When the Volkswagen Passat B8 introduced last year, it is quite different from the B7 Passat. In the previous, they are one variant but, in the Passat, B8, Volkswagen Malaysia had decided to introduce 3 new variants the low variant is the 1.8 Trendline, next is 1.8 Comfortline and the highest variant is the 2.0 Highline. The 3 types of variants for just one model, similarly the new Honda CR-V when it was launched they are 4 variant, Mazda CX-5 has 2 petrol powered variant GL and GLS while another 2 diesel powered variants. In this instance, the car variant simply means the car manufacturers are selling different trim or different specification for one type car model. What is the car variant pros and cons?

The 2.0 Passat Highline the highest variants

The first since the 3 or more trim level or specification for one model, it can maximize the revenue of the car model for the car manufacturer. Usually, the car manufacturer can introduce a minimum of 2 type of variation or a more than 2 variant for their car model. The car manufacturer also can introduce a higher variant which is just a different type of the drive train where for example Toyota with the latest Camry model. They had introduced 3 different trim level where the highest called as Camry 2.5 which is a hybrid powertrain model. With more trim level and specification, the car manufacturer will gain more revenue for just one model.

The trim level also can make the user have their preferred car according to their expenditure ability. For example, for the BMW 3 Series, they are 2 types of variants where one is the entry level called as BMW318i and another is the BMW 330 e where it is a hybrid powertrain model. For the user who had a good expenditure ability, they will choose the BMW330e while the car lovers whom have the least expenditure but desired to own a BMW they can choose the BMW 318i. In some variant introduced by the car manufacturer like for Honda CR-V the highest is 1.5 turbo powered engine where the car lovers may tempt to choose this car variant as it provides a cheaper road tax where when coming to Toyota, the car lovers may choose the low variant as the road tax for 2.5cc is on the higher side. This will provide the car lovers an option to choose based on the expenditure ability.

The Camry Hybrid the highest variant in the Toyota Camry

The car lovers may be tempted to choose the highest variation not for the specification but for the safety features that had fixed in the car variant. For example, in the Honda CR-V 1.5 TC Premium 2WD a turbo powered i-Vtec engine which is the highest variant offering Honda Sensing which is an advanced safety features form the Honda and similarly for the Camry Hybrid model which is the highest variant in the Toyota also provide some advanced safety features like the Blind Spot Monitoring System, Rear Traffic Cross Alert, and many other safety features. Some of the advanced safety features in the car industries only can be found in the highest variant car model hence this is one of the reasons where the car lovers will be tempted to choose the highest variant of the specific model.

However, they are some cons too on selling a car based on the variant. The lowest variant of the car will usually be on the lower side where it may not have the best specification where for example in the Honda HR-V S model which is the lowest variant they are no touchscreen infotainment which means they are no reverse camera. What makes thing more shocking is some of the basic safety features too is limited like in some car manufacturer will only installed 2 airbags in the lowest variant wherein the highest variant they will installed more airbags which is not suitable in the current generation. The modern-day car is deemed safer than the car in the past with several innovations by the car manufacturer hence the car lovers should have all the basic safety features regardless of the variant may be the advanced safety features can be acceptable for the high variant but the basic safety features should be included in the all the variant. The latest Nissan Teana model, when launched, was received rave review as Tan Chong Motors had decided to install all the safety features regardless of the car variant. Similarly, Honda Motors had decided to stop the sales of the Honda Accord lowest variant and decided to sell only 2 variants where one had the basic safety features and the highest variant had the advanced safety features. Hope most of the car manufacturer will have the basic safety features regardless of the variant.

Some of the lowest variants may sell at the lowest price and had some terrible specification and some not so good performance. The lowest variant is priced in the lower end and the specification may not be the best at the time but some of the basic modern-day function also will be limited for example in the Volkswagen Passat Trendline 1.8 they are not a keyless entry but there is a keyless start. The keyless entry should be a basic as it is the modern way to enter the car and to make these an availability in the medium and high variant is something that can’t be acceptable. In the past this may be accepted as not most of us will use the keyless entry as it can deem as a thing of luxury but now it had become the modern-day standard of entering the car hence it should be in all variant. Although the shortcoming of the specification can be accepted as the car manufacturer will sell the car based on the principle you pay what you get, the abandonment of some car function and specification is not acceptable in the modern day.

Selling the car based on the variation will continue in the future as some of the cars manufactures may introduce more variant that the current variant in their future model but regardless of the variant we hope the car manufacturer will have the basic specification and the safety in all the model regardless of the variant.

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