A car is a four-wheeled machine that is created for the convenience of travel from one end to another end and since the introduction as one of the modes of transportation it had seen many remarkable improvements. Gone is the day when the car had a dangerously life threating design to the current importance for the safety and futuristic design of the modern-day car. The car also had changed from the source of the transportation to become a status symbol and a sign of you had made it in life. This type of car is usually called as luxury and ultra-luxury car. The car brand and model that fall in these types is Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz S Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Porsche, and Jaguar. The car is made by different countries however each of this car had shared one thing in common in order to become the luxury car.

The first thing about this type of car is innovation. Usually, the newest innovation of the car will be introduced in the luxury model. The Mercedes Benz S Class had seen the introduction of the smart key, the BMW 7 Series model had seen the introduction of the now famous BMW Display Key, Audi A8 2018 model with the HD Matrix Laser light first of the kind, and many other. The innovation of the car will usually be introduced in the luxury car model before it had been widely used by other car models.

BMW 7 Series Display Key

In the luxury car, another thing that can be seen is the luxury watch manufacturer timepieces like Breitling for Bentley, IWC in the Porsche car, Jaeger-LeCoultre in the Aston Martin and many other. This luxury watchmaker will either fix their watch in the car or will work with the car manufacturer to create a limited-edition timepiece according to the car brand. The combination of the luxury watchmaker and luxury car represent the best of the two worlds in the one machine.

Hublot special made watch with Ferrari

The leather seat and the wood trim will also be fixed in the luxury car. The wood trim can be seen in some non-luxury car however in the luxury car the combination of the leather seat which will be designed for comfort and convenience and the seat will be perfected to another level and the wood trim is a must-have combination for the luxury car. In the Rolls Royce, they wood trim to be fixed in the car will be specially patterned and will be arranged accordingly. In the BMW meanwhile, the wood trim will not be seen in the 3 series and in the 7 series it is a must-have a requirement. The leather in the luxury also will be made to the highest level as possible in order to give the luxury feel for the passenger and the drivers.

Rolls Royce Phantom Roof Lights

Speaking of another aspect of the luxury car is the design of the air conditioner. In the normal nonluxury, they can be dual zone or triple zone depends on the car model. However, when comes to the luxury car, the dual or triple zone is not enough as most of the luxury had a four-zone air conditioner. The Audi A8 had it so do the Mercedes Benz S Class. The four-zone air conditioner will cover the driver, front passenger, a back passenger on the right and on the left. The cost to create the four-zone air conditioner is on the higher side hence this is one of the reasons why the four zones will be fixed in the luxury car.

In the interior of the luxury car, the level and the technology for the interior will be upped to another level. Example BMW 7 Series, Rolls Royce and other, the interior will be hand made to give a human touch to it. They are some aspects like roof light in Rolls Royce, panoramic sunroof in the BMW 7 Series, ambient lighting in the Mercedez Benz S Class and many more. The interior for this type of car will be meticulously designed in order to give the owner the best experience possible. The BMW 7 Series also had the first ever gesture control for the infotainment system.

Finally, what is the use of the luxury car if it does not have the best performance available. In the final touch for the luxury car and most important of all is the performance and the drivetrain will be designed to provide the maximum driving experience for the car lovers. The car will have high horsepower and high torque combined with a powerful 6 cylinder or 8-cylinder engine and most important this luxury will have the turbo engine. The drive train for this type of car will be usually all-wheel drive and not the usual front wheel or rear wheel drive.

The luxury car is a car that is made for the one who had great financial expenditure ability hence the car is designed in such a manner to give the owner a great experience when they are using this car. For the amount that they will pay, the owner will expect will the car to be different class compared to the other car hence the expectation will be higher for this type of cars. Failure to meet the expectation will give a big blow to the reputation of the automobile manufacturer.

Although the level of the details and craftsmanship is different in the luxury cars, the satisfaction that the car owners got from using this type of car is the reason why they are willing to pay a big amount for this type of car. To be first to use the new technologies for the automobile , the be in the car that deliver great performance , and for daily usage in the superbly designed interior that has some of the first ever technologies and finally the owner had the financial ability to afford his or her car is the reason that the luxury is one of the most sought cars and the trend will continue in the future too.

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