When we had bought our car or our dream car, they are some fixed and unfixed expenditure for the car. For the fixed is the monthly payment and the road tax and insurance subject to any change in terms of the tax and government rule and they are some unfixed expenditure like the car maintenance, buying spare parts, accident repair, modification of the car and much more. They are also the matter of the protecting the paint of the car especially for the car that has a white color body. The white color body usually need regular paint protection. The paint protection also to ensure the car has the shining look especially under the light and added some beauty to the car.

They are several types of paint protection for the car. The first one is the car waxing. This can be done via the car wash or the users can buy the wax in the car accessories place and in the supermarket and do it on their own. What is car waxing? The car waxing purpose is to provide a layer on the top of the paint to give the paint protection and sometimes giving the shining look that most of the car lovers loves on their car. It is cheaper but it does not have the longevity needed and the wax can only stand the 3 -4 months only that also depends on the road condition and much more. If the drivers need to drive on a road that dusty or in a horrendous condition then the waxing effect will be shorter than that.

One of the popular car wax brand in our country.

The next level of the car paint protection is the car polish. The car polish unlike waxing it to erode some layer of the car paint to smoothen or clean or even possible remove some minor scratches in the car. This car polish is long lasting than waxing and the users need to send their car to polish at least once a year only. The polish is more expensive than the waxing and it can be done via 2 ways. One is by hand and another one is using the car polish machine. They are 2 type of car polishing machine available and they are Dual-Action polishers and Orbital buffers and another one are Rotary buffers. The Dual-Action polishers and Orbital buffers are basically where the motors and drive units on these two types of polishers oscillate in an eccentric circular motion. This type of motion is much safer to the paint because it’s virtually impossible to apply too much pressure in one place at one time.

rotary buffer
Rotary Buffer
orbital buffer
Dual-Action polishers and Orbital buffers

For the Rotary Buffers, the drive unit used in a rotary buffer is referred to as a direct drive. What this means is the auger, (the threaded part to which the backing plate attaches), is driven directly off the electric motor. This results in a powerful rotating motion. This rotating motion is typically clockwise as you look at the rotary buffer from behind, as though you were using it on a panel. Using the machine will result in less fatigue for the car wash workers especially when they need to handle a lot of cars, faster polishing that using a hand, doing a better job in the cleaning deeper and much more. Due to these advantages and the heavy traffic of the car in car wash shop or center, they prefer to use the machine then hand.

The next level of paint protection and which is a popular choice among the car lovers currently is the car coating. The car coating is an upgrade from the normal wax and it provides longer protection, long lasting and shinier than before. It will provide a longer duration and long lasting paint protection and the price for the car coating is far more expensive than the car polish.

The car coating is not available in the normal car wash shop as it is available via the car coating specialist and in our country, they are many of them like J Glaze Glass Coating, Sencha Coating Malaysia, G-Guard, Nano Coating, Nanolex Malaysia and much more presently and maybe more in the future. They have some specific name for their product like Glass Coating, Crystal Coating, Nano Coating and much more.

j glaze.jpg
The J Glaze Coating one the car coating specialist in our country.

Although the car coating is far more expensive in term of price, they had become the choice of the car lovers due to the longevity and providing the maximum protection. Once the car lovers had sent their car to the coating specialist it may last to several years unlike the car waxing and the car polishing.

To ensure that the car always has the shining looks or to remove any minor scratches for the car, the paint protection is needed and some car lovers like to choose either 3 of them or all 3. 3 of them have their pros and cons. The wax and polishing can be done on their own by the car lovers and via the car wash shops and it is far cheaper but provide less longevity except for the car polish where it was longer than the wax. The car coating meanwhile is the far expensive and if the user using SUV or MPV the price may be higher as it will be done by the coating specialist but it provides a maximum protection and long lasting.

But if the car paint had been damaged to the point where even the coating is not able to provide the shining looks then car lovers may proceed to make a repaint job on the car and this is far more expensive and the car lovers many need to break the bank to do this. Fortunately, most of the car lovers do not prefer this way and prefer the normal wax, polishing and coating to give the car paint the protection needed and more importantly giving the shiny look and removes some minor scratches on the car. The paint protection is absolutely one of the most important aspects of maintaining the car.

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