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Each car manufacturer like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche and many more like to named their car based on the wind(Volkswagen), name of city(Nissan), number (BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi), some English and Japanese word for luxury and premium (Honda,Toyota ) and name of the owner(Rolls Royce) and many more. Their name does represent the model characteristic like for BMW the 3 series is entry level sedan, 5 series is a compact executive and the 7 series is the ultra-premium sedan some goes with the Mercedes-Benz C, E, and S class. Each of the car names is famous in the world and had been a dream car for some of the car lovers.

Some things go to the thing that contacts with the road the car tire. Each tire is described by different characteristics like energy saving, comfort, high performance and ultra-high performance and for each of the tire the tire manufacture like to make it with a different tire thread. Some like the car they had a unique name for each of their tire. The big four tire manufacturer Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone and Continental had their unique way to name their car tire.

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We start with Goodyear. Goodyear will like to name their car tire that was enforced with a Kevlar as Goodyear Assurance. Why they’re named it as Assurance, it is because the Kevlar is basically being more durable than the steel and better in absorbing the road abnormality hence the name Assurance were given. If they tire had an enforced grip or fuel saving capabilities with the Kevlar then Goodyear like to call them Assurance with the name of the tire like Goodyear Assurance ArmorGrip, Duraplus, and TripleMax. On the other hand, for the comfort, and for the performance type tire they will like named as Goodyear Eagle. For the tire that has the characteristic of high performance and ultra-high performance, the name will Goodyear Eagle F1. The named it as F1 as Goodyear had a superb record in the F1 field and the name also shows the characteristic of the tire too.

Bridgestone, on the other hand, have their own way to name their tire. They basically separated each of the tire characteristics like a section and each of the tires will fall in this section. They named their energy saving as Ecopia, the comfort tire as Turanza and the high performance as Potenza. For Ecopia they liked to name Ecopia EP with a number, Turanza as Turanza EL, GR, and ER with the number and finally, for the Potenza tire, they will like to name it Potenza RE with a number. Bridgestone had this unique way of naming their tire.

Michelin with their logo the Michelin Man Bibendum named the tires as series and does not separate from a section like Bridgestone. Their energy saving tire will be branded as Energy XM. For the tire that is more on comfort they’re like to name as Michelin Primacy but in this type of tire Michelin likes to name their tire with a specific name like Michelin Primacy ST, Primacy HP and much more. Their high performance will be called as Michelin Pilot Sports series and they like to name it via number like Pilot Sport 3 and Pilot Sport 4. In short, we will like to call as Michelin PS3 or PS4 their latest tire in this range. For the ultra-high performance, they like to name as Michelin Pilot Super. This name clearly defines this tire high-performance capability.

Among all the tire manufacturer, Continental have their own unique way to name their tire. Continental does not have any energy saving tire in their ranks as most of their tire had a low rolling resistance tire as Continental had spends times and research to make sure their all their tire has a low rolling resistance. They like to name their tire starting with Conti with the name in middle and end with contact. For an example, their comfort tire they will like to name it as ContiComfortContact, ContiPremiumContact, and ContiMaxContact. For their high performance and the ultra-high-performance tire, they will like to name as ContiUltraContact and ContiSportContact respectively. For each of this tire, they will like to name it via numbering like ContiSportContact 5 and ContiComfortContact 5.

Like the car manufacturer, the tire manufacturers also have their own unique way to name their tire. The tire is the most important safety aspect of any car as this the thing that made the contact with the road and any fault in this tire can lead to lost control and panic for the drivers while driving, accident due lost control or driver needs to stop his car. This tire manufacturer as one of the most trusted tire brand among the car lovers and the car manufacturer had named their tire according to their characteristic to ensure the car lovers can choose the right tire to accommodate their driving needs. For someone who likes a high performance and ultra-high performance, they can choose the Goodyear Eagle F1 series, ContiSportContact or ContiUltraContact, Michelin Pilot Sports and Michelin Pilot Super Sports and Bridgestone Potenza series.

For the comfort part, they can use the Michelin Primacy series, ContiComfortContact, Goodyear Assurance, and Bridgestone Turanza series. The name will help the car lovers and the car foreman to choose the best tire according to the driving needs. Like the car manufacturer that have a popular car in their rank, the tire manufacturer also had some of the world-famous tire names like Michelin Pilot Sports series, Goodyear Eagle F1, ContiSportContact series and much more. Their tire name like the car name will be launched with an extravaganza and reviewed thoroughly by the car reviewer when they are new tire launched based on tire name. The tire name although is not something that will be considered by the car lovers when selecting the tire but it will be recommended knowing the name of the tire to ensure they had chosen the right tire that accommodates their driving needs every day.

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