In every language in the world, they are one thing in common. Some are designed to say information in the short, maybe sarcasm, and very detailed on the information that they want to pass on, and that is called proverbs. The language that spoken by every part of the world may have a difference in term of writing style, pronunciation, dialects, and many other but the proverbs are something that will be existent in every language. Previously I had written about the perception of the individual based on the car he had owned, today we will see on some of the proverbs around the world that can be related to the automobiles.

Fall seven times, stand up eight. | Japanese Proverb

Soichiro Honda

Falling seven times and standing eight is one of the perfect examples of never giving up. Some car lovers will have a dream car that they will try to make a reality by working towards those goals. They may encounter many hurdles during this time but finally, when they had laid their hand on their dream car, they will have a sense of joy that will not be forgotten for a long time. Similarly, Honda Motor Company founder Koshiro Honda had many hurdles where one of them is been rejected by Toyota but with an iron will he had made Honda one of the popular automobile companies in the world.

Where love reigns, the impossible may be attained. | Indian Proverb

Bertha Benz

When comes to loves and automobiles nothing can be compared with Bertha Benz. The wife of Karl Benz is the supporting pillar for him when he went to the lowest ebb. First Bertha Benz helped him financially when his husband had broken because of his iron construction business failure. With this financial aid, Karl Benz able to achieve his dream of making true automobiles however Karl is good in engineering but not in marketing. Bertha taking this on his own hands makes a journey to promote Karl’s invention and making some tweaks along the way. Once Bertha had completed the route, Karl Benz automobiles business had gained the popularity that both of them wanted and it had created the foundation for the Mercedes Benz one of the best luxury car in the world. Without Bertha’s financial aid and the trip, Mercedez Benz will not be founded. Bertha’s journey had been memorialized in the Bertha Benz Memorial Route and they are many movies that had been produced on this memorial trip.

Change yourself and fortune will change. | Portuguese Proverb

American Motor Company Logo

For all the successful car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, Ford, BMW, Mercedez Benz, Cadillac, and more they some car manufacturers who also had been defunct. Car manufacturer like AMC America Motor Company, Imperial, De Lorean, and others had been a successful car manufacturer once. AMC motor had created a fuel-efficient car, and Imperial had made the luxury car together with Cadillac. Unfortunately, both unable to keep up with the competition and unable to adopt according to time making them defunct. It shows the inability to change ourselves according to the situation can cause us a big-time whether in our career or our personal life.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. | English Proverb

Rolls Royce Phantom

For a car owner and user, his first car and the subsequent car is the most beautiful thing for him. Not many likes Roll Royce’s modern and traditional design but for those owns it is a great pride for them. For those who have a luxurious car as their first car, it may not look beautiful for others but for the owners, it is a beauty for them. For the car owners, who dislike the original design and modified it according to his taste will find it beautiful even though it may not for others.

Don’t sail out farther than you can row back. | Danish Proverb

Pushing our self can be a good way to know our strength but if start pushes ourselves to beyond our limit sometimes thing can go disastrous. We can be mentally and physically fatigue if we pushed beyond our limits. Similarly, the same thing also can be possible when the car manufacture testing their new tire they will push their new tire beyond the limit to ensure they know the tire capabilities and promoting it accordingly. This is not only for the tire but also for other items too. The car owners sometimes love to modify but the modification must be within the limit of the car and by modifying it beyond the car strength it can give a fatal implication to the car.

A beautiful thing is never perfect. | Egyptian Proverb

The car manufacture will try to make their next model better than the previous car model based on this proverb. A beautiful thing is never perfect. BMW 7 Series will be an example where each new model will be more beautiful than the previous which includes the interior. The luxury car always comes up with a better interior than the previous whether in terms of technologies or material used. Mercedez Benz in another car where the new model will better than the previous one.

When we see the proverb, which presents a beautiful and simple message in the simple combination of words it is fascinating how car manufacture and car lovers can be related to these proverbs. The car manufacturer is essential to never give up when they need to create new technologies and safer way for us to use their car making the present model is far better than the older one. When we compare the older model and the new model, we can see how the current generation had massively improved in terms of technologies and safety. For the car owners to they may have struggled to get their dream cars and also for some car owners their car is the most beautiful thing for them even though for others it may not. The proverbs a simple combination word can make inspiration for the car owners and car manufacturers to achieve their dream and improvement on the car.

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