According to the Cambridge English dictionary, stereotype means a set idea that people have about what someone or something is like, especially an idea that is wrong. In the current world, the stereotype can create prejudices to certain people like short people and women can’t be trusted, black people are not intelligent and the famous of all is all Muslim is linked to terrorism. When comes to stereotype, the perception of the individual who is judging whether is good or bad can go wrong. For example, not all Muslim are linked with terrorism as they good Muslim who opposed the terrorism and the misusing of the religion, black people certainly not to be undermined as they are many black people who had gained some tremendous success in their life and a person can be trusted and not trusted based on their attitude and not based on the skin colour , height or race.

This stereotype comes in life and they are another stereotype which comes in the form the car brand and car models. Like the stereotype judgment before, the car model stereotyping also had some interesting insight into it. Where the stereotype of a person can be accepted or be accepted, the stereotyping of the car model and its brand is a different thing altogether.

If a person using Proton and Perodua, he is deemed to using less quality and does not have a high expenditure ability. The car lovers who using Proton and Perodua can be seen like this but in the truth, even those who had the high expenditure ability can be seen using Proton and Perodua. First, Proton and Perodua is the cheapest car and although the quality and the performance are not best in class for daily usage the car is adequate. Secondly, many of the car lovers first car can be a Proton or Perodua before he moved to the Japanese or continental car, hence he can use this car as a stepping stone for his next car model.

Another stereotyping that creates a wrong perception is when a person owns a Japanese car like Honda, Toyota, Nissan or Mazda he is deemed to make the right choice and cleverly managing his money. The car lovers who can afford a Japanese car can be seen making the right choice as the Japanese do offer some great specification that can rival the continental cars. However again the perception for this can be wrong and right too as the Japanese car does provide a great specification in not so bank breaking amount, however, when comes to managing the money it can’t be true. Some car lovers love to have the Japanese and the continental car.

When comes to the continental car the perception can be different. In our country, the continental car is the famous German big 4 Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and the cheapest among them is Volkswagen. Another set of continentals is Volvo and Ford. When some car lovers buy the Volkswagen they are some perception as to say Volkswagen is prone to DSG breakdown and for Volvo the famous resale value will come to the picture , BMW will be deemed as some interior repackaged, Mercedes Benz and Audi will be deemed as overpriced while Ford will be seen as unpopular and wrong choices. Certainly, they are many perceptions for this type of model, however, when comes to choose the continental car brand, the car lovers certainly had some choices and they will choose based on the preferred model. In the end, the owner perception of the car will debunk the perception of the others on the car model.

When comes to the luxury car model like BMW 5 series, Mercedes Benz E Class, Jaguar and many other, the one car that will not come in the picture is the Audi A5. Audi car may have the best reputation in Europe but in our country, Audi is not the first choice among the car lovers. Hence when some car lovers own an Audi A5, it is like the car lovers making the wrong choices. The owners of this car will create a bad perception among others that they are basically showing off their car and they is no need to break the bank to buy this car model. However, when a person can own this car, it shows that he has a great financial ability hence this person should be an inspiration and not be deemed as showing off. The car model owner will be excited and happy to finally buy a luxury car.

For the car lovers that own the ultra-luxury car like Rolls Royce and Bentley, they can be deemed as arrogant and proud. The owner of the luxury car is the one who has an excellent financial capability that he or she can afford this car hence it also shows that he had finally made it in its life. However, to stereotype most of the car owners as arrogant is again a bad perception that is not true. Again, the perception whether is negative, positive or based on the person experience may be true but for the majority, it can’t be true and most of the owner whom using these car model demands some privacy and they are working on the go based on the design of the car back seats.

From the stereotype and perception of each car brand above, the perception will persist for each of us. The perception usually will be based on our experience when we had to encounter the car owners of each car brand however again like the Cambridge dictionary, the perception for these car brand may not be true or may not be wrong. The simple truth, we will continue to stereotype anyone based on the height, religion, skin colour, race and finally on the car brand they are using which can’t be true for everyone and can’t to be wrong for everyone.

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