Volkswagen Group famous sedan Passat had gained some popularity and some negative review in our country. The negative part of the car is the Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) gearbox issue where some car lovers have this problem even when the car had not reached 10,000km. On the positive side among all the German cars in our country, Passat is still the cheapest as the price does not exceed RM200K like the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, and Mercedez Benz C class sedan. Only Audi A3 1.4 is in the price range of the Passat. The current Passat called as B7 had been launched in 2012 and it had been 4 years since a new Passat model were launched.

The Passat B7 had been launched in 2011 starting with CBU and the CKD was launched in 2012.

But thing will change in the coming month as the car website in our country and had given some info about the new Passat called as B8. Paultan website had informed that they will be 3 variants for the B8 with 1.8 and 2.0 and mated to a 6 speed DSG gearbox. Please proceed to this link for more info on the new Passat . From the look of it, the B8 is longer than the B7 as this is the largest car that had been built under Volkswagen Group MQB modular architecture. With a wheelbase of 2791mm compare to B7 2712mm, boot space of 586 liters compare to B7 565, and an increase of cargo capacity to 650 compare to B7 603.

The Passat B8 had been awarded as the 2015 European Car of the Year and although this model is considered to be late in the Malaysian market as our neighbors Singapore already selling this car with 4 variants TSI Comfortline , TSI Highline(both is 1.8), TSI Exclusive and TSI R-Line (both is 2.0). In Malaysia, according to Paultan, they will be 3 variant called as TSI Trendline , TSI Comfortline and range-topping 2.0 TSI Highline. Now the car lovers have more choice compare to the B7 where the is only 1 choices. Since the B8 may be launched on this month or next month what is the expectation for this car?

The Passat B8 had been awarded as European Car of the Year in 2015

The B8 will be expected to be better than the B7 as it also has the BlueMotion Technologies by the Volkswagen Group where it incorporated several features such improved gear ratio, lower rolling resistance tire, recuperation of the braking energies and improved aerodynamic to ensure the car is more economical and reduced harmful emissions. This improvement also includes a better DSG gearbox to avoid any problem with the gearbox that had been encountered in the previous model.


Although the current B8 had an impressive specification compare to the previous B7 , it will be no use if the after sales of the car are not up to the expected level. The Volkswagen car had its fair share of a negative review from the car lover with regards to the service center and the individual who working in it. Although Volkswagen had more service center now compare to the previous year , it will be a perfect combination if the after sales of the car can match the specification especially when it comes to the warrant issues.

With 3 variants to choose from compared to the previous B7, they may be a different pricing for the car. Where the previous B7 is priced at RM 178,000 without the road tax and insurance the price will not be expected to exceed RM200k. Since the Volkswagen had said in the Das Event 2015 that Passat will compete against the BWM 3 Series , let’s hope the price does not exceed RM200k for the range-topping variants. The Passat had gained some popularity in our countries with regards to the negativities surrounding the DSG and one of the reason is the pricing.

In the B7 , the specification is limited as they is not keyless entry, blind spot, navigation , reverse camera and many more but in the current B8 the specification is impressive as they are  Volkswagen keyless entry called as KESSY , navigation, a bigger touchscreen, reverse camera, rear alert, Lane Assist , Active Info Display and many more. Maybe some will be offered in the range-topping variant but still, this is impressive compared to the B7.

With the BlueMotion technologies, the performance of the B8 will be expected to be better than the previous model. The BlueMotion technologies will help the car to be better in the term of performance and the fuel efficiency. With the fuel price that is unstable (only in Malaysia), a car that has a great performance and good fuel efficiency will be suitable choices for the car lovers in our country.

Like the Audi where Volkswagen had completely revamped the interior, Volkswagen Group of Malaysia will hope that Passat B8 will be a best seller in D-segment market where the like Honda Accord, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Nissan Teana and Mazda 6 is in this segment. When the B8 had been launched, it will provide more choices for the user to get the best possible in the segment and Volkswagen will definitely want to be the best in this segment. With an impressive specification, this can be the case in the future.

The Passat is one of the most popular cars in our country and with the launch of the B8 , it will be expected to better than the previous B7. From the look of thing in the term of exterior, interior and some specification the B8 will be one of the best sellers for the Volkswagen Group of Malaysia. If they are no more problem with DSG, service center, pricing and warranty issue the B8 will be the choices for the car lovers in the D-Segment market.

The launch of the car although it is late to enter our Malaysian market, with the latest information with regards to the car variant, the Volkswagen Group of Malaysia will be expected to maintain their Passat popularity in our country.

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