Racism and stereotyping are regrettably are interconnected. At the same time, excessive racism can also create consciously or subconsciously stereotyping. The definition of racism is a false belief that a group of individuals possess different behavioural traits based on physical and skin colour and can also be based on the superiority of one race to another race. Historically, these racist beliefs had elicited by some leaders to commit massive massacres of the particular race or provoked racism violence too. The history of the world had been the stories of successful people fused with some horrible gory massacre. Even now, they are stories of massive race-based violence in certain places, especially in the village, who still believe that one race is superior to another, hence giving them every right to suppress others for their benefit.

Unfortunately, they are the same racism and stereotyping though somehow conscious or subconscious will be crept into our minds while driving. Some situations or people can elicit our racism and stereotyping even though we are not born racist or encourage racism deep down. They are several racists, though, that can penetrate our minds while driving or when we reach certain places.

One of them is called aversive racism, where we will have particular dislikes for certain people based on their physicality and appearance. We had heard numerous times in social media comments and while driving, where some drivers would love to curse and come up with some pejorative word on women drivers. Women drivers will be evaluated as inferior while driving, which they are considered sluggish and irresponsible. Likewise, the same negative thoughts will also be that the person who owns a luxury car will be arrogant and have the necessary leeway to break the laws.

While aversive racism was on the dislikes of some particular gender and individual, they are also the implicit stereotype where the person thought it based on the experience. This stereotyping is the subconscious thought that will penetrate our minds in a given situation. While driving, if a specific person had a bad experience with some particular race or gender, they could have some thought on other particular race individual or gender. Although this is a personal experience, especially the bad one, to be subjugated by these thoughts and stereotyping everyone will be hazardous as not all people are the same.

They are also another type of racism called cultural racism where certain people or place can provoke some prejudices.  We saw that when a certain race of people dominates a particular area, there will be some thought for that person. Most of the views will be negative and, in some cases, can also be derogatory too. These prejudices, though, can happen in the social media comment and also when we are driving.  Although the area may have given the drivers some bad experience, subjugating to the thought and making an assumption based on the occasion will elicit cultural racism.

They are also another type of racism that is called symbolic racism. These types of racism will usually be in driver’s vehicle stickers that can be defamatory or some sign of superiority to other races.  The racist thought coming from his mind will be in the form of a symbol or stickers in their car or car’s appearance. Again, a different kind of racism that is very firmly rooted in the person’s mind will create these thoughts.

Likewise, when all the types of racism had assimilated in one mind, it elicits an extreme thought of racism and stereotyping, translated to road bullies. Although road bullies can come in various situations and reasons, the road bullies that have a mind of all the racism combined can be malicious in their actions. In the viral video from social media or in WhatsApp messaging, we had seen that road bullies can utter some racial-based defamatory comments.  Some who disgust racism will be furious, but some will support the person as they also think of racism.

Although racism thoughts had waned to a certain extent, some minor racism will creep in some of us via our actions and words. Black footballers like Thierry Henry, Romelo Lukaku, Marcus Rashford, and others have also encountered racist chants. Some of the footballers had threatened to walkway from the field if they had encountered the racist chant. Presently, the footballer united to stand against racism by “taking the knee” before any match. This gesture of kneeling is a unity stand from everyone associated with the football against racism.

The racism and stereotyping have elicited some of the cruel and gruesome massacres ever recorded in history, like the Jews Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, In Din Massacre, Sinjar Massacre, Massacre in Bengal Riots etc. Racism, though, is the cause for some to commit these kinds of horrible situations. Some who were were fortunate enough to escape the massacre had become a source of inspiration for others on living life live with courage and overcoming any odd the life.

What is more repulsive is that the leaders of the early 19th century have encouraged scientific studies on certain people based on race and skin colours to justify the racism towards the specific people. Luckily, these had been stopped by the United Nations when there was an extreme amount of violence based on racism during World War 1 and World War 2. If they had continued the studies, these scientific studies would have been a reason to justify their oppressive action against certain races.

The racism thought will somehow creep consciously or subconsciously in our minds based on particular situations and specific experiences; however, these though must not be stretched further in our minds. Suppose the view had been rooted firmly in our mind. In that case, we can have a false evaluation of certain races, their physical appearance, and skin colour, which would be detrimental to the unity of humankind.

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