In Malaysia, they are many car review websites that have their own YouTube channel to review the car ranging from the latest model to the old model like,, Roda Pusing, and much more. Each of them has their own way of making a review on the car model in our country whether a drive through, walk around video and a comparison of each car model. However, they are one automobile website that had made his name in our country and it becomes the most popular car website in our country. According to the website worth checker site, this site value is worth 63million USD and on Alexa global ranking it ranked on 3,958, the highest for the Malaysian automobile website. The site mentioned is The name Paul Tan is automatically will be associated with the car website from the car lovers in our country.

Started by Paul Tan and Harvinder Singh, it had become the most popular automobile website in Malaysia and it had become the inspiration for the other car websites that mentioned in the beginning of the article. Paul Tan is the first automobile website in Malaysia that become enormously popular with the car lovers in our country. What had started as a normal blog in WordPress, it now becomes the popular automobile website in our country. Most of us know how they had started this website but why it becomes an instant hit among the car lovers in our country?

Harvinder Singh

Paul Tan website had an edge if compared to the other car website in our country as due to vast contact around the world, they will become the first website to publish any news with regards to the automobile industry whether is the car technologies, car model, launching of the new car model, walk around video, spy video on the latest model, rules and regulation of the automobile industries and many more. This is one of the reasons why the website had so many visitors as the car lovers can have the latest news with regards to the automobiles industries. They also provide this news in 3 languages Malay, English, and Chinese.

With the addition of the news, they also have a YouTube channel where they will make a car review like walk around video, and the comparison between each model. The comparison of each car model is uploaded in their car review episode called as Driven. When any Driven episode was uploaded it becomes an instant as this video had all great review, and with some humor in the video. They also have another type of car review where it will be called as Walk Around where in this video, the host will review the car interior, exterior, and some of the best feature in a short length video. They also willing to present this Walk Around from the overseas and this is one of the reasons on why their YouTube channel is also popular among the car lovers.

Another great thing about Paul Tan website that makes it the popular automobile website in our country is they had another website called as In this website, the car lovers can make a comparison from Paul Tan car model database on the performance, price, interior specification, exterior specification, the transmission used, the car assembled place, the chassis and the price of the road tax and the insurance for each of the car model. From this website, the car lovers can also find the car dealer that has the best price for them via another of their website

In the Paul Tan website, the content of the website will not be comprised for any reason whatsoever as they valued the reader and comment from the readers respectively. This is one of the reasons on why they will never delete any bad comment from the readers whether on their website and on their YouTube channel. This gave them another edge due to this stand for their readers. This principle had been followed by the other car website too in our country.

Due to this reason and principles, Paul Tan had shown a tremendous increase in their revenue and in the staff employed. In 2008, where they had started this website under Driven Management Sdn Bhd they had only 5 staff but currently, they have 35 staff and more and their revenue in 2012 is RM6 million and they will further increase the revenue in the future too.

A website that had been started from just a hobby to the most popular automobile website in our country is due to sheer hard work and the dedication from their crew. With their first content, entertainment and informative car review, launching another website just for the car lover’s benefits, and principles in providing the car lovers the great information and in the depth review as possible saws their rise to an enormous height in the Malaysian automobile industries.

Their name of Paul Tan had become the 6th most popular website in Malaysia and the top 100 websites among the Malaysian internet users. Another further proof of their sheer popularity is from the Alexa Rank and the from the website worth checker too. Honestly to say, Paul Tan had become an inspiration for the launch of car website like mentioned in the beginning of these articles.

Paul Tan will be expected to rise to another great height in the future too and maybe will saw an increase in the staff employed and in the revenue too. Until they will be another website whom can knock them out from the sheer popularity in our country, they are the most popular car automobile website in our county.

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