The number had penetrated our life in every department, life, workplace, our home, in the bank, account number and much more since its beginning. To distance a student from a great student to the average, we are using the number like Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and CGPA pointer like 4.0. In the bank, the teller will use the number to entertain the customer. Even the house address is differentiated by number for example number 121, 123, 4523 and much more. Even the Mathematics is a basically a number manipulation subject that had been tough to us from the kindergarten to university. Thus, the number had become an important factor in our life.

Brahmagupta the founder of Number Zero

The current number system is started from Indian mathematics named as Aryabhata from Kusumaputra and Brahmagupta who had introduced the number zero. It later spread to the world via military conquering and via commercial trade. From this, it had been adopted by the Arabs and the Arab modify it but at some time does not forget the founder of this numeral system where until today the Arab had called it as “Rakan Al – Hind” where it means Hindu Numeral system. With the Western imperialist across Asia, the number had also spread to the western world who using this system until today.

Many culture or individual had an unshakeable belief in the certain number. The Western world has a dislike to number 13 as it had been associated with the bad omen or bad luck. The Chinese on the other hand dislike number 4 as it means “sei “or death in the Chinese. Even some building does not have number 13 or number 4 instead it will be replaced by a number like 12A or 3A or skipped the number 4 altogether.

The famous number 13 that believed to bring a bad luck

The number 7 had been associated with the universe, mankind wonder, religion, praying or curse. The number 7 will be used for the Wonder of Ancient World, Wonders of the Modern World and much more. Even our own earth atmosphere had 7 layers to it. The Muslim believe they are 7 level of heaven and 7 level of hell. Even our legendary Mahsuri had used the number 7 when she had cursed that the Langkawi Island will have a bad luck for 7th generations when she was wrongly punished to death for adultery.

They are some who like to make an instant money by a lottery or jackpot from our famous Toto, Magnum, and Da Ma Cai or what we called in Malaysia as “Kuda”. Simply we will like to call it as KTM(Kuda, Magnum, Toto). We had news in the social media like Facebook where some had won the million in picking the right number that had hit the million-dollar Jackpot. They are also some divine and mystical with regards with a certain or connection of number in picking up the right date to make some auspicious things like a wedding, the right life partner or friends, the best date to start a business or right floor or right number location. This is what we called as numerologies.


When the number had penetrated in culture, believe, religion, universal beauty and much more they are no wonders that the car number too had been associated with a believe that it will bring a status, good luck or bad luck. For example, some our Malaysian VVIP had paid enormous amount for certain number plate and currently the most expensive number plate that had successfully bid by Sultan of Johore is the number F1 and also W 1 N with the price of RM 748, 000 and also the number WWW1 at the amount of RM520,000 and the owner is Sultan of Johore again.

Some will never hesitate to bid in a certain number where they believe it will bring a sustain of good luck. It may or may not be a believe for some person but for some individual they really believe this. And with the numerologies, some will make a good day to take their first car or purchase a new car. And with believing in the numerologies some will believe that the number will bring a good luck or bad omen. Many of the famous businessmen is a believer in numerologies like Kingfisher Airlines founder Vijay Mallya.

Vijay Mallya the founder of the now defunct Kingfisher Airlines

Some individual to see what the addition of the number reflect. For example, for the number 7305 when it added together, it will give the results of number 6. If the addition number, provides some divine or mystical believe on good omen or bad omen, the person may decide to continue to use the number even for his next car purchase if it brings good luck or proceeds to ignore and take a different number if it is believed to bring him a bad luck.

For Hindus, they always believed to pray the newly bought car in the temple to get the blessing and even in this situation, they believe on a certain auspicious day to bring the car to the temple. This is not only for Hindus but maybe for the Chinese and the Muslims. The number plays an important role even in this situation too.

Some will also like to take their car number or other people car numbers when the car had been caught in a minor accident, major accident or some paint scratch in the car. They believe although not all of them that this will bring a good luck when purchasing the lottery. Some will like to take their car number continuously in a believe that one day they will hit the million jackpot and they are some cases where the individual had been lucky with this.

The number started from the Hindu, later adopted by the Arab and had spread around the western world though Asian imperialism had been one of the most influential factors when purchasing the car as the number had been associated with the belief, bad omen, good luck, hitting a jackpot, status, divine and mystical connection for the user and many more. The number will be a factor if not a major factor in our life and our cars as some belief on certain numbers can bring a good and bad luck and maybe in a certain lucky pick make some a multi-millionaire instantly when they had hit the million-dollar jackpot from KTM.

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