The Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg had changed the way we communicate and share information. What once become the needs to share information now had become a business advertising model, news sharing, place for sharing hate and racial supremacy, making some slanderous comment, and many more. The Facebook can be good or bad thing depends on how we use it. It can be a place where we can get the latest news instantly, sharing and exchange some information in the Facebook group, advertising our new business or promotion, and many more. The Facebook had given some great information and sharing especially in the automobile industries.

Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook

Any news about the automobiles such changing of government related policies, launching of the new car model, car reviews, negative feedback or positive feedback, and many other can be shared as a post in the Facebook. When comes to the automobile, the opportunity of sharing information is limitless especially with the live mode where now the car lovers can see the launching of the new car model in the Facebook site itself.

On the Facebook sites, they are many car model group or car brand groups that had been created for the potential buyer of the car model or owners of the car model to share, exchange or introducing some business opportunities and information with related to the car model and car brand. This is the good side of the Facebook when comes to automobile industries like many other. However, the bad side too is present in the Facebook with related to the automobiles industries.

The basis of the bad news that can be seen of reading with apart forms the false news is the negative comment with related to any car brand, car model, the launching of the new car model and many others. The negative comment with related to the automobile is more than the positive comment with regards to the automobile which raised one question is the negative comments justified.

Whenever they are a new car model been launched, the news will be shared in the Facebook and with this will comes the barrage of negative comments. The negative comments be a way to improve the business; however, some negative comment can also be made a detrimental effect on the potential buyer of the car model and also the car model sales itself.

The negative comment can also come in the car reviews however the car reviews whether in the article type or video type review where negative feedback is less if compared to the Facebook comments but again is the negative comment justified. First, when they are a negative review about the car model review by the professional it can be justified as the review is usually someone whom have a great knowledge about the car and can provide the best and other relevant information that can’t be seen in the car brochure.

Let’s we started with the car model that had received the most negative comment and they are non-other than Volkswagen Malaysia. The Volkswagen Malaysia is one of the car models that will have the most negative comment whenever any news, promotion or model launch been introduced in our country. The comment in the Facebook post can so detrimental for the car model however the comment may not be justified. The reason is the person who makes the negative comment may not own a Volkswagen and he or she can make the negative comment on the post. Where Volkswagen be the car model that received the most negative comment, it is also one of the bestselling German car models in our country too with model-like Jetta, Passat, Tiguan are been sold like a hotcake. Instead of the comment, many of the car lovers who owns the Volkswagen will say a good thing about the DSG, the great driving experience and the best comfort that they can get from the car. Although the car lovers who own, the Volkswagen may have some negative thing to say too but however, it is less than the unjustified negative comment in the Facebook.

The are some negative comment in the Facebook when comes to the comparison of the car in the car model related post. Where the car lovers whom lovers Mercedes Benz can give some negative on the BMW in the BMW post and vice versa and similar the car lovers that loves Toyota also can give some negative comment in the Honda or Mazda related post. Again, the expressive comment about their favorites car it not on the wrong side, however, it can become a big Facebook war was when the car lovers disagree with the comment made. The car lovers can have their preferred choice, however, to disagree and making some unacceptable comparison especially from those who have a fake account is something that is not justified too. The worst thing, the person who makes this comparison is not someone who had owned the car.

Once the negative review that comes from the automobile reviewer is the sources of the negative feedback for the car models but now added with this reviewer, the Facebook negative comment to is the sources, especially if comes from some who had claimed that he had owned the car or is using the car model. However, the negative comment from the automobile reviewer may be biased or not relevant, it is still from the credible sources as most of the automobile reviewer had some in-depth knowledge of the car.

However, when comes to the negative comment from the social media, where the comment sources can’t be justified or may be false comment hence in simple term it can be said that some of the negative comment in the social media is not justified. Some comment may arise out of jealousy, or maybe just simply the comment wants to trigger a social media comment war in the relevant post. In the end, the negative comment may or will not affect the decision of the car lovers as even a negative comment from the automobile reviewer will be ignored by the car lovers if they had made the decision.

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