The combination of ┬áCovid 19 and the multiple movement Control Order (MCO) implemented by the government had put an almighty smash on everybody’s expenditure abilities. This has impacted everyone, from the employer to the employee, and some businesses were forced to go bust, and they are not small companies but big players in their respective industries. Big companies like Robinson, Hostel Istana, and some small companies had been victims of both unfortunate situations, making them fold up. For car lovers, since their financial ability has been crushed severely, they may have some difficulties in repairing their car and will not hesitate to put a hold on it. With the scenario, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) style has been the most sought payment in the contemporary era. The BNPL will lead the customer to purchase a product and pay it later in the three or more separate payments without any interest.

One of the BPNL providers that can be said to be quite popular is Atome. The company was founded in Singapore in 2019 and became the BPNL partner to nearly 2000 online and offline retailers, including Apple Machine, Sephora, Agoda, Mark and Spencer, and more. Their partner varied from the electronic gadgetry, lifestyle, automotive, baby and kid, men, women and furthermore. My experience in using the Atome is the base of these articles. Like others, I, too, had been hit with the financial crisis due to multiple MCO, which had decreased my salary to a significant level and put a dent in my expenditure abilities.

I encountered Atome in the Facebook sponsored ads. I decided to try it, and the first step I need to download the app in App Store for IOS and fill in the necessary details, including the bank details. The first thing I ordered was a Trapo mat using Atome. Trapo is under Lifestyle in Atome’s list of partners. I decided to purchase the Trapo with Atome, and the price of the mat is RM320. In Atome, the payment will be 1/3 of the full amount with the three monthly separate payments. The first payment that was deducted from me was RM106.66. This is the monthly instalment I need to pay for the next two months. Upon the success of the first payment, it will take 2 or 3 working days for the payment to be displayed in the Atome mobile app.

Another advantage of using the Atome is that we can make the payment earlier than the scheduled date; I did that to complete the instalment earlier. Upon this successful payment with Atome, I encountered another partner of Atome under the Lifestyle, which is Castrol Auto Workshop. I had surveyed and saw a Castrol Auto Workshop near Petaling Jaya. I had decided to try Atome to solve some of the common problems I had faced with Honda HRV, including the auto-tensioner issue. The auto-tensioner is one of the common problems that most HRV users experience; miraculously, they experienced the problem after the warranties had expired, and I am one of the users.

I visited the Castrol Auto Workshop in Petaling Jaya and asked their supervisor about Atome payment. Their supervisor, Mr Lai, mentioned that even he does not have a clear picture of Atome payment as it is something new for them and referred to the accountant of the workshop, which gave me a clear explanation of the Atome payment process for the non-online purchase. Upon getting the quote for the tensioner replacement, I dedicated myself to providing a go on these methods to resolve one of the annoying issues I had encountered with my cars.

The price that was quoted to me to replace the auto-tensioner with the labour charges is around RM937.98. Although the charges are pretty high, I have decided to resolve the issue in these Castrol Auto workshops. The Castrol workshop is one of the trusted and reputed workshops, plus the advantages of paying via instalment without any interest. After the workshop had completed the auto-tensioner replacement, the accountant asked me to scan the Atome scanner in their workshop to activate the Atome payment.

I need to key in the amount on the Atome app, and the monthly instalment will be reflected automatically in the app. Once the payment had gone through using my bank debit card, the first payment, which is RM312.66, had been successfully debited from my card; for the next two months, I need to pay this amount. As I did on my purchase with Trapo, I made the payment earlier than the scheduled date, and my instalment was completed before the three months. From then on, I often visited the workshop to resolve my car issue and started using the Castrol Edge engine oil for Honda HRV that I found better than the original Honda engine oil poured in the service centre. Most of the time, I am using Atome.

Sometimes, however, I miss the scheduled payment due to some foreseen financial circumstance and will be charged an admin fee of RM30. Since I had made the payment before the scheduled date on several occasions, I will request the customer service of Atome to waive the admin fee as I promised them that I would make the payment on the specified date, which I did each time. However, the customer service of Atome can waive the admin charges if the customer has been a good paymaster and paid according to the promised time. If the customer can’t adhere to these, they must pay the admin fee together with the instalment.

Being in debt is not suitable for anyone; despite that, Atome provides a flexible and non-interest payment, a plus point for anyone using Atome. However, if the customer had missed the payment and did not pay for a prolonged period, there is a high chance that their credit score will be affected. Using the BPNL can provide some unexpected bad moments; however, if used acceptably, it can be a helpful tool to resolve some issues that made us contemplate for so long as I did with my Honda HRV. Currently, most of my car issues have been resolved with the  Castrol Auto Workshop in Petaling Jaya has been instrumental in it, plus the convenience of the BPNL with Atome. Anyone who used Atome correctly with being a good paymaster can find it helpful. However, anyone who uses Atome by disobeying some of the payment rules and regulations will have an issue with their credit score.

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