Purchasing a new car is a sense of an enjoyment for the car lovers as it can represent many things for the car lovers. Buying a new car especially a dream car like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, Rolls Royce and other car brand is a sense of an accomplishment or an inspiration for going further for the car lovers. They are some of whom also had a sense of enjoyment when they had purchased a car as it can be their first car as it shows that they had increased their financial ability. For each new car purchases, they are manufacturer warranties which can either be 3 years or 5 years. Speaking on the warranties, BMW Malaysia had introduced the tire warranties for 2 years on their car as the car is fitted with the RFT tire which is more expensive to change than the normal tire. In China, Volkswagen had introduced the 10 years warranties due to DSG faulty issue. The car manufacturer can choose either to provide 3, 5 or 10 years warranties depending on the car model or country and when comes to the warranties they are some pros and cons on this parts.

The DSG issues in Volkswagen car model makes them to give a 10 years warranties in China markets.

The pros of the car warranties are the car lovers knew that any manufacture defunct on their car will never hit the bank or their wallet as it will be free of maintenance due to this hence the car lovers knew that any faults will be taken care by the car manufacturer service center. It also can give the car lovers a peace of mind as the maintenance does not cost a bomb.

Warranties also can give the car lovers a chance to highlight some minor issue with the car manufacturer. The car lovers knew that the car is still under warranty will never hesitate to highlight some minor issue like power window, seat sound, dashboard sound, and many other as it makes the car lovers dissatisfied with the car model when they did not get the expected level of the comfort from the car. This will also give some good impression of the service center as they had rectified their issue by using the warranties without any hassle. Each service center can provide a different explanation on the car warranties.

Warranties also can give a great first impression for the service center. Once the car is under warranties, the car lovers need to send their car to the nearest or their preferred service center. The car lover can be impressed with the level of accommodation and the professional way on the car service center handled their request which makes the car lovers send the car to the service center even after the warranties had expired. Most of the car lovers love to send their car to outside mechanic after warranties period had expired and some likes to send to the service center even though the warranties had expired.

However, the car warranties also had some cons. When comes to warranties they are a grey line of which part of the warranties will be covered and which is not as things that are associated with wear and tear usually is not covered however the car lovers will expect this thing covered by warranties hence they will some be misunderstanding with the service center and the car lovers. As previously mentioned, each service center will have a different explanation or different interpretation on warranties and this will be the same thing with the car lovers too hence they will be some misunderstanding for the car lovers and the service centers which can make things be complicated or messed up.

The warranties will be used by the service center however the issue starts from here. Whenever the car lovers had encountered an issue with the car, they will inform the service center on it but however, the service center may inform the user that they are no availability hence making it hard for the car lovers to claim warranties. If somehow the car lovers had managed to get a chance to claim the warranties, the timeframe can be quite long, and the car needs to be in the service center and the car lovers do not have the car to his daily usage.  This can create a bad impression on the car lovers and the car brand especially if the service center does not provide the courtesy car for them.

Sometimes, the thing is not up to the expected level in the car hence the user will be tempted to make some modification to their car which claimed as plug and play. However, they are a clause in the car warranties that mention any modification will void the car warranties, hence the car lovers are risking on the making the warranty void hence due to this the car lovers needs to accept the below than average and not to the expected level aspect of the car.

The car warranties also can give another issue for the car lovers as they will be under what is called in the business term as vendor lock-in. During the warranty period, the car lovers need to send to the service center and prohibited from sending the car to the outside car mechanics and the car lovers are unable to make any modification for the car even if he wanted too. Once a modification had been made, the warranties will be void and the car lovers will need to pay to repair the car parts.

The car warranties even though it does provide an assurance for the car lovers, but it is also can provide a complication. The car lovers do need to work or sending the car to the car manufacturer service center during this time, waiting for a long time to get the car repaired under warranties and unable to make any modification to the car. In the simple term, the car warranties can provide an assurance and at some time providing a vendor lock-in moments for the car lovers.


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