In these sites, they are many articles about gambling, such as GAMBLING ADDICTION: HOW IT WILL PENETRATE OUR MIND?, WHY IS COMPULSIVE GAMBLING ADDICTION IS SEVERE THAN ALCOHOLISM?, EFFECT OF THE EXCESSIVE GAMBLING ADDICTION FOR THE AUTOMOBILE LOVERS, and finally GAMBLING ADDICTION EFFECT FOR CAR LOVERS. I am writing about the gambling and its effect as it is a habit that cripples a person internally and emotionally and eventually brings him to a level where he will not hesitate to make any drastic decision. We have read various distressful stories from the news sources and will loathe that person and his vicious gambling habits. The compulsive gamblers had fallen to gambling due to different myths that I would like to debunk in these articles.

The compulsive gambler falls for the gambling in the first place due to finding an alternative to releasing his stress and tension. Gambling is contradictory, unlike physical exercise that can relieve emotional strain, simultaneously increasing physical and mental health. Instead of reliving the stress, gambling will compound the stress level when the gambler loses the money. The money is lost without any reward or benefits, unlike when we buy an electronic item or other items, we will get something for our money. Gambling is where the money will be lost entirely without any benefits. Furthermore, it will aggravate our emotional strain and let us ruminate our losses, and create a feeling of getting even with the gambling system.

When the gambler wants to get even with the gambling system like the roulette or slot machine, he will encounter another gambling trap called “near misses.” A near miss is when the gambler feels that he had just missed a combination of sequences in the slot machine that provide a big payout. The “near misses” will deceive the gambler that his next big win will come, and he will get his ultimate opportunities to get even or reclaim back his losses, which will not happen. Usually, after a “near misses,” the gambling system will start to eat up the gambler’s monies rapidly, making the gambler pour more money and finally lose more money.

Since the introduction of the smartphone and tablets, gambling operators and systems have grown considerably. Furthermore , some automobile lovers may have received a viral message or Whatsapp that said “Unlimited Bonus for Min Deposit of RM10”. This enticement message from the gambling operator is to pull anyone to try their gambling system.  Unlike a casino, where the payout will be made to the winners via the token system, the online gambling operator, even though it had some tempting messaging, has been known to cheat the customer and does not credit the winning money to the customer bank. They are some illegal online gambling operators notorious for not crediting the money for the gambler who had won, especially if it was a big amount.

Afromentionedly, they are some compulsive gamblers who will like the get even or reclaim back their money. However, they say that “ the house will always win in a gambling environment,” which is irrefutable. The gambler will not get back their money; on the contrary, they will lose more money, and the loss will be monumental. Some of compulsive had encountered a tremendous loss where they lost most of their hard-earned savings. It will lead them to a severe depression where they may have destroyed their own life together with their family life and the trust that some of the acquaintances had in them. Once in a while, they may have recovered their money, but instead of stopping at that time, they will come back and fall back into the savage gambling cycle again. The gambler system had dominated the gambler that he is now playing for false thrill rather than recovering the money. The false thrill is the ultimate stranglehold that the gambling system had on him, making him fall into the trap repeatedly until he lost everything.

Some also had released a hoax that gambling operators and casinos had some rituals to attract the customer. Again this is a false hoax. The gambling operator and casino had built their casino in a specific way where there were no clocks and windows. They also had erected many ATMs in the casino. The setup is to have a confined effect on the gambler to keep pouring the money, which eventually brings profits to the gambling operator and losses to the gamblers. They said ritual would be powerless if we could fully control ourselves; however, if our instant gratification emotion had taken us over, and gluttonous to the money had taken full control on us, we would fall into the gambling cycle. They are saying that “they are no worst evil that our emotional devil.”  The ritual is not the reason we fall into the trap but our devilish mind that trigger the negative thought that tempts us to the gambling system.

Gambling is an addiction that will possess our minds and make us lose our integrities, our sane minds and thinking, our freedom, and our wealth. No other bad habit that simultaneously destroys our thinking, crushing our rational emotion, wipes out our finances to the state of ruin. It is not hyperbole to say that compulsive gambling can bring someone to the knee. The advertisement of the gamble will show the excitement that can give us great gratification; however, on the contrary, it is a devilish addiction that ruins anyone’s life’s regardless of his profession, lifestyle, and gender. Unlike smoking and alcohol, where they are widespread warnings and reminders that these are bad habits, they no such thing for gambling for now, even though it is one of the fastest-growing bad addiction in the modern world. They are various gruesome stories where the compulsive gambler had lost his savings and ended up taking his own life; they are some celebrities who had fallen into the gambling trap like Wayne Rooney. They are also stories of highly respected people involved in money embezzlement and many others. DO NOT FALL FOR THE GAMBLING AS IT WILL INCAPACITATE OUR EMOTIONS AND FINANCE TO A BLACK HOLE.


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