In the service booklet of each car brand, they will be a clause or statement which says that “any modification of the car will make the warranty void”. Each car manufacturer had their own year of manufacturer warranties that can range from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 10 years although in our country most of the manufacturer warranties will be maximum for 5 years or 7 years only. In our country, they are many car accessories that selling aftermarket products, interior and exterior parts, additional storage and many more. Like the car modification, they are some pros and cons of fixing this car accessory.

The first reason on why the car lovers love to modify it is due to dissatisfaction with the original specification or original equipment of the car. Some car may not have some specification or some equipment that will bring any satisfaction for the car lovers like the auto fold mirror, boot cover, headlamp, head unit, and many more. Due to this reason, the car lovers will never hesitate to spend some big amount to modify the car equipment to make them feel satisfied with the car after changing the equipment.

The auto fold can be purchased from the accessories for the car that does not have the auto fold

Another reason on why the car lovers like to add some accessories for their car is also for safety. When they had purchased the new car ,maybe the car lovers does not feel the car is stable enough hence they will fit the car with the stabilizer bar in order to make the car more stable and in other instances, the car manufacturer may not fix the DVR that had gained some popularity due to his function hence the car lovers will like to put this into their car. The DVR also can act like a proof for the car lovers when they had encountered with an accident and encounter some road bullies hence this is one of the reasons on why the car lovers love to install the DVR as a part of accessories changes.

Ultra Racing stabilizer that is one of the popular choices for the car lovers

When comes to the accessories they are many things that will make the car interior looks better like the roof cover, headlamp, additional storage for coins or card, car mat, steering cover and many more. To make their car interior looks better, the car lovers will love to put this accessory in their car interior to make it looks better. Although for this part of the accessories changes, it must change accordingly to make it looks better and not damaging the original looks of the car.

One of the interior accessories

Another reason for them to purchase the car accessories is too add some refreshment in the car. Although the car refreshment is sold in many places like the supermarkets, small grocery shop, and petrol kiosk but only in the car accessories where the car lovers can find many types of car refreshment hence the car lovers can choose their best-preferred car refreshment as the car accessories will provide more option for them in term of the car refreshments.

They are many pros on the buying car accessories but they are several cons too. The most important thing is some car accessories changes may void the manufacturer warranty. As per the clause, any modification will void the car warranty in the service booklet, the changes that had been made on the car accessories can make the warranty void like for example change of head units, stabilizer bar, changing the headlamps and many other accessories that deemed to void the warranties.

The changes that were made to the car must be planned accordingly and if it was not planned properly then the original beauty of the car can be damaged. As per mentioned before, the car accessories selling many of the car interior accessories and any miscalculation while changing the interior can damage the car original beauty and interior too and this will not make the car look better but make it least better than the original.

May damaged the car in the long run. Purchasing an accessory that is not compatible with the original car requirement may affect the car in the long run. For example, changing to the better-advanced head unit may look great in the beginning but in the long run, it can dismiss the battery power of the car, as usual, the advanced head unit will use more battery power than the OEM head unit. In some case, changes to the car OEM can result in any specific malfunction of the car.

The car accessories had been a popular destination for the car lovers who want to purchase a good accessories for their car and although not all the accessories changed can bring some malfunction to the car but when the car lovers changing some OEM parts of the original car it may cause any malfunction and most importantly void in the manufacturer warranties of the car.

Hence the changes in the car accessories must be planned or proceed accordingly by the car lovers as any miscalculation while changing can cause a prolonged effect on the car. Original equipment although it may bring some dissatisfaction for the car lovers it was created to be compatible with the car. When the user changes some accessories and have some bad effect on their car it will cause the manufacturer warranty to be void and the car loves will lose some benefits that come with the warranty. The car accessories changes can provide a better quality and better look for the car but unfortunately, not all the car accessories can be compatible with the OEM equipment. Before the user can change the car original equipment to the car accessories, the user must ensure the changes he made does not void the warranty or damaging the car in the long run.




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