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They are various public transport available in our country. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit(LRT), KTM Komuter, buses and monorail and the motive for creating these mentioned public transport is to reduce the traffic congestion that comes in and goes out across Klang Valley. Nevertheless, the traffic congestion in our country is getting worse despite all this public transport. Generally, those who do not have a car prefer public transportation, while those who own a car prefer their vehicles for travelling purposes. Now with these scenarios, this had put a question on one of the interesting topics, either using own transport or public transport for those who own a car.

One public transport that covers a wide range of neighbourhood zones is the LRT, especially the Putra LRT. The Putra LRT start from the Gombak terminal and ends in the expanded Putra Height terminal. It had 37 terminals, 5 of which were underground tunnel stations. They are also a transit station in Masjid Jamek, Dang Wangi, and KL Central. This transit is generally connected to Star LRT or Monorail station. Those who own a car drive to the nearest LRT station, park the car in the parking lot near the LRT station and take the LRT to their destination.

The whole process looks straightforward. Yet, they are some significant flaws in this process. For instance, if a person is staying in Selayang Baru or Batu Caves and working near Kerinchi Bangsar, his work starts at 700am. They must reach the nearest LRT station in Gombak or Taman Melati before 600am and take the first train to the Kerinchi terminal. They will reach the Kerinchi terminal at around 640am, which looks like an impeccable scenario where they did not get stuck in the traffic jam and reached the working place earlier. However, if the individual had decided to travel his transport, he would need to leave his home before 630am to reach Kerinchi Bangsar, which is more straightforward than driving to the LRT station.

This scenario is the one that can trigger some to use their transport even though the public transport terminal is nearby. They can conclude that public transport will make the journey longer. The public transport is terminal many are not in a flexible or comfortable position. In contrast, some individuals use public transport if travelling with it improves the travel and avoids traffic jams. Those not in the location where the public transport is not feasible will prefer to travel with their own transport and willing to crawl together with the traffic jam. The location of the public transport had created this type of situation.

The increase in public fares and the unreliable nature of public transport can also be contributing factors. The frequent public transport broke down due to some technical failure that had been prevalent on social media for the past few weeks. These scenarios can erode the trust in public transport as any mishap on the public transport can damage their travel altogether. These scenarios can lead the masses to conclude that using their vehicle is a better option as they have the freedom of choosing their own trip.

They also a proposal from the government to impose congestion charges for the private vehicle entering the Klang Valley during peak hours. These charges will not hinder the public from using personal vehicles if they lack confidence in public transport and travelling with public transport is not feasible. In the long run, the public will prefer to pay the congestion charges if they feel that travelling in a personal vehicle is far better than using public transport.

Ultimately, those using personal vehicles will not hesitate to use public transport if the terminal is feasible and the public transport frequency is high and efficient during peak hours. Some people prefer to use public transport rather than travel with their vehicle. This scenario happens as they find the terminal’s location is feasible; therefore, they will see that using public transport is a far better option than using a personal vehicle. The congested rail during peak hours proves that some public prefers to use public transport than their private vehicle.

The public transport or personal vehicle debate will happen as each individual will have their preference based on the feasibility of the terminal location, travelling journey, reliability of the public transport and freedom of travel. This can be a deciding factor in the public choice between public or personal transportation.

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