A car is a machine that is designed to bring us to our preferred destination effortlessly. With just a press of accelerator throttle, combined with a good tire, we can proceed to our favorite destination. The car also gave us some flexibility as travel is within our control, contrary to the public transport where we need to follow their published time.  However, for the car to move effortlessly, it needs a good part too, and one of the spare parts that are well-liked and favored by car lovers is the Bosch spare parts. The multi-engineering German-based company is the admired and most sought spare parts for automobile lovers. Like most vehicles and products from Germany, Bosch parts also is synonym with qualities and durabilities.

The famous multi-engineering company had a humble beginning before its rise to become the leader in the automotive supplies industry. The company was founded by Robert Bosch on 15 November 1886. It is a testament to their ingenuity, quality, and durability that the company can sustain its reputation for more than a century.  Like Henry Ford, Robert Bosch does not come from an automobile family or was born with a silver spoon. Born in Albeck, a village in the northeast of Southern Germany, he is the eleventh son of twelve children in his family.

Robert Bosch’s father gave utmost importance to good education for his children. His father’s clear importance to education had led Robert Bosch to attend the Realschule, a secondary technical school in his village, and took an apprenticeship in some school as a precision mechanic.  Not content with schooling and apprenticeships in his village school, he took another decade of education in a diverse company in Germany. In the United States, he had observed and studied the leading inventor Thomas Edison. Based on these experiences that he gained, in 1897, he had become the first man to adopt a magneto in a vehicle engine spark plugs. By establishing this, he had solved one of the near-impossible technical problems faced by the automotive industries in his early years.  With these creations, Robert Bosch had created the foundation for Bosch in becoming a corporate company in 1917.

Robert Bosch is a genius in automobile technical engineering, but he is also a benevolent man. He is the first to introduce the eight-hour working day in German and provides some social benefits for his associates. During World War 1, Bosch, who had been given a contract by the German government to offer them war assistance, did not want a single cent of profits from the contract; instead, he had donated it to a charity. He is also have presented several million German marks and also provided a hospital in Stugart in 1940. During World War 2, with saw the ascent of Adolf Hitler as the Fuhrer, he had supported the resistance movement against Hitler, and his associate saved Nazi persecution victims from deportation.

Robert Bosch’s contribution to the automotive industry and humankind had been recognized as he was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1984. How was Bosch able to gain such a reputation among automobile lovers and become one of the most sought spare parts brands even after a century? The company slogan behind its products, regardless of the industries as Bosch makes many parts of other sectors too, is “Bosch For Life.”

Bosch part had broken a standard, reasonable thought among the automobile lovers. If the parts price is low, it can be a meager quality, while the cost can be on the premium side if the parts are high in quality. Bosch product, even though it is innovative, durable, and very high in quality but is priced reasonably for automobile lovers. Their price is not on the higher side and at the same time is not on the lower side but is far cheaper than other spare parts with some high qualities.

Their automotive parts like the windshield wipers, brake components, especially the brake pads and the brake rotors, spark plugs, car batteries, filters, bulb, lighting, etc., often get a great review from the automobile sites, especially in the social media and in the Youtube. Their premium brake rotors had been noted to be the best brake rotors, while the windshield wiper has been pointed out as the best wipers for a car. The price for these items, as mentioned before, is not premium and reasonable.

The automobile lovers can also get their preferred Bosch parts quickly as it is available extensively in the spare parts shops and their official online store. Bosch spare parts also became an OEM for most automobile manufacturers’ car models, especially the spark plug and the ignition system. It is not hyperbole to say that most present car models have a Bosch part in their engine components.

Robert Bosch had solved one of the near-impossible technical engineerings in the early automotive years when he had found a way to create a quality spark plug. He also contributed donations, multiple charities, and rescue people in dire states during the war. His achievement of producing high-quality products with a reasonable price well had been the source of his company sustaining even after centuries. Some success too can be seen in other sectors as they too preferred Bosch-made products.

His induction to the Automotive Hall of Fame and other Germans like Bertha Benz, August Horch, and others is an ultimate recognition for his contribution to the automotive industries and humanitarian and philanthropies he did during wartime in Germany. He is also one reason for the adage “Made in Germany,” which is always associated with qualities and innovative products. Robert Bosch wonderfully had created a brand that is become most like dan most sought and the best of all; it is “Made in Germany.”




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