Naming a car for the manufacturer is like a newly promoted naming the new born baby. The car manufacturer will come with a various form of inspiration or derived a word from the English word, a Latin word, animal, the wind, and many other ways. Today on this post we will look on how the car manufacturer named their car and in some the meaning of the car name that is known worldwide.


I will start with our own Malaysian car manufacturer Proton. Proton is an acronym for Malay word Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional. They named their car using the Malaysian national language Malay. The first car name is Proton Saga. The name Saga although is a Malay word but the Saga acronym came from English word of Safety, Achievement, Greatness and Ability. After this, most of the car named was after the Malay word for an example Proton Waja where Waja is the Malay word for strong as steel and Proton Persona where Persona is the Malay word for the behaviour and talks that cause to how we like a particular person to define the characteristic for both of this car. When Proton decided to launch a flagship sedan car they named it as Proton Perdana where Perdana is the Malay word for the premier to shows that this is their premier car.


The next Malaysian car manufacturer is Perodua where the name is an acronym for Malay word Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad and this name shows that this is the second car manufacturer in Malaysia. They also named their car using Malay word but different than Proton. Their first car called as Perodua Kancil where Kancil is the Malay word for the small deer like animal that is famous in the Malay folklore and for the next car also they named after an animal in the form of Perodua Rusa where Rusa is the Malay word for deer. For the Perodua Myvi, the name My Vi means six where it represents their sixth car in the company. However, they did not use the Malay word for their model called as Perodua Viva where Viva is the English word for long live, salute or cheers.

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Now after Malaysia, we are going to Japan to see how the Japanese car manufacturer named their car. We start first with Honda Motors where Honda is the name of the company founder Sochiiro Honda. Honda although is Japanese they liked to name their car using the English word. For their flagship sedan, they used English name and called it as Honda Accord where Accord reflects Honda desire to be harmonious between people ,society and automobile and at the some, it also gives power or recognition for the people who using this car. For Honda Civic the Civic name means relation to a citizen, city or civil affair and it reflects the car for daily use and also for Honda City where City means large town and some for Civic this also reflect for the daily usage.


The next manufacturer Toyota Motors were some like Honda the name Toyota is the name of the company founder Kiichiro Toyoda. They are using the mix of Japanese word and English word to name their car. The name for their premier model Toyota Camry is a Japanese word Kanmuri meaning in English Crown. For the another model Corolla, the name comes from the ring of petal around the central part of a flower and for Vios where the name comes from a Latin word which means moving forward. The famous Toyota Alphard name come from the Greek words Alpha and Toyota Vellfire derived from the word Velvet and Fire.


For Nissan where unlike Toyota and Honda the name is not the founder but instead from abbreviation word used in the Tokyo stock market for Nihon Sangyo. Nissan car name unlike Honda and Toyota is named from the village in the part of Italy for an example the name for Nissan Teana come from the name of a small village in Italy and they shared the same naming influence for the Nissan Murano where Murano is the name of another small village in Italy. The name for Nissan Almera come from the French racing driver’s family name. However, for Nissan Slyphy the name did come any village or any racing driver family name but from an English word sylph which means the theory of Paracelsus that inhabits the air.

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For the German manufacturer, we will start with Volkswagen where it means People Cars in English. They are totally different from the Malaysian and Japanese as they are using the wind to name their car . Example for the Volkswagen Passat where the Passat means trade wind , Jetta means jet stream , Golf is after the gulf stream and Scirocco is the name of hurricane forced wind that originates from the Sahara deserts. But for their SUV, they did not use the wind but instead using the combination word and nomadic people where the name Tiguan come from the German word combination for Tiger(tiger) and Leguan(iguana) and for the Toureg is the name for the Toureg people in the Sahara.


For Porches they had used the legendary endurance race “Carrera Panamericana” to named their model as Panamera and for their SUV they had used the name of the river called Cayenne in the capital of French Guiana to name their SUV as Cayenne. Other than that they had used the number to named their car like Porche 718, and 911.

Speaking about the number the German manufacturer like BMW ,  Mercedez Benz and Audi like to use numbers to name their car .For BMW , they like used the number for the all their model. When they had named their 3 Series model as 320 the number 3 represent the series model and 20 represent the engine CC although now they number to show the car higher variant that the engine displacement. The higher the number the more premium and luxury the car will be. Mercedez Benz and Audi too like to use the number to named their car as for example their sedan as A3, A6, A4, and A8. The higher the number the more premium the car is. Mercedez Benz also similar to BMW  where for an example when they had named their car as C 200 where C is the C class segment and 200 is the car number to represent the car variant. For the Japan car only Mazda using the number instead giving a specific name for their car for example Mazda 3 and Mazda 5 .

Each car manufacturer has a sports package car in their production and it will be packaged under one common name. For the Japanese and Volkswagen, they like to name as R-type or Type – R to represent the car racing or sports package , BMW as M package, Mercedez Benz as AMG where the AMG stands for Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach or in English means Mercedez Benz Racing  and Audi as S-Line.

From the post we can know the car manufacturer had found a several ways to naming their car from the English word, Latin word, the wind, racing car , racing car family name , combination word and many more ways and the name had become either the company flagship car or mostly used in the world like the Accord, Camry, 3 Series, C-Class and many more so the naming of the car is one of most underrated crucial part in automobile industries.

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