Nissan the Japanese automobile company that was founded in 1934 is one of the automobile company that can be considered as one of the Japanese Big Three after Toyota and Honda. They broke many tradition including hiring a non-Japanese as the CEO of the company Charles Gosn a Lebanese. When Charles Gosn were appointed he also broke many of the Japanese working culture such as eliminated promotion based on age and seniority, changing the lifetime employment to a desired goal employment and also eliminate the Japanese contract called as Keiretsue in fact he had been given the nickname as Keiretsu Killer. Another ground breaking innovation that was done by Nissan is the Nissan GTR.

When Charles Gosn was hired, Nissan was nearing bankruptcy in 1999, Charles Gosn were able to revived Nissan to the profit by downsizing and as mentioned previously breaking the Japanese working culture. And he did another thing reviving the Nissan Skyline and rebranding it as Nissan GTR that becomes an icon for Nissan. Like Charles Gosn breaking several traditions to revive Nissan the engineer of Nissan GTR too had broken several sports car tradition to become the icon of Asian Sports Car under the guidance of Chief Engineer Shirō Nakamura.

Charles Gosn 

First were most sport car is 2 door coupe, Nissan GTR become the one of sports car that offer 2+2 door sports car. Although it still has 2 doors like all the sports car but instead of 2 seater, the GTR provide 4 seats 2 front and 2 at the back with a adjustable front passenger seat and drivers seats. This will ensure that it can accommodate a maximum 4 passenger compare to other sports car like Ferrari, Buggati, Lamborghini, Porsche GT, Audi TT and many more where it can only accommodate 2 persons the driver and front passenger only.

Most have the sports car or all of them have rear middle engine and with a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) in which the engine layout and driving wheel will be in the rear of the car. Nissan GTR thought differently and made a front engine with All Wheel Drive where all the 4 wheel will be to move the car simultaneously compare to a RWD car. This can be considered something of a revolutionary in the engine layout for a sports car.

Another thing that was made by Nissan is in the design of the car where it not like the conventional sports car as most the design that started by Lamborghini in early 50’s with a shorter height and big tyre, the GTR look like exacly like a sedan and with box like body type. The inspiration for the body type is from the Japanese Robotic Cartoon named as Gundam. The front engine, all-wheel drive and box like body type was all done due to the production team wants the car to be pure Japanese car and not a European car.

Nissan GTR have near perfect weight distribution where the engine is in the front but the Dual Clutch transmission used by GTR is in the rear of the car. And with the 4-wheel drive, front engine, and rear transmission the car will be able to move very fast from start due to the layout that gave the car a near perfect weight distribution. The GTR can hits a top speed of 311km/h and can hit 0-100 within 3.4 seconds. With the dual clutch transmission that will shift gear in just 150 milliseconds, Nissan had broken the record of the fastest production car that had been driven in Nurenberg track although the claim it disputed by Porsche company. Although Porsche can claim it but one thing is for certain the GTR is fastest Asian made car in Nurenberg and that is for now is an unbreakable record.

The Nissan had achieved this perfect weight thanks to the engineering team and also for the engine special craftsmen that had more than 100 years of experienced combined between them and they are called as “Takumi”. The Takumi was the most experienced workmen in the Nissan Company to be part of the Nissan GTR production team. Each of the “Takumi” name will be sculptured in engine to recognize their work and at the some making them feeling proud on being the part of making this car.

gtr transmission
GTR engine in the front and transmission in rear

The Nissan GTR is a pure handmade starting from the engine, transmission, paint job, interior and exterior design. This will ensure that car have a genuine human touch and with this the car can be ensured to be in a near perfect quality that had been one of key hallmark of the GTR. The Nissan team is always upgrading the car to ensure the next model is better than previous model hence.

Due to his innovative design, superior performance and great handling, the GTR had received several awards such as World Performance Car in 2009, International Car of the Year in some year, Guinness World Record for the fastest 0-60mph acceleration for the 4 seater car, Automobile Car of the Year by Automobile Magazine in 2009 and many more accolades and it deserve it too.

When Toyota want to make Lexus to compete in the  luxury car seller  segment against Mercedez Benz and BMW or competing with the team everyone thought Toyota was crazy and out of their mind but Toyota did it and Lexus become one the bestselling Asian luxury car in the world. The GTR also had some sceptics with regards to this design and Nissan company situation at that time but the GTR had been a marvellous sports car and become one of the pride of Japanese and Asian people.

The best of all the GTR team had made the car a pure Japanese car without any conventional design of the European and America sports car. GTR it is an icon and a pride of Nissan, Japan and Asian people.

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