They are many types of websites on the internet, especially when the user making a Google Search. For a simple search like football, they are many websites that can be displayed in the search engine. This website can be a website that provides information, selling things, downloading and uploading site and many more. For a website that selling thing, their revenue can be made from the online payment but how about the website that does not sell anything and just provides article and information. The ways this website make revenue is from the advertisement and like the website on the internet, they are many types of advertisement too.

The advertisement (ads) on the internet had many types and they are CPM, CPC, and CPA. The CPM ads will provide based on the impression of the ads in the website which means how many times the ads had been displayed on the website, the CPC called as Cost Per Click will provide revenue when the visitor had clicked on the website, CPA is Cost Per Action where the revenue will be given when the visitor had performed an action like downloading things . This is the 3-basic type of advertisement that will be displayed on the websites. They are also other types of ads called as affiliate marketing ads and native ads which also will provide revenue based on these 3 methods.

For those who had started the website and needs to earn some revenue from it, they many ads website that they can choose where each had their own requirements. For those who want advertisement in the website on the beginning stages where the visitor is less, they can choose sites like Bidvertiser,, Adnow, Adsterra, Vertoz and many other. This website ads do not have visitor requirement but however, the revenue from this can be on the low end.

They are many other advertisements that do not have a visitor recruitment and it is still the best in the business when comes to ads and that is Google Adsense. Contrary to popular belief, Google Adsense does not need any visitor requirement, however, to get approval from Adsense is a hard task but with continuous effort and improvement on the website, sooner the user can have the approval form them regardless of the visitor to the site.

They are also video ads that can be displayed in the website but however, most of the video ads site will require a large number of visitor hence the chances to get the ads is difficult especially if the site does not have many visitors. Even the ads which do not need a visitor requirement will only provide the video as if the certain number of visitors had been reached.

Once the website had reached a significant amount of visitor especially if the site hits a million users per month then the option is endless. Like the video ads, most of the high paying native advertisement required a high number of visitor and once this had reached, then the user can have the option of choosing Taboola, Revcontent, Outbrain, Colombia ads and many other. Native ads are simply a content sharing ads wherein the user website they will display news from other websites. On the high paying native ads, the news can be something relevant of interesting especially when it comes from the popular website like Forbes, and many others.

In the simple term, they are many ads that can be chosen by the publisher of the website where each had their own requirement. However, the best advertisement is still Google Adsense where it had the most ads choices. Even though the approval for Adsense is hard but once the site had been approved for the Adsense then the user can also receive some high amount regardless of the visitor in the site.

Currently, the best ads for the website after Google Adsense and the ads that are gaining some real popularity among the website publisher is the native ads RevContent. To get the approval for these ads is a different story altogether if compared to other native ads. Where most of the native ads will require a huge amount of traffic, RevContent does not have some requirement. If the content is unique and well written without any grammatical error, then the approval can be gained however to get the approval from them is hard to where I can say it is harder than Adsense.

Adsense and Revcontent are all about the CPM and CPC, they are other ads where it is called as CPA where the publisher will get an earning when the visitor had performed a specific action such as downloading or buying something depending on the ads. The famous CPA ads company is Revenue Hits. The approval is easier as it does not have any traffic requirement and if the visitor had performed the necessary action then the publisher can see some good amount in their revenue.

Another ad that is gaining some popularity among the publisher is the Video Ads. Companies the Vii, Taboola, Revcontent and many other had some video ads as their ads offering. The video ads although is following the current trend of the internet advertisement however in order to gain the approval is another thing as most of the video ads companies except Vii do need a significant amount of the traffic in order to get approved. They are another type of ads called as affiliated ads where the publisher can get the earning when the user making some action based on the ads requirement. Companies that are offering affiliate ads is Amazon,, Agoda, and many other. Although the affiliated ads requirement does not need a large amount of traffic as a requirement however in order to get a great earning from this affiliate, it is better to have a good traffic on the website.

They are some publisher who wants to start a website and get an earning from it straight away however in order to get a great revenue from the ads it will take some time. If the traffic on the website is great, then the publisher can see a great amount as their revenue. For the beginning, the publisher can’t expect good revenue unless if their website had a significant amount of traffic growth in a short time. Some of the website publishers had taken several years to make a great revenue from the ads and some publisher whom unable to make any significant amount decided to quit.

The website publisher can choose either CPC, CPA, CPM, video ads or affiliate ads in their website however in order to get approved and getting some good revenue it will take some time for them and for those who keep on trying they will sooner or later see a great revenue.

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