We want to associate the multigroup companies owners, inventors, entrepreneurs, business tycoons, organized crime bosses, and others with millionaires or billionaires. El Chapo Guzman, the Sinaloa Cartel leader, had been in the Forbes as one of the billionaires in the world, and he is a drug carter dealer an organized crime in Mexico. But can we associate a barber as a millionaire or billionaire? Is the answer no? The job deviates from the normal believes of the person who is a billionaire. However, one man hailed from Bangalore was declared a billionaire barber, and his name is Ramesh Babu. We will look at how Ramesh Babu become the billionaire barber who owns multiple fleets of luxurious cars.

Ramesh Babu is the story of rag to riches, determination, passion, relentless pursuit of changing his life, high level of self-confidence all added together in making him a billionaire barber. Again, being a barber is not a job that can be associated with millionaires and billionaires. Still, Ramesh Babu is the man that had broken those who espoused the belief which related to the barber jobs. His story begins in Bangalore.

Ramesh Babu’s father, P. Gopal, a barber in Bangalore, passed away when he was seven. His father does not leave any savings for his wife with his three kids, including Ramesh Babu, who had become penury. The only thing that is left under his father name apart from 3 kids is his barbershop. Life had been devastating for Ramesh Babu’s mother as destitute, and she needs to work as a servant to survive her own and their children. ┬áRamesh Babu mother salary was Rs 40 to Rs 50 per month, which is equivalent to MYR2.27, and this is money that she will use to bought clothes, food, and other essential things for her kids.

Since the father’s demise, her mother cannot run the barbershop and rent the shop for Rs 5 per day, equivalent to MYR0.28 cents. With his mother, Ramesh Babu also supports his family by doing odd jobs such as part-time newspaper delivery boy, milk home delivery, and others to helps his mother and to be additional support for her and continues his studies while assisting his sibling on their studies too.

From the demise of their father, on becoming penury, struggling even for daily essential things with their small amount of income, doing the odd job and continues studies how does Ramesh Babu turn his fortune from poverty to the billionaire? Ramesh Babu decides to discontinue his studies and run his father’s barbershop, which he named Inner Space, and it soon became a trendy styling outlet. After surviving all the hardship during his adolescent time, he decided to change his fortune and take the necessary action on achieving his dream.

To enable him to travel from one destination faster, he had used his saving from the salon and a small financial help from his uncle, and he had bought Maruti Van. Little did he know at that time that this Maruti Van that will changes his fortune big time. The Maruti Van that he purchased had been idle since he had been in the barbershop; hence, he decided to put the car on rent. He received his first contact from Intel through a family his mother worked with during his childhood day. From the first contact through Intel, he had steadily accumulated many customer bases, which makes him realize the potential of the automobile rental services.

He quickly seizes the opportunity as his customer base increases as his collection of car fleets for rental. Slowly he is earning a sufficient income from this business. And in mid-2000, he had received a proposal from Mercedez India to buy their car model. He raised some adequate money from his savings, and the other amount was raised through a bank loan from Karnataka State Finance Corporation, the only one in Bangalore who financed the car. The amount to buy the vehicle parallels his ambition to realize his dream by taking a big risk. Failure will see him back to the penury state, but as luck favours those who work hard and take risks, his car rental had picked up, and he made a name for himself. He also had opened the Ramesh Babu Travel and Tours company, which exclusively for the luxury rental car. With the significant income increase, he added a more luxurious vehicle felt, including the Rolls Royce.

Does Ramesh Babu had relinquished the barbershop? The answer is no, as he had taken a significant step in improving his hairstyling skills by travelling to Singapore and harnessing his talent with Toni & Guy. He still does not leave his barbershop as he believes that is his root, and at some time, his Maruti Van, which had gained him the car rental service which makes the billionaire is still in his custody, but he does not rent it out anymore.

Even though he owns nearly a hundred luxurious car fleets and a travel agent under his name, he still works in his barbershop in Bangalore and does not take any off day unless for a family day or trip. His travel agent now operates in Chennai and Delhi, with plans to extend his business in Hyderabad and Vijaywada.

Ramesh Babu is the story of how humans who suffered enormously during their early days can change their fortune and lucks which sheer hard work, determination, passion, and ability to seize an opportunity. His car rental business had made him a billionaire; however, he still does not forget his roots and humble as life had taught him many valuable lessons during his hardship days. It is stories that shocked the world when they read about him and had created inspiration and amazement on what a human can achieve when they put a good amount of hard work and determination in whatever they do. As an adage, “whatever your mind conceives and belief, it can achieve “, and the word is true in the Ramesh Babu life story.

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