Service center will have good name when they had provided the courtesy car

The user when he or she bought a car, they will something called as free services, or 2 or more-year manufacturing warranties. But to never void the warranties, the user must send the car to the nearest service center or other service centers according to user preference. In our country, they are basically 2 types of the service center. One service center is called as 3s where it had sales, service and spare parts in this service and another is called as 4s service where it has an additional spray and body paint in these types of the service center. Most of the service center in our county is 3s where only some have 4s services. Additionally, the latest service center that is opened by the car manufacturer is mostly 4s service center.

The new Honda 4S Service Center in Kelantan the largest in East Coast region of Malaysia

To be service center dealers and the user needs to fill up an application form which is available in the online car website like for example Honda and provides details of their company, shareholders, directors, plan to build and how they will develop this service center. They are some amount that needs to pay a deposit too and this is subject to the car distributor requirements. Once the car distributor had approved the user request for to become a service center dealer, then they must ensure to provide the best service for the car brands customers where any failure in this part will result in a fine or maybe in the worst scenario canceling of their dealership with them.


Most the car service center in our country is basically 3s with only some provides the 4s services. The services centre is one of the important post sales things for their car lovers whether the user had made the right choice or the wrong choice will always depend on how the service centre entertaining them with regards to any issue such as maintenance price,  claim of the warranties for the car, the environment of the service centre, and most importantly the customers service in the centre .

A good car brand manufacturer service center can give a great reputation for the car brand and a bad service center can give a bad reputation for the car brand. The service center will have some convenience where it had large waiting lounge with a nice cushion leather seat, some amenities, food, drinks, WIFI, and showrooms. Some service center also had surau for Muslim patrons, mini playground for the car lover’s children, selling souvenirs, and provides a nice view.

A waiting lounge in the service center

With the user can get most of the information from their fingertips via the smartphones, the car lovers can also check the service review for each car brand. A service centre that had a bad review from the netizens or based on the user experience, will give a bad experience for the car lovers hence the car lovers will prefer to go to the best service centre that provides the great user experience even though it is not the nearest service centre and will proceed to ignore the bad service centre even though it is the nearest for the car lovers.

Since most of the car had warranties for more than 2 years, the car lovers need whether he likes or not send the car to the service center during warranty period as they do not want to void warranties. A clause or remainder in car manufacturer service booklet will always say that “any modification to the car will void the warranty”. Unfortunately, the price of the parts in the service center is on the higher side if compared to the outside mechanic’s shop but one satisfaction is that the service parts is always the original equipment of the manufacturer. A car like Ford where the spare parts are provided by Motorcraft and unfortunately, this part is not available outside of the service center hence the price for this part is usually on the higher side in the service center.

Speaking about the warranties, the service center is a place where the car lovers can claim their warranties and sometimes any miscommunication with regards to this part will lead to a disagreement with the car lovers. For the new car, the warranties are the crucial part of the maintenance where the car that is still under warranties can be repaired without the car lovers need to pay for it and if the warranties had been void or expired then the car lovers may need to pay some high price for the parts. Although this is the case, some of the car lovers will prefer to send the car to service centre even after the warranties had been void maybe due to good customer service provided by the service centre, reliabilities as the part is the original manufacturer parts, and maybe it is the nearest place for the car lovers to maintain the car.

The service center is the place where the user post sales will be decided whether the car lovers had made a good or bad choice. A bad service center can give a bad reputation to car brand no matter how famous they are, and a good service center will create loyalist of the car brand. Toyota car for example even though it is famous for the reliabilities and the resale value, they are another thing that makes car lovers like Toyota and that is the service center. Toyota service center according to J.D Power 2017 Malaysian Customer Service Index Study had the most satisfactory after-sales experience for the car lovers.

The service centre is the most important parts of the post sales for the car manufacturer to ensure the customer had made a great choice on the car brand and creates loyalty on the brand where the bad service centre can damage the car brand reputation in this current situation where a small bad experience can be blown out of proportion with the use of the social media. The service centre although it looks like the normal car repair place but in truth is the place when the post sales of the car lovers experience  will be decided whether he made a bad choice or good choice hence the service centre must run professionally to provide the best post sales information for the car lovers, provides a quick updates with regards to their car, ensure a smooth warranties claim experience for the car lovers and many another thing that will ensure car lovers had a good experience.



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