When we drive our car to our preferred destination, we may encounter various pitfalls, problems, and difficulties that prevent our journey. These pitfalls can manifest in the form of an accident, vehicle mishap, out of ordinary traffic congestion and many others. Each difficulty can ruin our trip to our preferred destination.  One of the predicaments that we can encounter when we are driving is the road bullies. Either we become the road bullies, or we are on the receiving end of the road bullies. Road bullies can be in the form of verbal assaults, discourteous or swearing speech, deliberately damaging vehicles, etc. Various triggers can elicit the lack of empathy for the other drivers in the road, which become the embodiment for road bullies.

The most common trigger can be situational anger. When the driver has encountered anything abnormal, especially if he had been caught in the dreadful traffic congestion, which can make their journey to his home or office longer than usual, it can trigger some enormous emotional waves of anger. This anger can manifest itself when he again encounters some appalling drivers. In the worst-case scenario, both situations can elicit his negative feelings and morph his inner anger to lash out, swearing words or assaulting the other drivers. This type of driver usually will be undisturbed on any hazard in the road, but in these situations when they had encountered some worst of abnormalities, his negative feeling can be triggered quickly.

Another reason that triggers a fit of anger that can transform into a road bullies behaviour is when the driver has encountered some big-headed drivers whom many have driven cars in a manner that can endanger other drivers. In actuality, they are arrogant drivers who do not empathise with other drivers and are unconscious of following the road rules. This situation can also precipitate the road bullies behaviour as the driver wants to vent his feelings to the arrogant drivers while the big-headed driver believes he’s entitled to his behaviours.

Besides the situational and encounters with arrogant drivers, road bullies can also be initiated via gender and racism. When the aggressive drivers face female drivers, they may want to bully them, especially the female drivers driving alone and driving small cars. The aggressive behaviours toward the female drivers are to intimidate the female drivers, which are one of the nature of the bullies. The extreme racism can also manifest itself into road bully behaviours, as we had seen in many viral videos where they are a swearing racism word thrown at the other drivers.  The aggressive drivers can also try to intimidate the drivers who are elderly too.

The trigger for the road bullies can be seen as a justification for the perpetrator to initiate his aggressive conduct. The situational, gender, racism, and lack of empathy from the other driver can elicit aggressive speech or actions. The road bullies can also perpetrate some crime if they are in a group and the other drivers are driving alone regardless of their gender and age. Road bullies have become one of the significant issues while driving cars and some countries have taken severe and radical action to punish the road bullies. Most countries have included the jail sentence for road bullies as it was deemed a severe offence conducted by drivers.  

The drivers who had become the road bully-victims may become petrified to drive the car alone as it can become a phobia. The emotional strain that the drivers who had become victims may become unbearable for them to give up driving altogether. These types of drivers will need some motivation and an appointment with a psychiatrist to overcome their fear. After the various ways of motivating them and finally overcoming their fear, these drivers will become more courageous when encountering road bullies.

Some drivers who had become the victim of road bullying had decided to fit up their vehicle with the most sought Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which can capture any incident in the road, including road bullies. The road bullies image can be captured and become viral as most of the DVR software had been synchronised with the smartphone, making the road bullies image visible to everyone via Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube. These technologies also can make the relevant authorities apprehend the road bullies as they had the necessary proof.

The DVR technologies can also be said to reduce the road bullies from happening. The image of the road bullies will be automatically captured by the recorder, which makes his image visible to the public if it had been viral and to relevant authorities to apprehend the bullies. The DVR can be valuable technology as numerous automobile lovers have fixed their car with the DVR. Some automobile manufacturers models also included the DVR in the vehicle as one of the specifications. The DVR is proportionally available in the aftermarket, and some automobile service centres also started selling the in-house DVR.

Had been stated before, the trigger for road bullies and the emotional strain that the victim needs to bear and the multitude of automobile lovers installing the DVR that can capture the road bullies had seen the road bullies had been reduced. As the DVR had been able to capture the road bullies image rapidly, it had made the relevant authorities’ job easier as they had the proof. Also, the authorities of most countries had included the jail sentence as a way to punish the road bullies. Afromentionedly, those who had become the victim of road bullies may have a traumatic experience that is unbearable, which is not a reason why we drove our car. Driving our car should be an enjoyable experience and not a traumatic want; hence, road bullies must be prevented and apprehended quickly to avoid more traumatic experiences for road users.


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