Once the car radio had only radio and cassette player before it had been replaced by CD players. With the popular use of the touchscreen, the car audio had been called as the infotainment as it had become more than just listening to radio and song as many more features had been included. The car infotainment touchscreen in the present car that can display the weather, able to set up voice recognition, the smartphone-like screen in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and many more.

When JVC -Kenwood had introduced is player DDX 9019S it is the world’s first full HD touchscreen player. However, they are another display technology that still does not make its debut in the car infotainment system and that is the OLED panel display. The OLED panel is currently widely used on smartphones and the television. Even Apple corporation had turned to OLED starting from the iPhone x however they are still no signs of an OLED panel in the car infotainment system.


Currently, LG and Samsung are the 2 OLED manufacturer where Samsung OLED is more on their smartphone and LG is on the television side. The OLED panel in other TV manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic had been from LG and the OLED panel in the Apple iPhone is provided by Samsung. The reason that the OLED panel had become popular is because of the accurate colour display especially the black colour and also the vibrant display added with 4k resolution for television making it the best display experience in the smartphone and the television.

iPhone x the first iPhone to have OLED display

The OLED panel is the future display as it had been deemed as producing the most vibrant and accurate colour unseen in the tv before. With the power and accuracy in the display especially the black colour which had been said as the base for all colour, it will be an astonishing view if the touchscreen OLED panel can be released for the car infotainment. Compare to other display devices such as smartphone, the car infotainment system although had some changes since the day of the cassette player but when comes to the display it is by far the slowest to make the adaption.

Imagine where the car lovers can fold the car infotainment system and kept in their pocket or handbag to avoid theft. Which OLED display flexibilities that enable the devices to be folded and still providing a good display which one of thing that makes the OLED display popular. A car infotainment system that can be folded is something that can be futuristic, and the folded devices had been in the market launched by Huawei and Samsung via their smartphone. Sooner it had been rumored that Apple too will launch its foldable iPhone in the future.

A foldable smartphone thanks to OLED panel

Another thing about OLED technologies is power consumption. Due to the nature of the technologies, the OLED panel will consume the least energy if compared to the LED panel and at some time due to the nature of the design the view will not be affected. Some LCD will have a problem if viewed from a certain angle, but this will not be the case with the OLED panel. However, these may not be the problem for a car player as everyone in the car viewing straight in the panel and not in the sideways like the television.

However, the OLED panel has one issue that may be a concern when creating an OLED infotainment system. OLED panel TV that had been put to display in the Incheon had encountered a burn-in issue where the image can be burned out via a long hour static display. Due to these, the reputation of OLED had taken a massive hit and we can see many Youtuber had uploaded their television encountering this similar issue. LG had reacted swiftly with by providing a software update and at some time providing warranties for these issues and currently, only LG provides these warranties.

This issue may affect the infotainment system as the static image will be displayed for a long time however the OLED panel that fixed in the smartphone does not have this issue hence the some can be expected for the infotainment system. Does OLED have a future in the automobile industry? Surprisingly the answer is yes as car manufacturers like Tesla, Cadillac and Mercedes are collaborating with LG to create an FHD curved plastic-based flexible OLED which is expected to be commercially available as an interior for the automobile.

Audi had taken a step further by creating an OLED taillight for their Audi A8 model and they are also working on creating an OLED infotainment system. If the infotainment had been a success, then we can expect this display will be in most of the car via variant option or built in. Many of the car manufacturers currently had fixed the OLED panel in their car via a dashboard or taillight and sooner or later it will be in a short time that we can see an OLED infotainment system in the car

When Kenwood had released the full HD player, it was the first-ever car infotainment that had full HD display. The OLED panel infotainment will be a next step in the future of the car infotainment system and the system usually will make its debut in the premium car of the automobile manufacturer. With the flexibility and superb display of the OLED panel, it will sooner or later when it will be fixed in all the cars subject to the car variant.

Like the full HD display that had made its debut in the Kenwood, the OLED manufacturer with the collaboration with the infotainment provider like Kenwood, Pioneer and many more and also some car manufacture own infotainment system, it will be another huge step in the car infotainment system. The infotainment system had changed from just playing a cassette and a tuner to a level where we can view navigation, colorful display, watching YouTube and surfing the internet and social media hence the OLED pale infotainment will be expected to mark his debut soonest

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