They are a big buzz around the internet and social media pertaining to a particular car brand from India. According to some reliable sources spreading on the internet and social media, it has been confirmed that these once-famous car brands will be revived under the electric engine. The icon will be revived with the electric engine under its hood, replacing the previous ICE(Internal Combustion Engine). The car brand once was the symbol of the elite, businessmen, actors, and actresses, and it also had been famous in Indian cinema before. The car brand is non-other than the famous Hindustan Motor car brand Ambassador. The car once had been called King of Indian Roads. The King will be ascending again on the India road through the electric engine. In layman’s terms, a classic car with the latest technologies.

It had been 8 years since the last Ambassador was roled out from the Hindustan Motor plant in West Bengal. Hindustan Motors had decided to sell the Ambassador to Peugeot in a deal worth ₹ 80 crores together with brand and rights. Now the King of Indian Roads will be revived with the collaboration of Peugeot and other European EV cars. The electric engine Ambassador will be manufactured in Hindustan Motor plants in Chennai. The Hindustan Motor’s ambition is to make sure the King of Indian Roads will be revived gloriously and roam again on the Indian soil. This is also parallel with the significant demand for electric cars on Indian soil. They are no expected time frame for the release of the Ambassador, notwithstanding the expectation will be it will be launched by next year.

The car’s exterior design can be expected to be futuristic, nevertheless still maintaining some iconic style that had been missed on the Indian road for nearly eight years. The interior can also be expected to be modernized with some infotainment screen prevalent in the modern car or it can also be a mix of classic and contemporary design likes in the Rolls Royce. It is not hyperbole to say if Rolls Royce is the epitome of luxury, the Ambassador is the car that had the embodiment of Made In India.

For so long, nearly a century before its last model was rolled out from the West Bengal plants; the Ambassador is the car that had been called King of Indian Roads before the foreign car brand became the most sought car on the Indian soil. It is also not over-exaggeration to say that the same car is also the most missed car on the Indian road.

Once the King had been ascended in the electric engine, it would create bigger news than the one currently. The announcement had already become big news, so bigger news could be expected once the car had been launched. Social media and streaming video channels like Youtube will have a massive view never seen before for an Indian car model.  

The reviews for the car can allure massive views and high expectations. It will be a different story altogether whether the Hindustan Motors can fulfill, exceed, or fail to live up to the expectations generated. The car can also be back in the Indian cinema if it lived up to or exceeded expectations or can be a source of jokes and memes it had failed miserably and failed to take off. Either way, the car will create a big wave of positive or negative news.

The Ambassador had created its own brand loyalist once it had been roaming the Indian road, and to create some brand loyalists in the current generation will be a big challenge for Hindustan Motors. The previous generation had grown together with the Ambassador car, while the current generation will have their first taste of the Ambassador car. Therefore, if the electric engine Ambassador successfully created a brand loyalist among the present generation, it will be a great victory for Hindustan Motor, and the King of the Indian Roads will be back on his throne.

In another view, with the widespread usage of foreign cars in Indian soils where cars like Maserati, Rolls Royce, Audi, BMW, Mercedez Benz, and Bentley will become a big obstacle for Hindustan Motor to make the Ambassador hits. Unlike in the past, when only Indian cars like Maruti, Tata, Mahindra, and more were roaming the Indian road, the competition was among the Indian car manufacturers. Conversely, in the current time, it is different. Can the Ambassador revive its throne back in the electric avatar or be swayed by the influx of foreign cars and just be another car from India.

The day when the car is launched will be the day when everyone on Indian soil will be waiting with high expectations. Let’s not forget that the Ambassador stills have some iconic moments and value in the Indian soil car lovers regardless of the generation. The Ambassador roamed the Indian road once, and it is an iconic car in the Indian cinema too. Hindustan Motors had taken a significant risk and massive obstacle in the reviving the car back after an exodus of 8 years. The decision to launch the electric engine looks like a safe bet as the demand for the electric car has increased in India. The government worldwide has also made some rules and regulations favoring electric cars.

Once the cars had been launched and lived up or exceeded the expectation, it can be said that King had been revived, or it can be swamped in the massive influx of foreign cars and be another car from India. Previously the Ambassador had been dethroned by the Maruti, and if the electric engine Ambassador had been dethroned and failed to kick off, it may well be due to the massive influx of the foreign car in India.

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