The flagship sedan of Volkswagen car Volkswagen Passat had been hit with many dissatisfactions from the car lovers in our country. Starting with the DSG issue that had led to the protest at the Volkswagen Bangsar in 2012, to the Facebook page regards to the DSG issue, bad customer service, unresolved warranties issue and much more. The Passat B7 had been hit will a lot of the criticism but in November 2016 Volkswagen Group Malaysia had launched the Passat B8 and what an improvement it was from the B7. Volkswagen had upped the Passat to almost premium level to compete with the BMW 3 Series, Mercedez Benz C Class, their own Audi A4, the Japanese Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Teana and Mazda 6.

passat b8

The Passat is one of the popular cars in the Malaysia as it was the least expensive German car that can be afforded if compared to the BMW, Mercedez Benz, and Audi. With the new distributor in Malaysia Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) and to be called as Volkswagen Passenger Car Malaysia(VPCM) and with the opening of the new service center in Klang Valley includes in Selayang, Puchong and many more Volkswagen are determined to make a niche for themselves in Malaysia. Volkswagen had also launched the new Tiguan lately this month but the Passat is still the car that attracts the masses.

Now the Passat had 3 variant choices compare to the B7 where they are only one choice. Now they are the 1.8 Trendline, 1.8 Comfortline and also the star of the show the 2.0 Highline all with the TSI engines. The Trendline is like the B7 and it was cheapest with the prices RM160,937 but the Comfortline is a better upgrade as it has the keyless entry called as KESSY, reverse camera, auto parking, contactless operation boot but some horsepower with the Trendline. But the star of the show Highline is the highlight in this as it has the Active Info Display, Navigation, Wet Dual Clutch that is more suitable for our climate, Dynamic Chasis Control, Electronic Differential Lock and higher horsepower. The power generated from this car is far superior from the BMW 320i. This Passat also had been labeled as 380 in the back and basically, it is like a Golf GTI had been repackaged as Passat.

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Passat B8 interior. Image Credit from

In an instance, by reading the specification the Passat can generate loyal user, new user, and attract the Japanese car lover like Camry, Accord, Teana and Mazda 6 by having this much features with an attractive price. The almost premium interior with the wood trim compared to the pale and simple interior of the B7 is another major point in this Passat. Previously on the B7, it lacks certain features that can be considered as standard in a modern car like keyless entry, reverses camera, navigation, and much more but now the issue had been resolved with this Passat.

active info.jpg
Active Info Display.

The Passat B8 looks like a facelift from the B7 but inside the cabin and the engine, a major upgrade had been made. In the Passat B8 Highline, Volkswagen had decided to install the wet clutch that is far more suitable to our climate if compared to dry clutch as the previously most of the DSG issue arises from the dry clutches. Unfortunately, it not standard among variant as it only fixed in the Highline. Even the Active Info Display is not standard and only applicable in the Highline.

Although the Passat had been upgraded to almost premium level and it may attract the buyer from the loyal Japanese car but maybe it will be harder for them to attract buyer from the premium German car lovers like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedez Benz C-Class as it still the hottest premium German car in Malaysia and with the BMW famed iDrive system and also Mercedez Benz reputation, it is an harder task but not impossible for Volkswagen due to the attractive price offered by Volkswagen.

BMW iDrive

If compared to the previous B7 that lack some of the features like in B8 Comfortline and Highline, it is definitely a major upgrade and the Passat looks longer in wheelbase as it had been made based on  MQB platform and the Passat is the largest car that had been made on this platform. It also received a great from our cars websites like,, and independent reviewer like Keegan Durai. Another major point this Volkswagen Passat also received the European Best Car Award in 2015.

With the new service center, new distributor, and almost premium like Passat compared to the old ones, the Volkswagen car lovers will definitely have high hopes that previous issues like the bad aftersales, DSG, and warranty will be resolved or been minimized. The Passat is one of the hot selling cars in Malaysia due to price and the thrill to ride with the fast shifting DSG and another major point the Passat B7 had least features but it still one the best seller. The B8 is expected to better than the B7 as now it had been all the necessary features and specification to be the best seller in the D-Segment markets. The Camry Hybrid is still the hottest in the segment but the Passat B8 will be a tough competitor for them.

All to say Volkswagen now have a killer and an ultimate game changer for them with Passat B8 but at some time they also need to improve they’re after sales and avoid any unwanted issue with the DSG like had happened in the previous Passat but with the new distributor whom will have highlighted this issue and is expected to make all the necessary thing to resolve this issue. Like the title of the articles, the Passat B8 will be a game changer for the Volkswagen Group of Malaysia to make a niche for themselves and to be the King of the D-Segment sedan and also attract the loyal Japanese car lovers, new car lovers and loyal Volkswagen to them.

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