service the car in service centers as some of the manufacturers will also include the free service based on the mileage. For example, let say Ford cars offering free services for 60,000km then the drivers will not need to pay anything for the service up until 60,000km and only after this period the driver will start to pay for the service price. They will also warranties that covered any parts malfunction such gear box or mechatronics and due to this driver will prefer to send to the service centers even they need to keep the cars for several days so that the centers can resolve this issues. In this instances servicing the car in the service, centers will be the best money saving options.

Sometimes the drivers and the service centers may have a misunderstanding due to both parties’ interpretation or understanding on the warranties. In the warranties, they are certain parts that may be covered or may not depends on the manufacturers. In this instance, the drivers may not be satisfied with the service centers if some of the parts are not covered and the service centers can also notify the drivers the parts are not covered while the drivers had known the parts is covered under the warranties. This can provide a great misunderstanding with the service centers or the drivers to explain the situation and come to a resolution with regards to this.

Apart from the warranties, some of the drivers may send the car to the mechanic outside as they may find the mechanic reliable and trustworthy and at some time the driver may have created a bond with the mechanics. The car owners will not hesitate to travel further if they can find the best mechanics for their cars. In this case, the drivers will prefer to send the car to the mechanics instead of the service centers as the mechanic will not need to follow certain guided rules by the service centers. In the service centers, they need to replace the parts according to service guidelines where the mechanics does not need to follow and may advise the drivers to replace or not replace the parts. In this case, the drivers are given an option wherein the service centers the option is not provided with regards to this.
Some car genuine spare parts like Ford, Peugeot, and Volvo is hard to find and will be sold in a certain location. This can increase the difficulties of choice for the drivers to send the car to the mechanic outside as the mechanics may have installed or fix a non-genuine parts in the car. Some of the cars will not run smoothly in the long run if a non-genuine parts had been installed. In this instance sending the cars to the service centers will be best choices but unfortunately, the cost of the spare parts will be expensive due to the difficulties to get the parts and it will create a vendor lock-in situation for the drivers by the car manufacturers. This may not be troublesome for the owners of the Honda, Toyota, Proton, Mercedez Benz, and maybe Volkswagen as the spare parts is easily available outside.

In the foreign cars to checks an issue they are Vehicle Diagnostics System that will be used to check on the actual issue with the car. For the BMW and Mercedez-Benz, they are a specialist that have the best and updated version of the system to check on the issue. In this instances, the drivers will have a choice to service the car in the service centers or outside. But for some cars like Ford the diagnostic system that is available outside may not be sufficient to detect the problem hence in this case the car need to be sent to the service centers and as usual, the vendor lock-in will occur in this case.

For the car likes Porsche, Range Rover, Jaguar, and Audi the drivers need to make an early appointment as early as three weeks or one month before to service centers as the centers may be fully booked. This happens due to they are the lack of service centers for the cars above. Porsche had only 2 service centers in Klang Valley that are in Sungai Besi and Glenmarie, for Audi is Jalan Chan Show Lin, and for Range Rover and Jaguar is in the Glenmarie too. Even for the high marque Japanese car like Lexus and Infiniti also have the limited service centers in the Klang Valley.

Some drivers can encounter some bad experience from the service centers or outside mechanics like maybe a rude staff, slow in response, unprofessional behavior, a bad environment in the service centers, and much more. This can be varying depends on the drivers’ experience on the particular location of the service centers or outside mechanics where some drivers may have a good experience and some may not. On this case the drivers will have an emotional burden due to the bad experiences that he had and indirectly is may affect or may not his passion and affection for the car manufacturer or for the car brand and at the same, this issue can affect the car brand or manufacturer after sales performance.

Vendor locks in under the name of warranties, several choices and least choices of the service centers or mechanics outside, understanding of the warranties from both parties, bad experiences, and much more is the typical problem that will encounter by the drivers when servicing the car. For some drivers, they may not have this kind of problem but for some, they may have encountered some of the problems. At the end of the day, the car needs to be serviced while we are using and we need to make the best choices that will be good for us and our for our cars.

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