Most of the time we drive our car to the parking whether in the house, vacation, shopping mall, watching a movie, to settle our summons and much more. For some parking, we need to pay some parking fee especially in the ever-increasing parking price in the Kuala Lumpur town. Long gone the day when we can pay RM2.00 or RM1.00 per entry and now the minimum parking rate in  Kuala Lumpur is RM5.00 per entry. We also paid to park hourly if we parked in the shopping mall or monthly payment for parking if we parked in the office lot. Some company will make a deduction for the parking in the salary slip if they had provided the parking lot for the employee.

A typical parking fee in our country

When we are finding for the parking they are 2 types of parking that we can do one is the parallel parking and another one is the perpendicular parking. In some car like the Ford Focus S+, Volkswagen Passat, and Mercedes Benz they are some technology to assist that called as Auto Parking Assist where in the simple term they can park itself. Previously they are supporting only for the parallel parking but now they system had been upgraded where it can also help for the perpendicular parking too. Unfortunately, not every car has this technology hence the user needs to park the car using the reverse camera for the assist.

An example of Auto Parking Assist system

Speaking of the parallel parking and perpendicular parking, it much easier to make a perpendicular parking then making a parallel parking especially in the parking lot where they are some car that has the parallel parking. Perpendicular parking is much easier where the parallel parking is much harder and some of the very experienced drivers will have a hard time to make the parallel parking. Since the parallel parking is harder it is one of the main course to be taken to pass the driving license in our country after uphill and downhill course and the 3-point turn.

Where perpendicular parking it much harder to come out from the parking lot since the view is distracted and the driver does not a clear view of the incoming car but on the parallel parking even though it is harder to park it provides a clear view of the incoming car when the driver wants to come out from the parking lot. Fortunately we have a solution for this via the driver where  during the perpendicular parking time , some driver like to make reverse parking so that when he or she needs to come out it will be easier for them and in some car like the Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid it provides a technology called as Rear Cross Traffic Alert where it will alert the user for any incoming car while coming out or making the perpendicular parking. One is technology and another is the driver choices.

In many parking lots in our country especially in the shopping mall like the Low Yat Plaza, Sungei Wang, Sunway Pyramid and much more they are more perpendicular parking than the parallel parking although some shopping mall like Low Yat Plaza had these 2 types of parking they are more perpendicular parking. This makes us more familiar with the perpendicular parking then the parallel parking.

When parking in a housing area, the parallel parking will be a much better option than the perpendicular parking due to the design of the housing area. Many of the housing areas are built on a straight road hence making it easier for the parallel parking then perpendicular parking however during parking in the house the perpendicular parking will be the only option due to the house design.

However parallel parking creates a problem where it is something that is rare in the perpendicular parking as some of the illegal parking, parking that receives the most summons, blocking the car and much more happens in the parallel parking and not in the perpendicular parking hence if any car lovers had been in this situation it can irate them. They will be irater if the drives do not apologize to them when they had block parked their car. In the perpendicular parking, they are some of the situation where it has become a famous discussion in the social media where the user liked to park in between 2 slots of the parking making it near impossible for the driver to park their car. In some instance during the perpendicular parking, the driver had parked his or her car so tight that makes the other having difficulties to get in or coming out from the car. In simple term, they are some driver who unsympathetic and just think about himself in both of this parking.

The parking is one of the expenditures that the drivers need to bear when he parked his car and at some time, some of the drivers are well versed in the perpendicular parking and parallel parking where some are well versed in the perpendicular parking and not the parallel parking. Both of these types of parking were so common in our country that they are some pros and cons and some unbelievable behavior from the drivers when they had parked the car in either one of these types of parking.

IN the future with the Auto Parking Assist technologies, many of the drivers may leave the parking job to the car and let it park itself letting them free of the responsibilities of parking these cars. With the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system, it will much easier for the drivers to come out from the perpendicular parking. They are another parking in our country called as Angled Parking, however, this is not so common in our country and only the perpendicular parking and parallel parking is the most commonly available option for the drivers to park the car. In any parking, whether parallel parking or perpendicular parking it will be much easier for the drivers if they more sympatric to other drivers too.




  1. It is best to search for a space that you feel is sufficient enough for you to park your car in without crunching into another car when doing parallel parking. Thus, it is advisable to drive around first until you spotted a larger gap before get your car in.

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